BAN 262/7 (50.0ov)
AFG 200 (47.0ov)

Bangladesh beat Afghanistan by 62 runs

MOM: Shakib Al Hasan

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  • BAN
  • AFG
  • 46.6MSaifuddin to UrRahman

    OUT! KABOOM! Saifuddin gets the last one. Shinwari is denied a half ton. Mujeeb swings blindly to this length ball on the stumps. He misses by a long way and the furniture behind is disturbed. BANGLADESH WIN BY 62 RUNS!
  • 46.3MSaifuddin to SShinwari

    FOUR! That is fiercely struck! Full and on off, Shinwari smashes it back past the bowler who rightly takes his leg out of the way. Shakib runs to his right and dives but fails to stop it.
  • 45.4MRahman to DZadran

    OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! This was always on the cards! Bangladesh a wicket away now. Mustafizur bowls it on a back of a length around off, this straightens. Zadran looks to push at it but the ball straightens, takes the outside edge and goes into the hands of Rahim. The keeper does not put in a confident appeal but the bowler does and the umpire raises the finger.
  • 43.3MRahman to RKhan

    OUT! Another one bites the dust! Just as my colleague says that the Fizz is running out of Fizz, he strikes. Mustafizur bowls it short and on middle, Rashid looks to pull. The ball hurries onto him, it hits the higher portion of the bat and lobs to the man at short mid-wicket. Mashrafe takes a dolly. Bangladesh two wickets away now.
  • 42.4AlHasan to NZadran

    OUT! STUMPED! Any guesses who provides the breakthrough when Bangladesh needed one? There could be only one man at the moment, Shakib Al Hasan. What can this guy not do right now? Brilliant with the bat and now a match-winning spell. He gets his fifer. His second in ODIs. Clever bowling! He sees Zadran come down the track and fires it outside off. NZ swings but is beaten by pace. Rahim makes no mistake behind. A good partnership comes to an end, this stand surely got Bangladesh worried a little.
  • 40.6AlHasan to SShinwari

    SIX! First of the innings. Tossed up outside off, Shinwari dances down the track and lofts it up and over the long on fence for a maximum. Is there still life in the game?
  • 39.5MSaifuddin to SShinwari

    The slower one does not come off nicely! It is short and way down the leg side. Wided.
  • 38.1MRahman to SShinwari

    FOUR! Rahman bowls on a length but provides lots of width outside off, Shinwari throws the kitchen sink at it and cuts it through point and the ball crosses the fence in a flash.
  • 37.3MHossain to NZadran

    FOUR! Hammered! Zadran comes down the track and also makes room, gets to the pitch of it and smashes it through covers for a boundary.
  • 36.3MRahman to NZadran

    WIDE! Rahman sprays one down leg. Wided by the umpire.

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