AFG 136/5 (19.2ov)
IRE 132/6 (20.0ov)

Afghanistan beat Ireland by 5 wickets

MOM: Mohammad Nabi

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  • IRE
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  • 19.2PChase to MNabi

    HIGH, HIGH, HIGH BUT NOT A SIX! Nabi does not get a 50 but AFGHANISTAN WIN. Full and outside off, Nabi backs away and goes for the glory shot, being on 45, targetting the long off boundary. He skies this miles in the air but unfortunately for him, the ball just lands inside the ropes! Stranded on 49 but a victory for his side.
  • 18.4BRankin to MNabi

    SIX! That is so sweet! Full and outside off, Nabi backs away and drives this without any effort way over extra cover!
  • 17.2JLittle to NZadran

    FOUR! My dad always says that fighting scenes in old Bollywood movies towards the climax are kind of free for all. Just now, remembered that saying. With the match about to come to a close, both the batsmen are going for broke. A length ball, around middle, cleanly swung over mid-wicket for a boundary.
  • 16.3BRankin to MNabi

    FOUR! Oh yes... this is surely catapulting now. Full and on middle, Nabi backs away and bang. Hammers it down the ground and beats a poor diving long on.
  • 15.6JLittle to NZadran

    SIX! Over the ropes! Ha ha ha... going in for a quick finish? A short ball, around middle, Najibullah swivels and pulls it over deep backward square leg! 15 from the over and I daresay, it is game over for Ireland. 26 needed from the final 4.
  • 15.3JLittle to NZadran

    FOUR! Swung and swung hard! A length ball, around off, Zadran swings it wide of mid-wicket and beats the fielder in the deep! 50-RUN STAND COMES UP AS WELL! 100 is up for Afghanistan too. 32 needed from 27 now. Surely coasting...
  • 15.1JLittle to MNabi

    FOUR! Welcome back into the attack! Full and outside off, Nabi drives this beautifully, wide of mid off and gets a boundary!
  • 14.1PChase to NZadran

    That has hit him on the knee. Around leg stump, Zadran misses his tuck and the ball goes past the pad and hits him on the inner half of the knee. Deflects towards square leg and the batsmen cross over. Actually he limps across to the other end.
  • 13.2SGetkate to MNabi

    FOUR! Easily done. Poor bowling, short and waist-high on a slow pitch, Nabi just uses his experience and maturity to swivel and direct the ball to the backward square leg fence. It was a pull but not full-blooded.
  • 12.3GDockrell to NZadran

    FOUR! A BOUNDARY AFTER 46 BALLS! That will come as a can of oxygen supply to the Afghans. Short and outside off, Zadran goes back and cuts it through point. There is no one square on the off side and by the time sweeper gets around, it is too late!

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