BAN 139/6 (19.0ov)
AFG 138/7 (20.0ov)

Bangladesh beat Afghanistan by 4 wickets

MOM: Shakib Al Hasan

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  • 18.6NaveenNaveen to MHossain

    GAME OVER! Full ball outside off, Mosaddek lifts it over mid on for a two. BANGLADESH WIN BY 4 WICKETS!
  • 18.5NaveenNaveen to MHossain

    Doing it easily! Full toss on middle, Mosaddek whips it using his wrists for an easy couple.
  • 18.4NaveenNaveen to AlHasan

    On the pads, drilled through mid-wicket for a single. The skipper is in no mood to take any risk.
  • 18.3NaveenNaveen to MHossain

    Bumper outside off, might have been called wide had Mosaddek not got bat to it. He backed away there and pushed it towards cover for a single. Just a hit away are the hosts from a win.
  • 18.2NaveenNaveen to MHossain

    Fuller one around off, Mosaddek works it towards long on and scampers back for a couple. Superb running from Shakib.
  • 18.1NaveenNaveen to AlHasan

    Shortish one around off, Shakib guides it towards third man for a single.
  • 17.6RKhan to AlHasan

    Shortish one, tucked towards the leg side by Shakib to keep the strike. A massive massive over as 18 came off it.
  • 17.5RKhan to AlHasan

    SIX! Massive! Poor from the Afghan skipper. In the slot and on the pads, Shakib powers it over the deep mid-wicket fence to get a maximum. Getting his side closer to the win.
  • 17.4RKhan to AlHasan

    FOUR! BAM! Shakib is attacking his counterpart. This is fuller and on the pads, Shakib slogs this towards the deep mid-wicket fence to bag a boundary now. Second of the over.
  • 17.3RKhan to AlHasan

    Flatter one outside off, Shakib drives it through covers and hares back for a single. A poor throw from the fielder and the skipper is not happy.
  • 17.2RKhan to MHossain

    On the pads, pushed towards deep mid-wicket for a single.
  • 17.1RKhan to MHossain

    FOUR! Pierces the gap superbly between point and short third man. This was slightly short, Mosaddek stayed back and guided it nicely towards the third man fence. Important runs.
  • 16.6UrRahman to MHossain

    A single to end another good over by Mujeeb. End of his spell tonight. He once again finishes with excellent figures of 4-0-19-1. His last ball is pushed towards cover for one.
  • 16.5UrRahman to MHossain

    A couple! Top, top effort by Nabi. Excellent from the senior player. Leading from the front. This is slightly short and on middle, Mossadek goes back and pulls it hard in between deep mid-wicket and long on. Nabi in the former position runs to his left, dives and saves two for his side.
  • 16.4UrRahman to MHossain

    NOT OUT! Mosaddek has got his foot down in time! A dot though which is gold dust at this stage. It is the googly from Mujeeb outside off. Mosaddek swings but misses. The keeper whips the bails off and appeals. The umpire takes it upstairs again. Replays show that Mosaddek did lift his foot but he got it down in time. JUST!
  • 16.3UrRahman to MHossain

    NOT OUT! Mosaddek is easily in. Two runs in the end and it is handy two runs. This is flatter and outside off. MH guides it towards short third man and the batters go for one. The fielder scores a bull's eye at the non-striker's end but the ball after hitting the stumps, deflects away from the bowler. The batters take another run. The bowler is appealing and the umpire takes it upstairs. Replays show that Mosaddek is fine.
  • 16.2UrRahman to AlHasan

    One more single! Shakib comes down the track but does not get to the pitch of the ball. He hits it down to long on for one.
  • 16.1UrRahman to MHossain

    Shorter and on middle, this is pulled through square leg for one.
  • 15.6RKhan to MHossain

    Another top nut to end a top class over from Rashid. This is the googly on off, it turns back in. Mosaddek looks to defend but it goes off the inner half towards short fine leg for one.
  • 15.5RKhan to AHossain

    OUT! TIMBER! Second wicket for Rashid Khan. What a superstar this guy is. Just amazing. He is hobbling around but is still turning around the game for his side. Another Bangladesh batter plays a poor shot. Afif walks right across the stumps and looks to play the slog sweep but misses and the ball hits the leg pole. 35 needed in 25. Afghanistan slowly creeping on top.
  • 15.4RKhan to AlHasan

    The batsman defends it from within the crease. They pick up a single.
  • 15.3RKhan to AHossain

    Shortish and on middle, it is the googly. Afif pulls it through mid-wicket for one.
  • 15.2RKhan to AHossain

    Flatter and on middle, this is pushed back to the bowler.
  • 15.1RKhan to AlHasan

    Drags the sweep from outside off through mid-wicket for one.
  • 14.7NaveenNaveen to AlHasan

    Cleverly played in the end! Looks to paddle scoop it but then sees the line and the length is not right to play that shot. It is full and around off, Shakib Al Hasan adjusts and pushes it towards cover for one. End of a successful over by the youngster.
  • 14.6NaveenNaveen to AlHasan

    Top nut! Shakib makes room. Naveen follows the batter and bowls a yorker. Shakib fails to jam it out and the keeper dives to his right and stops it. Now then... there was an edge on this delivery, Ultra Edge does suggest so. There was no appeal from the bowler or the keeper though. Nobody must have heard anything there. Probably the crowd played its part by cheering out loud. Advantage of being the home side.
  • 14.5NaveenNaveen to AlHasan

    Fifty for Shakib Al Hasan. 9th in T20Is. The skipper, like so many times in his career, is leading from the front. Excellent from him. He though holds the key for his side. He gets there by flicking this through square leg for two. A loud cheer from the crowd for their skipper.
  • 14.4NaveenNaveen to AlHasan

    Looks to bowl a slower one but this one is bowled down the leg side. He looks to flick but misses. Wided.
  • 14.3NaveenNaveen to AHossain

    This is around off and it is angling away. Afif guides it down to third man for one. Gives strike to the man on 49.
  • 14.2NaveenNaveen to SRahman

    OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! Sabbir's return into the team is not a good one. Two wickets in quick succession and Afghanistan are fighting back into the game. The debutant is making a mark for himself here. It is his second and this is an important one as Sabbir, on his day, could be dangerous. A poor shot to be honest. This is bowled just outside off, not a lot of room on offer. Sabbir looks to guide it down to third man but only manages an outside edge to the keeper. 43 in 34 needed. Game on!
  • 14.1NaveenNaveen to AlHasan

    Shorter and on middle, Shakib hops and pulls it through mid-wicket for one.
  • 13.7RKhan to AlHasan

    Almost another one. This one is on off, Slightly short but not wide enough to cut. Shakib looks to do so but gets an under edge to it and the ball just goes over the stumps. Lucky not to get it on the stumps. Superb over from the skipper.
  • 13.6RKhan to SRahman

    On the pads, Rahman works it towards mid-wicket for a single to get off the mark.
  • 13.5RKhan to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    OUT! LBW! Rashid strikes! He didn't take too long to do that. He is limping as he celebrates the wicket. What a champion bowler. He is not worried about his own pain though. And he would want to take a few more to help his side win this one. Rashid darts this fuller on middle, Mahmudullah goes to reverse sweep but can't connect and is hit on the front pad. Rashid roars an appeal and the umpire agrees instantly. Mahmudullah asks his skipper about the DRS and then the duo decide against it. A good call from them as the replays show that the ball was hitting the timber.
  • 13.4RKhan to AlHasan

    Darts one wide outside off as he sees Shakib going towards the leg side. He manages to get bat on it and the ball goes towards the off side for a single.
  • 13.3RKhan to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    Quicker one on the pads this time, tucked towards mid-wicket for a single.
  • 13.2RKhan to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    Beaten! What a ball that one. Turned away from the batter as he looks to block. The ball goes past the outside edge.
  • 13.1RKhan to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    WIDE! Starts with one down the leg side. Called wide as Mahmudullah misses his flick down the leg side.
  • 12.7KJanat to AlHasan

    FOUR! Smashed! Janat goes short again and on middle, Shakib stays leg side of the delivery and smashes it past the bowler for a boundary. He is winning the game for his side single-handedly here.
  • 12.6KJanat to AlHasan

    Needless, very needless from Afghanistan, maybe they are just getting frustrated. This is short and on the body, it skids through. Shakib is a touch late in the shot. It goes towards mid off and the batters take one. The fielder has a shy at the non-striker's end but misses. No one backing up and the ball rolls towards fine leg. Another run taken.
  • 12.5KJanat to AlHasan

    NOT OUT! Umpire's call it is! It is clipping the leg pole. Afghanistan do not lose a review. Not a bad review to be honest, yes, it was more in hope as it always seemed like it is going down leg. This one is full and on the pads, Shakib looks to flick but fails to put bat on ball. It flicks the pads and goes to the keeper. An appeal follows but the umpire shakes his head. The keeper and the bowler wants it to be reviewed and Afghanistan do so. Replays roll in and they show that the on-field call is the right one. Afghanistan are desperate for the wicket of Shakib. They somehow need to get him or he would take the game away from them. 55 needed in 44.
  • 12.4KJanat to AlHasan

    WIDE! Shakib looks to paddle once again but this one is down the leg side. Wided.
  • 12.3KJanat to AlHasan

    Well bowled! Shakib makes room and the bowler follows him with a short slower one. Shakib is early into the pull, he gets a bottom edge to the keeper.
  • 12.2KJanat to AlHasan

    FOUR! Innovation at its best! Shakib comes inside the line and looks to paddle. He is helped by the bowler as this one is bowled on his pads. Shakib just helps it over short fine leg and bags a boundary.
  • 12.1KJanat to MahmudullahMahmudullah

    Slower one outside off, Mahmudullah guides it through backward point for one.

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