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Bangladesh beat Zimbabwe by 9 wickets
  • ZIM
  • BAN

15.4Mpofu to Sarkar

SIX! Short and Sarkar hammers it! Bangladesh just a hit away! Short and on middle, Sarkar goes on the back foot and powers it way over the deep square leg fence for a maximum.

15.1Mpofu to Das

WIDE! Down the leg side from Mpofu. Das looks to flick but misses. The bowler appeals for the caught behind but the umpire stretches his arms to signal it wide.

13.6Madhevere to Sarkar

SIX! A maximum to end the over! Madhevere drops it short and around off, Sarkar rocks on the back foot and hammers it over deep mid-wicket for a biggie. 12 more needed.

12.3Mumba to Das

FOUR! Short and pulled! A bouncer down the leg side, Das goes on the back foot and pulls it between deep square leg and fine leg to bag another boundary. He didn't try to hit it too hard but just helped it.

12.2Mumba to Sarkar

Short and on middle, Sarkar goes for the pull but fails to get it off the bat. The ball goes off his shoulder towards third man for a single. A leg bye taken.

11.3Raza to Das

FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! Another one which is dropped short and Raza offers width too. Das rocks on the back foot and cuts it through point for a boundary.

11.2Raza to Das

FOUR! Classic shot! Full and width on offer and Das cuts it through point and the ball races to the fence for a boundary.

11.1Raza to Das

WIDE! Full and down the leg side, Das looks to paddle it but misses it. Wided.

10.4Mpofu to Naim

OUT! CAUGHT! This one is hit straight down the throat of Kamunhukamwe! Short and around off, Naim once again quickly goes on the back foot and pulls. However, the ball hits the upper part of the bat and lobs straight to Kamunhukamwe at deep mid-wicket. The visitors finally get a wicket. 43 more needed in 56 balls.

10.2Mpofu to Naim

FOUR! Short and outside off, Naim rocks on the back foot and hammers it towards the deep mid-wicket fence. There is fielder in the deep but he is quite square so he cannot get to the ball.