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India beat Afghanistan by 11 runs
Jasprit Bumrah

49.5Shami to Rahman

OUT! KABOOM! Shami takes a hat-trick! Only the second Indian to take a hat-trick in the World Cup. What a comeback into the team for him! He was given the responsibility of the last over and has come out with flying colors. Shami keeps it simple, goes full and straight at 142 kph, right at the base of the leg stump. Mujeeb swings but misses and the ball kisses the leg pole. All smiles in the Indian camp as they WIN BY 11 RUNS!

49.4Shami to Alam

OUT! TIMBER! Two in two for Shami. What a comeback from him after going for a boundary on the first ball. He is delighted. He punches his fist in joy. Attacks the stumps with a full length delivery, Alam swings but misses. The furniture behind is disturbed.

49.3Shami to Nabi

OUT! There goes Nabi and there goes all the hopes of Afghanistan chasing this down. The Indian supporters and the Indian players can finally breathe a huge sigh of relief. Shami goes very full, Nabi looks to go over the long on fence. He though does not get under it and hence, the power is not there. It goes to Pandya who takes a good catch moving to his left. A top knock by Nabi but his effort will probably go in vain. 12 needed in 3 balls.

49.2Shami to Nabi

DOT BALL! Very full and on middle, Nabi winds up for a big shot but heaves it off the inner half to deep mid-wicket. Turns down the single. He wants to do it on his own.

49.1Shami to Nabi

FOUR! Once again a boundary to begin Shami's over! Ideal start for Afghanistan. Shami misses the yorker by a little and ends up bowling a low full toss. Nabi powers it past long on for a boundary. Also, fifty up for Nabi. His 14th ODI fifty. Can he win Afghanistan this game?

48.6Bumrah to Nabi

He takes one! Don't think he could have done a lot though with that delivery. It is a yorker on middle, Nabi jams it out to square leg for one. Just the 5 from the over, once again Bumrah is the man who delivers for India. 16 needed in 6.

48.5Bumrah to Khil

Just the single again! Full and outside off, Ikram jams it through covers for one. One ball to go, what will Nabi do? Go for a biggie or take one?

48.4Bumrah to Khil

Another dot! Which means 18 needed in 8. A low full toss, Ikram hits it straight to short mid-wicket. Ikram needs to hit it big here, he needs to strike one.
Seems like Nabi has broken his bat on the last shot. He asks for a new bat.

48.2Bumrah to Nabi

A couple now! A low full toss now by Bumrah. Nabi does not hit it that well but gets it wide of long off for two.

48.1Bumrah to Nabi

Tremendous, tremendous stuff! A yorker, nothing you can do with that. It is jammed out towards point.

47.6Shami to Khil

Two from the final ball which means 21 from 12 needed! Just the three from the over. He goes short and Ikram makes room. Ikram pulls it over mid-wicket. Chahal gives it a chase and keeps it down to two.

47.5Shami to Khil

Another dot! Goes short and on the body, Ikram ducks under it. 23 needed in 13 now.

47.4Shami to Khil

Another dot! This time it is the slower one, it takes off after pitching. Ikram is hit on the gloves as he tries to defend. The ball rolls beside the pitch. No run taken. 23 needed in 14.

47.3Shami to Khil

Short and outside off, Ali Khil looks to pull but misses. A dot, which is gold dust at this stage.

47.2Shami to Nabi

Very full and on middle, this is jammed through mid-wicket for one.

47.1Shami to Nabi

NOT OUT! Nabi survives! The impact is outside off! What a review taken by him. Afghanistan can now breathe a huge sigh of relief. They are still in it. Nabi shuffles across and looks to flick it on the leg side. He misses. The ball hits the pads and an appeal follows. The umpire raises his finger. Nabi has to review and he does so. Replays roll in and they show the impact is outside off.

46.6Bumrah to Nabi

A single which means Nabi keeps strike! 24 needed in 18. Full and outside off, this is jammed through point for one.

46.5Bumrah to Nabi

Another excellent yorker, Nabi jams it out to the bowler. Two excellent deliveries after being hit for a biggie.

46.4Bumrah to Nabi

Good comeback! Bowls a yorker outside off, Nabi does well to jam it out.

46.3Bumrah to Nabi

SIX! What a hit! Bumrah bangs this short and on middle, Nabi stays back and pulls it over the square leg fence for a biggie. 200 up for Afghanistan!

46.2Bumrah to Khil

Direct hit would have been curtains for Nabi! Back of a length delivery on off, Ikram dabs it down to the right of backward point and tries to steal a run. Hardik Pandya rushes across to the ball, picks it up and has a shy at the striker's end. Misses and Nabi gets a life.

46.1Bumrah to Khil

Heavy ball. Bumrah spears in a full ball on off from 'round the wicket, Ikram just digs it out back to the bowler.

45.6Chahal to Khil

Slower through the air, full and on leg, Ikram once again sweeps, this time more in front of square leg and gets a single. 32 needed in the last 4 overs.

45.5Chahal to Khil

Too full in length on middle, Ikram sweeps it behind square leg and scampers back for the second run.

45.4Chahal to Khan

OUT! Stumped! Beauty of a delivery. One leggie to another leggie and it's a beautiful sight, if you are an Indian fan. Nicely tossed up ball by Chahal. He serves it full and outside off, Rashid is drawn forward as tries to drive but it spins away to beat the outside edge. He has dragged his back leg outside the crease in the process as well and Dhoni needs no second invitation. 35 needed off 26 balls, this is getting close!

45.3Chahal to Khan

FOUR! Innovation at its best! That's a brilliant strike. Yes, it's risky but it has paid off. Full and around off, Rashid brings out the reverse-batted shot and nails his shot over point.

45.2Chahal to Khan

Play and a miss! Short and wide outside off, Rashid tries to cut but it stays low and goes under his bat.

45.1Chahal to Nabi

Sliding down the leg side, Nabi helps it through square leg for a run.

44.6Shami to Khan

Good recovery in the end by Jadhav! Rashid has slapped this firmly towards sweeper cover. Jadhav there first runs in for a catch but then realizes it is going to fall short. Stays back and tries to stop but then ball turns away, beats Jadhav who turns back and then dives and pushes it back in. Saves two in the end. 9 from this over. Top over for Afghanistan. 40 needed in 30.

44.5Shami to Nabi

A big shout for LBW but not given! Nabi looks to whip it over the short fine leg fielder but misses to get hit on the pads. There is an appeal but it is too high. The ball rolls towards square leg. A leg bye taken.

44.4Shami to Nabi

A dot! Important one! Short and on the body, Nabi looks to pull but misses.

44.3Shami to Khan

On the shorter side, Rashid flat-bats it down to long on for one.

44.2Shami to Nabi

Seam-up delivery now, this is hit down to long off for one.

44.1Shami to Nabi

FOUR! Lovely shot! Once again, a boundary of Shami's first ball of the over. Puts all the pressure on the bowler. Nabi uses his feet and coverts it into a half volley. Nabi hits it over mid off and bags a boundary.

43.6Bumrah to Khan

Direct hit and Nabi was a goner! Rashid makes room again and Bumrah bangs it short. This is pulled towards mid-wicket. Nabi sets off for a run but is sent back. Chahal has a shy at the bowler's end but misses. Just the 4 from the over. Run rate needed above 8.

43.5Bumrah to Khan

Khan makes room, Bumrah bangs it short. Rashid manages to slap it wide of sweeper cover and two is taken.

43.4Bumrah to Nabi

Outside off, this is hit down to long on for one.

43.3Bumrah to Khan

Goes for the yorker but misses, ends up bowling a full ball on the pads, this is flicked through square leg for one.

43.2Bumrah to Khan

Another dot! Back of a length on off, this is guided to point.

43.1Bumrah to Khan

Angles this one into the off stump, skids through. Rashid keeps it out.
Jasprit Bumrah is back. His figures so far read 7-1-22-2. Can he finish the game for India?

42.6Chahal to Nabi

Just the three from the over! 53 needed in 42 now. Chahal ends the over with another slider. This is pushed back to the bowler.

42.5Chahal to Nabi

Another dot! The slider again on off, Nabi pushes it to the left of the bowler.

42.4Chahal to Khan

Down the leg side, RK sweeps towards deep square leg for one.