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SYT 168/6 (20.0ov)
ADS 97 (17.4ov)

Sydney Thunder beat Adelaide Strikers by 71 runs

MOM: Shane Watson

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  • That's it from this game. Join us again in a very short while for the second game of this triple header Sunday where Melbourne Renegades take on Brisbane Heat. Just switch tabs and get in on all the action.
  • Shane Watson has been declared as the Man of the Match. His 68 runs off 40 balls on this slow track was good enough to help his team secure the win in this contest.
  • A very poor batting performance by Adelaide Strikers. The batsmen never got going and found it difficult to score on this slow track. They lost wickets at regular intervals and were founding it hard to find the boundary. Only 3 players managed to go past single figures. Only Colin Ingram showed some fight. He kept losing partners at the other end and finally succumbed to the pressure of the asking rate. Ingram scored almost 50 percent of his team's total. Strikers bundled out for just 97 and Colin scored 48 of them. Should say it all.
  • What a performance by Sydney Thunder. After posting 168 on the board, they bowled collectively as a team. Anton Devcich was the first bowler to get the breakthrough. In the very first over of the innings, he got rid of the Strikers top scorer Weatherald. Gurinder Sandhu was the next one to get the wicket as he dismissed Matthew Short. The Thunder bowlers bowled according to plan and bowled in the right areas throughout the innings. Their bowling was so crisp that the Strikers could not even cross the 100-mark. The spinners did a great job and in their 11 overs they gave away just 57 runs. Every bowler used by the hosts picked up at least one wicket.
  • 17.4DSams to LO'Connor

    17.4: D Sams to L O'Connor, OUT! SYDNEY THUNDER WIN BY 71 RUNS! Full on off, O'Connor nudges it towards the leg side. He goes for the run but Stanlake is late to respond. Chris Green throws it to the keeper's end where Jay Lenton takes the bails off. Billy's head was 5 yards inside the crease but his bat got stuck in the ground just before the line. He couldn't do much about it. It was a comical end to the match.
  • A run out appeal against Stanlake is referred upstairs.
  • 17.3DSams to BStanlake

    Bowls a yorker on off, Stanlake does well to dig it out and it goes towards the leg side. The batsmen take a single.
  • 17.2DSams to LO'Connor

    17.2: D Sams to L O'Connor, Full on off, O'Connor drives it through mid off for a single.
  • Billy Stanlake is the last man in.
  • 17.1DSams to RKhan

    OUT! Rashid Khan departs! Short of a length delivery, Khan pulls it over square leg but does not get enough on it. Arjun Nair at deep square leg takes a comfortable catch.
  • Daniel Sams to bowl once more.
  • 16.7CJordan to LO'Connor

    16.6: C Jordan to L O'Connor, Wide yorker again, outside off, Liam fails to connect once more. 74 needed in 3 overs to win.
  • 16.6CJordan to LO'Connor

    16.5: C Jordan to L O'Connor, Yorker outside the line of off stump, O'Connor fails to put bat on ball.
  • 16.5CJordan to LO'Connor

    16.5: C Jordan to L O'Connor, Wide! Too far outside off, it goes across the tramline and a wide is signalled.
  • 16.4CJordan to RKhan

    Works it off his pads and takes a run on this occasion.
  • 16.3CJordan to RKhan

    THE HELICOPTER FROM RASHID KHAN! But it's not even gone all the way to the boundary. Unreal. The commentators in the box are having a right laugh. It just stopped before the rope. Full on middle and leg, Khan flicks it over square leg, very Dhoni-esque. Gets a brace for it.
  • 16.2CJordan to RKhan

    Short ball outside off, Khan drags the pull off the top edge over square leg. Two runs taken.
  • 16.1CJordan to RKhan

    Short ball banged in outside off, Rashid mistimes the swat down towards mid off.
  • Chris Jordan returns to the attack.
  • 15.6ANair to LO'Connor

    15.6: A Nair to L O'Connor, Tossed up on middle, O'Connor defends off the back foot.
  • 15.5ANair to LO'Connor

    15.5: A Nair to L O'Connor, Floated on off, O'Connor looks to defend but gets a bottom edge on this one.
  • Liam O'Connor is out next for the Strikers.
  • 15.4ANair to BenLaughlin

    OUT! Ben Laughlin departs! Floated on off, Laughlin lofts it over mid off but finds Chris Jordan at long off who takes a simple catch. Adelaide need 80 runs in 26 balls.
  • 15.3ANair to BenLaughlin

    Full on off, Laughlin drives it straight back towards the bowler.
  • Ben Laughlin is the next batsman in.
  • 15.2ANair to MNeser

    OUT! BOWLED! Now Michael Neser departs! Wickets are falling in clusters for Adelaide Strikers. Tossed up on off, Neser looks to sweep but drags it back onto the stumps and gets bowled. This is out of the reach for the visitors. Strikers lose their seventh wicket.
  • 15.1ANair to RKhan

    Floated on middle, Khan comes down the track and hits it towards mid-wicket for a single.
  • 14.6FAhmed to MNeser

    Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.
  • Michael Neser walks out to bat.
  • 14.5FAhmed to HNielsen

    OUT! Straight to the man! The googly from Ahmed, around off, Nielsen jumps out of his crease and smacks it flat, but straight to long off. Green is the man there and he gobbles it up well. The end seems nigh for the Strikers.
  • 14.4FAhmed to RKhan

    Comes down the track and hits it to long off for a single.
  • 14.3FAhmed to HNielsen

    Looks to slog sweep but gets it off the top edge which falls in the square leg area. One run collected.
  • 14.2FAhmed to HNielsen

    Good shot. Nielsen gives the charge to this short ball and lofts it over mid-wicket. The fielder chases it down and keeps it inside the rope. Two taken.
  • 14.1FAhmed to RashidKhan

    Turning away from around off, shorter in length, Khan backs away and cuts it square on the off side for a single.
  • Fawad Ahmed is back on to bowl.
  • 13.6ANair to HarryNielsen

    Flighted delivery on middle, Nielsen sweeps it through square leg. The batsmen get two runs.
  • Rashid Khan comes to the crease.
  • 13.5ANair to CIngram

    OUT! The big fish departs. Big wicket for Sydney Thunder. The pressure of scoring runs got to him. Bowls slower on off, Ingram lofts it over mid off but gets deceived by the flight. It goes to long off where Daniel Sams takes a comfortable catch. End of a very good innings from Colin Ingram. Adelaide lose their fifth wicket.
  • 13.4ANair to CIngram

    FOUR! Good shot from Colin Ingram. Floated on leg, Ingram sweeps it through square leg for a boundary.
  • 13.3ANair to HNielsen

    Tossed up on off, Nielsen looks to go big but lofts it over mid off. The fielder from long off comes but it falls short of him.
  • 13.2ANair to HNielsen

    Not much turn on this one. Flighted delivery on leg, Ingram looks to sweep but misses it and gets hit on the pads.
  • 13.1ANair to HNielsen

    Full on middle, Ingram plays it straight towards the bowler.
  • 12.6CGreen to HNielsen

    Tossed up on the stumps, eased to long on for a single.
  • Harry Nielsen to bat now.
  • 12.5CGreen to JWells

    OUT! A handy wicket for the Thunder as Jonathan Wells is out of here. Seeing the batsman give the charge, Green darts it wide outside off. Wells misses and that's his end. Lenton has all the time in the world to take the bails off. 94 needed in 43 to win for the Strikers.

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