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SL vs WI



West Indies beat Sri Lanka by 7 wickets
  • SL
  • WI

16.6Mathews to Russell

SIX! Russell finishes it off in style! Takes his helmet off and kisses the the badge on it. All smiles in the Windies camp as they have WON THIS GAME BY 7 WICKETS AND THE SERIES 2-0! The last ball of the match is a short one and on middle, Russell pulls it over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie.

15.6Malinga to Russell

SIX! That is colossal! Wow! He has hit that with all his power. Malinga misses by a little and pays the price. Russell whips him high and handsome over the deep mid-wicket fence for a big one.

15.2Malinga to Russell

SIX! Dre Russ on the charge! He is not going to spare anyone, not even to Malinga. Malinga bowls it full and outside off, Russell reaches out and powerfully hammers it over the bowler's head. 26 off 8 by Russell and the ball has been lost. 15 more needed now.

14.6Perera to Russell

SIX! Where has that gone? Out of the park. Russell is killing the run chase here. This is just brute power from Dre Russ. A length ball around off, Russell just uses all his power and hammers it over long on for a massive six. The Sri Lankan fans in the heart cannot believe it. A 107-meter biggie. 22 more needed in the final 5 overs.

13.6Kumara to Russell

SIX! That is the power of this man. He has just swatted that away. Another back of a length ball around middle and leg, Russell moves back and slaps it over deep mid-wicket for a flat six. 19 from the over and the required run rate is under 6 now.

13.5Kumara to Russell

SIX! That has gone miles in the air and it just clears the man at long on. In the slot for Russell. He clears his front leg and hammers it high in the air. He gets a lot of height on this one but also the needed distance as it clears the leaping long on fielder.

13.1Kumara to Hetmyer

FOUR! Pummeled! Short and around off, Hetmyer stays deep inside the crease and powers it to the deep mid-wicket fence.

12.7Shanaka to Hetmyer

WIDE! Good length ball wide outside off. Hetmyer lets it be. The umpire signals it wide.

12.5Shanaka to Powell

OUT! CAUGHT! Wow! What a presence of mind from Jayasuriya. He certainly has taken a blinder. This is an excellent piece of work. A back of a length ball around off, Powell pulls it towards deep square leg. Jayasuriya there is slightly inside the crease. He spots that the ball is going a bit behind so he runs back and takes the catch. The momentum is taking him behind as he falls down. He though manages to lob the ball in the air before getting in contact with the rope. He then quickly gets away from the fencing and holds onto the catch. He takes the catch and starts celebrating. The umpires though refer it upstairs. The soft signal is out. The replays roll in and confirm that Jayasuriya has done really well to hold onto the catch. 53 more needed in 44 balls.

12.3Shanaka to Hetmyer

FOUR! That is hit with brute force. 100 up for the West Indies. Shanaka pitches it right up in the slot of the left-hander. He whacks it to deep mid-wicket and the ball races away to the fence.