AFG 210/7 (20.0ov)
IRE 178/8 (20.0ov)

Afghanistan beat Ireland by 32 runs

MOM: Mohammad Nabi

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  • AFG
  • IRE
  • 19.2RKhan to JLittle

    OUT! BOWLED! Rashid gets a fifer. Does not matter where he bowls. He gets wickets in Sharjah, Dubai, Ireland, Netherland, Windies and even in India. Full and around off, Little gets across to paddle but misses and the ball hits the off stump.
  • 18.5SShirzad to JLittle

    FOUR! Full on middle, Little swings it down the ground and beats long on.
  • 18.3SShirzad to SPoynter

    FOUR! Full and around middle, Poynter gets down and across, sweeping it over square leg. Too little, too late.
  • 17.4RKhan to JLittle

    WIDE. This is way too far down the leg side, Little gets a long way across to sweep but misses. The keeper fumbles and the batsmen take a single.
  • 17.3RKhan to SSingh

    OUT! LBW! FIRST AFGHAN PLAYER TO TAKE A T20I HAT-TRICK! Wow. Rashid Khan, simply wow. One of the best bowlers ever witnessed in this sport. This is another googly, around middle, Simi gets across, looks to flick but misses and is struck right in front of the stumps. Looked plumb and the umpire raises his finger.
  • 17.2RKhan to SGetkate

    OUT! Stumped by a mile. Getkate comes down the track and seeing that, Rashid fires it wide down the leg side. Shane misses his flick but the keeper does well to collect and whip the bails off. They appeal and it is referred upstairs. Replays confirm the marching orders.
  • 17.1RKhan to GDockrell

    OUT! That is a terrific catch from Nabi now! So what if the experienced bloke could not get a wicket. You cannot keep him out of the game, can you? Full and around off, Dockrell gets down to play the slog sweep but Rashid has fired this a touch wider outside off. This means that Dockrell has to fetch it. Hence, he mistimes it towards long on but it does seem like the ball has enough legs on it. But Mohammad Nabi watches it like a hawk, leaps at the last moment, catches it, parries it in the air, goes beyond the boundary and then comes back in to take the catch! Superb athleticism.
  • 15.7RKhan to KO'Brien

    15.6: R Khan to K O'Brien, OUT! Caught behind! My word, Shafaq, take a bow. This wicket is more due to the keeper than the bowler. Fractionally short outside off, O'Brien backs away to the leg side and looks to go inside out but the ball stays low and takes the bottom edge. But Shafiqullah Shafaq gets low and takes a stunner. Rashid starts flying while Shafaq appeals and the umpire raises his finger. KOB is disappointed but that was out. End of a big knock. Sadly, that might be the end of the game.
  • 15.4RKhan to KO'Brien

    15.4: R Khan to K O'Brien, THREE WIDES. Down the leg side, a rare loose ball from Rashid, KOB misses his sweep and the blinded keeper misses it too. Two runs taken.
  • 15.2RKhan to GDockrell

    MISFIELD, FOUR! Slightly short from Rashid, Dockrell pulls it towards mid-wicket. The fielder in the deep runs to his right and puts in a slide but misses the ball.

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