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ADS 150/5 (20.0ov)
SYS 152/4 (18.2ov)

Sydney Sixers beat Adelaide Strikers by 6 wickets

MOM: Joe Denly

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  • ADS
  • SYS
  • 18.2MNeser to JPhilippe

    FOUR! SIXERS WIN BY 6 WICKETS AND 10 BALLS TO SPARE! Philippe finishes the game in style. Full and around middle, Josh hits this straight back over the bowler's head and there is no one in the deep to stop that.
  • 17.2RKhan to JoeDenly

    FOUR! Short and outside off, Denly goes back and punches it through the covers for a boundary! 7 needed from 16 balls now. Joe moves to 73 from 57.
  • 16.5MNeser to JPhilippe

    WIDE. A short ball, way too high, outside off, JP gets across and jumps to play the upper cut but misses.
  • 16.3MNeser to JPhilippe

    SIX! That might be the game for the Sixers. 14 needed from 21 balls now. A length ball, around middle, Philippe just whips it over mid-wicket and the ball disappears into the stand! Philippe moves to 24 from 10 deliveries.
  • 15.2PSiddle to JPhilippe

    FOUR! That is a wonderful shot. A length ball, around middle and leg. Philippe takes a couple of steps down the track and lofts it down the ground and beats mid off! 29 more needed from 28 balls.
  • 13.4BStanlake to JoeDenly

    FOUR! TONK! Brilliantly hit. Not all that short, outside off, Denly goes back and cuts it through point. There is sweeper cover in place and he has to move barely 10 yards to his left but the ball travels like a rocket and beats his desperate dive!
  • 12.7RKhan to JPhilippe

    FOUR! Full on middle and leg, Philippe moves across his sticks and sweeps it fine down the leg side. A boundary results. Two wickets and 9 runs from it. Brilliant from the Afghan.
  • 12.6RKhan to JSilk

    OUT! Edged and gone! This is a big, big wicket for the Strikers. Who else other than Rashid Khan to provide the breakthrough? Loopy leg break around off, some pace on it too, it turns away and takes the outside edge of Silk's bat. Short at first slip takes a good catch.
  • 12.1RKhan to MHenriques

    OUT! He's stumped! Fine work from Alex Carey behind the stumps. Rashid darts it full and down the leg side, Henriques moves across to sweep it down fine but misses and in the process, loses his balance. This gives the keeper the chance to whip the bails off and dismiss the Sixers skipper. A much-needed breakthrough for Adelaide. Wide also called as it was down leg.
  • 11.3LO'Connor to JoeDenly

    11.3: L O'Connor to Joe Denly, SIX! Joe Denly on the charge. Taking the attack to O'Connor. It's looped up and in his arc, Denly stands his ground and slogs it well over mid-wicket for a biggie. 14 runs off the first 3 overs.

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