AFG 207 (38.2ov)
AUS 209/3 (34.5ov)

Australia beat Afghanistan by 7 wickets

MOM: David Warner

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  • AFG
  • AUS
  • 34.6UrRahman to GMaxwell

    FOUR! Up and over! So easy, isn't it? Maxwell arrives and he finishes the game! A flatter one outside off, Glenn does not need a sighter and just smashes the first ball he faces over mid off and to the boundary. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 7 WICKETS AND COMPLETE THIS CHASE WITH MORE THAN 15 OVERS LEFT! The world champions are off to the perfect start in the World Cup.
  • 34.5UrRahman to SSmith

    OUT! A wicket when the match is about to end. Tossed up outside off, Smith reaches out to drive but gets a thick outside edge which flies straight in the lap of Hazrat Zazai at short third man. Smith is not happy with himself while Afghanistan manage a smile.
  • 30.4UrRahman to SSmith

    FOUR! Tossed up outside off, Smith looks to drive but gets an outside edge. It goes towards third man for a boundary.
  • 29.4DZadran to DWarner

    FOUR! Nice shot. Full on off, Warner lofts it over mid off for a boundary.
  • 27.4HHassan to DWarner

    Huge shout for LBW, turned down. Pitched outside leg, Warner misses his flick and is hit on the pads. Hamid appeals but the umpire moves away. A leg bye taken.
  • 25.2HHassan to SSmith

    WIDE. Gets across his stumps and lets it go down the leg side.
  • 24.6RKhan to UKhawaja

    OUT! Rashid Khan gets his first wicket. Bowls a slider on middle, Khawaja looks to defend but gets hit on the pads. The bowler appeals and the umpire raises his finger. Usman Khawaja has a chat with Warner but does not go for the review. Hawk Eye shows that impact is in line and it is hitting the middle stump. 6 runs and a wicket from the over.
  • 24.3RKhan to DWarner

    FOUR! Short and down the leg side, Warner pulls it past short fine leg!
  • 22.2RKhan to DWarner

    FOUR! Cut and cut hard. Warner picks up the boundary and also reaches his FIFTY! His 18th in ODIs. He has not been his fluent best but this innings will give him a lot of confidence. He cuts this short ball outside off, past point for a boundary to reach the landmark.
  • 21.5MNabi to UKhawaja

    FOUR! Lovely shot. Smart as well. Flatter on the pads, Usman pulls this one away. Khawaja finds the boundary rope as well.

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