ENG 397/6 (50.0ov)
AFG 247/8 (50.0ov)

England beat Afghanistan by 150 runs

MOM: Eoin Morgan

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  • ENG
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  • 49.4JArcher to RKhan

    OUT! In the air...and Bairstow takes it. He has not had the best of days in the field but he takes his second catch of the game. Rashid Khan's struggle in the middle comes to an end. Archer bangs it short around off, Rashid looks to smash it over point but gets a top edge. It goes high in the air towards backward point. Bairstow stationed there sits under it and takes an easy catch. He does a fist pump looking at the crowd.
  • 49.3JArcher to AliKhil

    On the pads, Ikram looks to flick but it goes off the thigh pads towards short fine leg. The batsmen take a run and it has been signaled as leg bye.
  • 48.4MWood to RKhan

    FOUR! Something for Rashid to cheer. Good length ball outside off, Rashid clears his front leg and smashes it to the right of mid off. Vince there dives on that side and gets his hand to it but that's not enough to stop it from going to the fence.
  • 47.5JArcher to RKhan

    WIDE! Bouncer bounces too high. It goes over Rashid's head and it has been wided.
  • 46.2MWood to NZadran

    OUT! BOWLED! Wood bowls an off cutter which is full on middle, Zadran looks to slog but misses it and gets bowled. This is good bowling from Mark Wood.
  • 45.5JArcher to HShahidi

    OUT! TIMBER! Archer has the last laugh. Shahidi shuffles right across maybe expecting a short one. Archer bowls it slow and on middle, Shahidi looks to work it fine but misses it completely and the stumps are shattered. A good innings by Shahidi comes to an end.
  • 45.4JArcher to HShahidi

    FOUR! Hammered! Full and on middle, this is smashed through mid on and it races away to the fence.
  • 43.3CWoakes to NZadran

    SIX! That is some hit! This is short and outside off, Zadran manages to drag his pull over the mid-wicket fence. That shot just proves this man is a strong man.
  • 42.4ARashid to MNabi

    OUT! Nabi holes out! Third wicket for Rashid. Right from the word go Nabi was looking to clear the fence. This time too his eyes lit up when he sees the flight on this delivery. It lands on middle, Nabi looks to go over long on but only manages to get a lot of height on it. Ben Stokes there takes an easy catch.
  • 40.6ARashid to MNabi

    SIX! Nabi is off the mark in an explosive way. Adil tosses it up on middle, Nabi does not wait for long and straightaway deposits into the stand over long on for a biggie.

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