ENG 161/1 (17.3ov)
AFG 160 (38.4ov)

England beat Afghanistan by 9 wickets

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  • AFG
  • ENG
  • 17.3GNaib to JRoy

    SIX! What a way to finish the game! An easy win for England. THEY WIN BY 9 WICKETS! A short ball on middle, pulled over deep mid-wicket with ease by Roy. He ends on 89 not out and has powered England to win with 32.3 overs left!
  • 15.7GNaib to JRoy

    FOUR! Pulled away with disdain! Short again from the skipper, Roy pulls this ball away over mid-wicket. There is no fielder in the deep and that will be a boundary. 150 comes up for England. 10 needed now!
  • 15.5GNaib to JRoy

    Wide! Bouncer on middle gone too high and penalised by the umpire.
  • 14.4RKhan to JRoy

    FOUR! Short ball on middle, Roy drags this pull away. He still manages to get it wide of deep mid-wicket and to the rope. This is a battering.
  • 14.2RKhan to JRoy

    SIX! That is nearly on the road yells Isa Guha on air. A flatter one on middle, Roy lifts this powerfully over cow corner. Huge! That came right off the middle of the bat.
  • 13.6GNaib to JRoy

    SIX! That is into the sightscreen. Not the one behind the bowler but the one behind the keeper. A length ball on middle, Roy gets into position early, inside the line before scooping the ball over the keeper's head. Goes all the way!
  • 13.5GNaib to JRoy

    Bouncer gone wayward. It is down the leg side and has been wided by the umpire.
  • 12.1RKhan to JoeRoot

    FOUR! Late, late cut! Almost off the keeper's glove. A length ball wide outside off, Root waits for the ball before deftly placing it past short third man. Boundary!
  • 11.4GNaib to JRoy

    Wide! Bowled waywardly outside off, penalised by the umpire.
  • 11.3GNaib to JRoy

    FOUR! Serious hammering this for Afghanistan says Rameez Raja on air and it is. A length ball outside off, Roy slashes this cut to the right of deep cover. The ball reaches the fence in a canter.

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