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Australia beat New Zealand by 71 runs
  • AUS
  • NZ

40.6Cummins to Boult

OUT! CAUGHT! That's the end of the game! Short ball on middle, Boult moves inside his crease and then looks to pull but it takes the top edge and goes way up in the air. Cummins runs ahead and takes the catch near the stumps at the striker's end. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 71 RUNS.

40.2Cummins to Boult

EDGED AND FOUR! There will always be entertainment when Trent Boult is at the crease! Short ball on middle, Boult makes room and then looks to heave it to the leg side. He gets a top edge and the ball goes over the keeper's head and into the fence.

39.6Marsh to Ferguson

OUT! TIMBER! Another one goes down! Ferguson goes. Australia just one wicket away from a victory. Good length ball on off, Ferguson looks to heave it away but misses and the ball goes onto hit the stumps. Trent Boult is the next batsman in.

39.4Marsh to Sodhi

FOUR! Marsh bowls a yorker on middle, Sodhi digs it out and it goes past the keeper towards fine leg for a boundary.

38.1Hazlewood to Sodhi

WIDE! Good length ball down the leg side, Sodhi looks to flick but misses. Wide signaled.

37.5Marsh to Santner

OUT! CAUGHT! 8th wicket down and Australia are easing into a victory here! Full delivery outside off, Santner looks to lift it over long on but does not time it as well as he would have liked. Cummins settles himself under it and takes a simple catch.

36.6Hazlewood to Santner

FOUR! Hammered! Short ball outside off, Santner pulls it to the deep mid-wicket region for a boundary.

35.3Zampa to Grandhomme

OUT! CAUGHT! Floated delivery on middle, de Grandhomme lofts it over mid on but does not get the distance on it. It goes towards the long on fielder where Mitchell Starc takes a comfortable catch. Ish Sodhi is the new man in. Starc hurts himself while catching the ball and he is going off. Let's hope that he is fine.

34.6Hazlewood to Grandhomme

Short ball down the leg side, de Grandhomme looks to pull but misses. Wide signaled.

32.3Hazlewood to Latham

OUT! CAUGHT! Short ball does the trick! Hazlewood gets his second and the Kiwis lose Latham. He was looking good but needed to continue for his side. Short around middle, Latham looks to pull but it takes the top edge and goes towards D'Arcy Short at deep square leg. He takes a simple catch. New Zealand still need 112 in 105 balls.