ENG 161/1 (17.3ov)
AFG 160 (38.4ov)

England beat Afghanistan by 9 wickets

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  • So that brings this warm-up game to an end well before the normal scheduled time of close. England have given Afghanistan a battering and brought them back to ground after the Asian side's win against Pakistan in their first fixture. The hosts on the other hand will head into the opening fixture of the World Cup with supreme confidence which will be played at the same venue. Time till that though. There is another warm-up game which is going on currently between Australia and Sri Lanka where the former is chasing 240 to win. Switch tabs to follow the same. Bye-bye from here.
  • England skipper, Eoin Morgan starts by saying it was a really strong performance. Says Bangaldesh by mistake but then corrects himself as Rameez Raja reminds him and tells that Afghanistan is a really strong side and can be dangerous on their day so they had to be cautious. He feels that the competition for places in the side is extremely high and it is a good headache whom to chose. Morgan hopes he can select the best eleven on the day. Mentions that everyone is hungry to do well. He states that the top order gel with each other and the bowlers as well work as a team, making it easy for him as the skipper. Admits that somedays they might have to dig in but that will be dictated to them on that day but they will try their best to play free-flowing cricket. Expects wrist spinners to do well in the tournament just like it has been in the last couple of years all around the globe and hopes that the ones they have namely Rashid, and also Moeen to contribute well especially towards the latter part of the tournament. Reckons that it will be a cracking tournament opener for cricket fans when the massive game against South Africa comes around on Thursday.
  • Afghanistan skipper, Gulbadin Naib says that they didn't take responsibility at the start of the day and did not bat well. Also agrees that England bowled well. Feels they were definitely favorites in home conditions. He reckons that they needed a better total on the board and that the main reason for the loss was them not batting well. He does not blame the bowlers too much and mentions they were attacked from the start of the innings. Naib says that his team would love to learn from the tremendous cricket that England played. Signs off by thanking the huge number of fans here, and hopes for the same in the upcoming games as well.
  • Jason Roy is down for a chat with Rameez Raja. He says that he feels really good and mentions that he wanted to enter the tournament with a bang. He feels that it was a good time to get a knock out in the middle leading into the first match. States that he would love to continue this on Thursday (against South Africa). Tells that he is ready for the first game and signs off by saying that all the boys are extremely excited for the World Cup to begin!
  • Earlier on in the day, England after opting to bowl first. Their bowlers proved their captain's decision to be right and bundled them out for a mere 160, never letting them off the hook. Root and Archer were the stars picking up 3 wickets each.
  • Nothing much to talk about in regards to Afghanistan bowling. Just like their batting, their bowling also left a lot to be desired about. All the bowlers except Rashid Khan went at an economy of 10 or more and only Nabi got a wicket. That meant that England got home in a canter.
  • Chasing a paltry score of 161, England openers, Jason Roy and Jonny Bairstow got them off to a flier and were scoring at around 10 runs per over. Though Bairstow departed the job was done and Jason Roy continued his hammering of the Afghanistan bowlers and got his fifty in the process.
  • A walk in the park for England here at the Oval. They never looked in trouble and have sealed the game in just 17.3 overs.
  • 17.3GNaib to JRoy

    SIX! What a way to finish the game! An easy win for England. THEY WIN BY 9 WICKETS! A short ball on middle, pulled over deep mid-wicket with ease by Roy. He ends on 89 not out and has powered England to win with 32.3 overs left!
  • 17.2GNaib to JoeRoot

    Run down to third man for a single by Root this time. A biggie away now are England!
  • 17.1GNaib to JoeRoot

    Good length ball outside off, driven back to mid off.
  • 16.6RKhan to JoeRoot

    A shorter one on middle, swept away to deep square leg for a single.
  • 16.5RKhan to JRoy

    Punched off the back foot by JR. One run added to the total.
  • 16.4RKhan to JoeRoot

    Flatter on middle, pushed through mid-wicket and for a single.
  • 16.3RKhan to JoeRoot

    Cut away again by Root but straight to the fielder.
  • 16.2RKhan to JoeRoot

    Root has defended the ball coming ahead with a straight bat.
  • 16.1RKhan to JoeRoot

    The batsman plays the square cut and finds the point fielder.
  • 15.7GNaib to JRoy

    FOUR! Pulled away with disdain! Short again from the skipper, Roy pulls this ball away over mid-wicket. There is no fielder in the deep and that will be a boundary. 150 comes up for England. 10 needed now!
  • 15.6GNaib to JRoy

    Slower short ball outside off, Roy was lining up to pull that but he then adjusts to pat this ball to mid on.
  • 15.5GNaib to JRoy

    Wide! Bouncer on middle gone too high and penalised by the umpire.
  • 15.4GNaib to JRoy

    Slower ball on middle, Roy angles this pull away to mid-wicket. Root was backing up a long way but dives back to get in as the fielder at mid-wicket attempted for a direct hit at the bowler's end.
  • 15.3GNaib to JoeRoot

    Short ball on middle, pulled away by Root to deep mid-wicket for a single.
  • 15.2GNaib to JoeRoot

    On a length outside off, angled away to the left of point for a couple of runs.
  • 15.1GNaib to JoeRoot

    Root defends the ball off the back foot with a straight bat.
  • 14.6RKhan to JRoy

    Flatter leg spinner outside off, Roy looks to cut it away but the ball goes past the outside edge. Good ball.
  • 14.5RKhan to JasonRoy

    Roy pats this ball wide outside off to point.
  • 14.4RKhan to JRoy

    FOUR! Short ball on middle, Roy drags this pull away. He still manages to get it wide of deep mid-wicket and to the rope. This is a battering.
  • 14.3RKhan to JRoy

    What was Roy doing there? He initially looks to ramp the ball but then seeing this ball flatter outside off, he dabs this to short third man.
  • 14.2RKhan to JRoy

    SIX! That is nearly on the road yells Isa Guha on air. A flatter one on middle, Roy lifts this powerfully over cow corner. Huge! That came right off the middle of the bat.
  • 14.1RKhan to JoeRoot

    Flatter on middle, punched back down to long on off the back foot for a single by Root.
  • 13.7GNaib to JRoy

    First bad shot from Roy! A length ball outside off, Roy looks to hit this through the line and goes for an ugly swipe across the line but misses the ball.
  • 13.6GNaib to JRoy

    SIX! That is into the sightscreen. Not the one behind the bowler but the one behind the keeper. A length ball on middle, Roy gets into position early, inside the line before scooping the ball over the keeper's head. Goes all the way!
  • 13.5GNaib to JRoy

    Bouncer gone wayward. It is down the leg side and has been wided by the umpire.
  • 13.4GNaib to JoeRoot

    Bowled on the middle and leg stump line, flicked away through square leg for a single by Root.
  • Problems in the electronic sightscreen behind the bowler's arm. It suddenly starts flickering and causes a slight delay!
  • 13.3GNaib to JRoy

    Short ball outside off, Roy looks to pull this but mistimes it to mid on. The single is taken.
  • 13.2GNaib to JoeRoot

    Root angles this short ball outside off down to third man once more for a single.
  • 13.1GNaib to JRoy

    Short outside off, Jason dabs this down to third man for a single.
  • 12.6RKhan to JoeRoot

    Flighted and almost yorker length. Root keeps it out towards the backward point region. 40 off 37 overs needed.
  • 12.5RKhan to JRoy

    A slightly slower one this time on middle, Roy comes ahead to defend but the ball goes off the outside half to the off side. A single is taken.
  • 12.4RKhan to JoeRoot

    Short ball on middle, punched away down to long on for a single by Joe.
  • 12.3RKhan to JoeRoot

    Root cuts this ball away but this time it goes straight to the point fielder.
  • 12.2RKhan to JoeRoot

    The batsman has played that off the front foot and back down the ground. The ball hits the stumps at the non-striker's end.
  • 12.1RKhan to JoeRoot

    FOUR! Late, late cut! Almost off the keeper's glove. A length ball wide outside off, Root waits for the ball before deftly placing it past short third man. Boundary!
  • 11.7GNaib to JoeRoot

    Tapped down to third man for a single. Root will keep strike for the next over.

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