Bangladesh beat Afghanistan by 62 runs
Shakib Al Hasan

46.6Saifuddin to Rahman

OUT! KABOOM! Saifuddin gets the last one. Shinwari is denied a half ton. Mujeeb swings blindly to this length ball on the stumps. He misses by a long way and the furniture behind is disturbed. BANGLADESH WIN BY 62 RUNS!

46.5Saifuddin to Rahman

Fuller and on off, this is hit to covers.

46.4Saifuddin to Shinwari

Safe! Short and outside off, Shinwari looks to pull but the bat vibrates in his hand. He gets a top edge which lands safe in the mid-wicket region. A single taken.

46.3Saifuddin to Shinwari

FOUR! That is fiercely struck! Full and on off, Shinwari smashes it back past the bowler who rightly takes his leg out of the way. Shakib runs to his right and dives but fails to stop it.

46.2Saifuddin to Shinwari

Full and on middle, this is jammed down to long on. No single taken.

46.1Saifuddin to Shinwari

A yorker outside off, Shinwari fails to jam it out.

45.6Rahman to Rahman

Almost! Back of a length and around off, once again it straightens after pitching. Mujeeb makes room and then looks to block it out but gets beaten.

45.5Rahman to Rahman

Outside off, Mujeeb does go after it but gets beaten.

45.4Rahman to Zadran

OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! This was always on the cards! Bangladesh a wicket away now. Mustafizur bowls it on a back of a length around off, this straightens. Zadran looks to push at it but the ball straightens, takes the outside edge and goes into the hands of Rahim. The keeper does not put in a confident appeal but the bowler does and the umpire raises the finger.

45.3Rahman to Zadran

A slower one, fuller in length and around off, Shinwari looks to play it with a straight bat but the ball jags away and beats the outside edge.

45.2Rahman to Zadran

On the stumps, Zadran pushes it to mid off.

45.1Rahman to Shinwari

Shorter and on middle, Shinwari looks to pull but mistimes it towards deep square leg for one.

44.6Hasan to Zadran

A dot to end a brilliant spell by Shakib! He gives it air on off, Zadran strokes it to covers. A standing ovation for him as he takes his cap. A well-deserved one. He ends with figures of 10-1-29-5.

44.5Hasan to Zadran

Flatter and on off, Zadran pushes it towards mid off. Covers runs across and stops it.

44.4Hasan to Shinwari

Shinwari now works it with the angle through square leg for a single.

44.3Hasan to Shinwari

This is angled into the pads, Shinwari works it to square leg.

44.2Hasan to Shinwari

On the stumps, this is kept out. Shakib appeals but not sure for what.

44.1Hasan to Shinwari

Good running! Shinwari plays it with soft hands through mid-wicket and the batters take two.

43.6Rahman to Zadran

Back of a length on middle, it is kept out.

43.5Rahman to Zadran

Good stop! This is shorter and outside off, Zadran throws his bat at it, it goes off the outside edge towards the widish first slip fielder who makes a good stop diving to his right.

43.4Rahman to Zadran

Almost another! This lands around off and slants away. Zadran looks to push at it but gets beaten.

43.3Rahman to Khan

OUT! Another one bites the dust! Just as my colleague says that the Fizz is running out of Fizz, he strikes. Mustafizur bowls it short and on middle, Rashid looks to pull. The ball hurries onto him, it hits the higher portion of the bat and lobs to the man at short mid-wicket. Mashrafe takes a dolly. Bangladesh two wickets away now.

43.2Rahman to Shinwari

This is angled into the batsman, this is worked through mid-wicket for one.

43.1Rahman to Khan

Back of a length on off, this is guided to point for one.

42.6Hasan to Shinwari

Floats it up on middle, Shinwari looks to work it on the leg side but closes the face of the bat early, a soft leading edge to point for one. Just the five runs and a wicket from the over, an important wicket. 74 needed in 42.

42.5Hasan to Khan

Punched off the back foot by the batsman. The batsmen have run through for a single.

42.4Hasan to Zadran

OUT! STUMPED! Any guesses who provides the breakthrough when Bangladesh needed one? There could be only one man at the moment, Shakib Al Hasan. What can this guy not do right now? Brilliant with the bat and now a match-winning spell. He gets his fifer. His second in ODIs. Clever bowling! He sees Zadran come down the track and fires it outside off. NZ swings but is beaten by pace. Rahim makes no mistake behind. A good partnership comes to an end, this stand surely got Bangladesh worried a little.

42.3Hasan to Shinwari

This is on the pads, it is worked through square leg for one.

42.2Hasan to Shinwari

Shorter and outside off, Shinwari guides it through point for two.

42.1Hasan to Zadran

Top edge but safe! Zadran looks to play the slog sweep, he tries to drag it with the turn from outside off. There is extra bounce though. It takes the top edge and lands in no man's land in the short third man region. One taken.

41.6Saifuddin to Zadran

A low full toss on middle, Zadran hits it through mid-wicket for one. 7 from the over. 79 needed in 48.

41.5Saifuddin to Shinwari

Full and on the pads, SS looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pads. The ball rolls on the leg side. A leg bye is taken.

41.4Saifuddin to Zadran

Slightly short and around off, Zadran plays it late towards short third man for one. Fifty-run stand up between the two. They have revived Afghanistan's hopes here. Still a long way to go. 81 more needed in 50 balls.

41.3Saifuddin to Zadran

A yorker on off, Zadran jams it out towards mid-wicket and this time there is two.

41.2Saifuddin to Shinwari

Into the body of the batsman, Shinwari works it towards the leg side. He plays it with soft hands. The bowler does really well to get to the ball and keep it down to one.

41.1Saifuddin to Zadran

Slower one on middle, this is hit down to long on for one.

40.6Hasan to Shinwari

SIX! First of the innings. Tossed up outside off, Shinwari dances down the track and lofts it up and over the long on fence for a maximum. Is there still life in the game?

40.5Hasan to Shinwari

Shakib tossed up and gives more flight, the batsman looks to defend but the ball goes past the outside edge.

40.4Hasan to Zadran

Zadran drives this flatter one to long on for a single.

40.3Hasan to Shinwari

Shinwari cuts this flatter one through point for a single.

40.2Hasan to Zadran

Zadran dances down the track to this tossed up delivery and lofts it down to long on and gets a quick single.

40.1Hasan to Zadran

Tossed up outside off, Najibullah drives this through mid off for a couple.

39.7Saifuddin to Shinwari

A couple to end! Full and on middle, Shinwari hits it wide of long on for two.

39.6Saifuddin to Shinwari

Howzzat? The umpire shakes his head. This is bowled outside off, Shinwari looks to play the sweep but misses to get hit on the pads. An appeal but the impact is outside off. Hawk Eye suggests the same.

39.5Saifuddin to Shinwari

The slower one does not come off nicely! It is short and way down the leg side. Wided.