AFG 278/3 (20.0ov)
IRE 194/6 (20.0ov)

Afghanistan beat Ireland by 84 runs

MOM: Hazratullah Zazai

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  • AFG
  • IRE
  • 19.4KJanat to SPoynter

    FOUR! Off the edge. 7 needed in 2 for that 200. On a good length outside off, Poynter looks to steer it to third man but is squared up. The ball goes off the outside edge past short third man for a boundary.
  • 19.3KJanat to SPoynter

    SIX! Full length delivery outside off, Poynter clears his front foot and sends it over the long off fence for a maximum.
  • 18.3MNabi to SSingh

    SIX! This is huge. Once again Nabi bowls it short but this time he is punished. Singh sees the length early and rocks onto his back foot and sends this over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie.
  • 17.5RKhan to SSingh

    FOUR! Full and way outside leg, Simi gets down and paddles it past short fine leg for a boundary!
  • 17.2RKhan to SGetkate

    OUT!!! LBW. Quicker and straight from Rashid, Getkate looks to hit it on the off side. He expects the ball to turn but it does not and the ball strikes him on his front pad. Rashid thinks he has got the batsman and the umpire agrees with him and raises the dreaded finger. He gets his fourth of the match and once again proves to be a thorn like so many times in the past.
  • 16.6SShinwari to SGetkate

    SIX! The use of the long handle continues. Full and around middle, Getkate reaches out and sends the ball sailing over long on. There is Mohammad Nabi stationed at the ropes but he can only watch the ball sail over.
  • 16.1SShinwari to SGetkate

    FOUR! Clean strike. Full and outside off, Getkate backs away and smashes it straight back over the bowler. The umpire checks it upstairs whether it is a four or a six and replays show that the ball bounced just inside the ropes.
  • 15.6RKhan to GDockrell

    OUT! Bowled. Rashid gets his third. Quicker delivery on middle and off, Dockrell looks to hit it on the off side but he gets beaten by the pace and the ball hits the off pole. Ireland crumbling like a cookie here.
  • 15.3RKhan to SGetkate

    SIX! Wrong 'un gone wrong. He bowls it full on middle and leg, Getkate heaves it over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie. Ireland are not going down without a fight here.
  • 15.2RKhan to LTucker

    OUT! Caught! The wickets are falling like ninepins now. Full and on middle and off, Tucker comes down the track and looks to go aerial but gets more height than distance. Simple catch for Mohammad Nabi at long off.

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