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Australia Women beat India Women by 85 runs
  • AUSW
  • INDW

19.1Schutt to Yadav

OUT! CAUGHT! Excellent running catch and Australia celebrate! They have won the 2020 edition of the T20 World Cup. It is celebration time. Length ball on middle, Poonam mistimes her slog towards mid-wicket. Gardner from the deep comes charging forward and holds onto the catch.

18.1Jonassen to Yadav

OUT! Number 9 goes down! Australia just the one wicket away from the win. Radha uses her feet and gets to the pitch of it. She looks to lift it over mid on but gifts a simple catch to Mooney there.

17.3Schutt to Ghosh

OUT! CAUGHT! India 8 down now and Australia are wrapping this up quickly. The Indian skipper in the dugout looks distraught. Length ball around off, Ghosh looks to slog it on the leg side but once again an Indian batter fails to time it. It goes towards mid-wicket where Carey swallows the skier easily.

17.2Schutt to Ghosh

EDGY FOUR! Shortish and just outside off, Ghosh looks to cut but the ball takes the outside edge and races away to the third man fence.

17.1Schutt to Pandey

OUT! CAUGHT! Another brilliant take! Schutt has her second. Full and outside off, Shikha looks to drive on the up but the ball hits the high end of her bat and lobs towards mid off uppishly. Mooney there runs back and takes a very good catch. Australia just 3 wickets away.

16.1Carey to Sharma

OUT! Another one bites the dust! Deepti Sharma holes out now! It is a short ball outside off, Deepti flat-bats it down towards long on. She does not get the distance and Mooney takes a good catch diving forward. Shikha Pandey walks out to bat now.

13.5Carey to Sharma

EDGY FOUR! Shorter and outside off, Deepti slashes it but it goes off the outside edge down towards third man for a boundary.

12.2Molineux to Ghosh

FOUR! Finally the ball finds the ropes. India have nothing to lose now. Full and just outside off, Ghosh lofts it over extra cover for a boundary.

11.3Kimmince to Krishnamurthy

OUT! TAKEN! A very good catch by Jonassen! India now have half the side back in the hut. It is a length delivery, Veda looks to go over mid off but once again the timing is not quite right. Jonassen takes a good catch as she needed to time her jump as the ball is above her head. Does so perfectly and takes it neatly.

8.3Kimmince to Krishnamurthy

FOUR! That is a welcome boundary for India and the fans will hope they break the shackles. Kimmince bowls it full and wide outside off, Krishnamurthy goes on the back foot and does really well to squeeze it past the short third man fielder for a boundary.