AFG 250/7 (48.3ov)

Match Abandoned

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  • A sorry end to this 2nd ODI. Afghanistan would have liked to have a go at the Irish and possibly take a 2-0 lead but that's not to be. The 3rd ODI will be played at this very venue at the same time - Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Dehradun at 1300 local (0730 GMT) on the 5th of March. Join in for that one. Till then, stay safe!
  • That is that! THE MATCH HAS BEEN CALLED OFF! It didn't seem like the showers wanted to stop and after much delay the umpires have put curtains to this affair.
  • We have no news yet of the revised score and will get back as soon as we are updated. For now the covers continue to stick to the playing surface. Let's hope we have some cricket left in this.
  • The tourists were below average on the field. They dropped catches and allowed the Men in Blue to take charge of the game. Porterfield kept changing his bowlers which he was rewarded for. Dockrell was the pick of the bowlers picking 3 wickets while his partner McBrine grabbed two. The ball is spinning here and the tweakers have made good use of the surface.
  • The home team started on a positive note. Especially, Zazai who got to his maiden half century. He gave his side the head-start that was needed stitching 90 runs for the opening wicket. Shahidi and Rahmat added 87 for the 3rd wicket where both reach their respective 50s. The lower order tried going after everything and eventually lost their way.
  • Ireland came back well at the death. They tightened things towards the end and ensured they do not chase a big total. The Afghans were 187/3 after 36 overs, and looked like they would reach close to the 300-run mark but lost wickets as the game progressed.
  • While the rain continues to fall, the Afghanistan innings has come to an end at 250/7 in 48.3 overs.
  • Update 1745 local - The covers are coming off! Wait a minute. We don't like to say it but just like the last time, the groundsmen have brought back the covers. The teasing game continues.
  • Update 1730 local - We have nothing for you. The covers are still on along with the floodlights. The forecast of rain till 2000 hrs is about 50 percent and gets worst post that. Let's hope we have good news to follow.
  • Update 1655 local - The covers are off. We hope we get the remaining 9 balls quickly. Scratch that. The groundsmen have brought the covers back on. Looks like we will have a further delay.
  • Bad news! It has started to drizzle a bit. Not heavy but enough for the umpires to ask the players to take shelter. Let's hope we resume the innings ASAP.
  • 48.3TimMurtagh to RKhan

    SIX! Amazing shot. Short of a length delivery, Rashid waits and pulls it over mid-wicket for a biggie. It was a much needed one for them as runs were coming very slow.
  • 48.2TimMurtagh to RKhan

    Full on off, Khan plays it to short third man.
  • 48.1TimMurtagh to AliKhil

    Length delivery on middle, Ikram flicks it towards square leg for a run.
  • 47.5GDockrell to AliKhil

    Tossed up on middle, Ikram comes down the track and plays it towards mid on for a single.
  • 47.4GDockrell to RKhan

    Short on off, Khan cuts it towards point for a run.
  • 47.3GDockrell to RKhan

    Flighted delivery on off, Khan guides it towards third man for a run.
  • 47.2GDockrell to AliKhil

    Tossed up on middle, Khil drives it towards mid on for a single.
  • 47.1GDockrell to RKhan

    Floated on middle, Khan comes down the track and plays it towards the leg side for a run.
  • 46.6TimMurtagh to RKhan

    Length delivery outside off, Rashid cuts it towards point for a run.
  • 46.5TimMurtagh to AliKhil

    Short of a length delivery, Ikram pulls it over mid-wicket for a run.
  • 46.4TimMurtagh to RKhan

    On middle, Khan flicks it through mid-wicket for a run.
  • 46.3TimMurtagh to RKhan

    Short of a length delivery, Khan tries to hook it but misses it.
  • 46.2TimMurtagh to AliKhil

    On a good length on off, Ikram defends it towards covers and takes a quick run.
  • 46.1TimMurtagh to RKhan

    Length delivery on middle, Khan flicks it towards the leg side for a run.
  • Tim Murtagh is back into the attack.
  • 45.6GDockrell to AliKhil

    Drifts this down leg, Khil misses his flick. The fielding side ask the question but the umpire stays put. Looked like going down leg that. A maiden wicket over from Dockrell.
  • 45.5GDockrell to AliKhil

    5 dots. Ali cannot get it past the field on the off side.
  • 45.4GDockrell to AliKhil

    On top of off, Ali Khil punches it to mid off.
  • 45.3GDockrell to AliKhil

    On the pads, turned away to the man at square leg.
  • Ikram Ali Khil, the debutant, is the new batsman in.
  • 45.2GDockrell to GNaib

    OUT! GONE! Dockrell helds this back on off, Naib comes down the track and looks to clear the stadium. Is beaten all ends up and the ball goes below his bat. Poynter takes the bails off and Naib too has to walk back.
  • 45.1GDockrell to GNaib

    Driven through mid on by the batsman.
  • 44.6BRankin to RKhan

    Great ball to end the over. Back of a length outside off, Rashid hangs his bat outside off and almost gets his outside edge to the keeper. 2 runs and a wicket from the over.
  • 44.5BRankin to RKhan

    Bouncer! Rashid ducks under the bouncer at the last moment.
  • 44.4BRankin to RKhan

    Played to the point region by the batsman.
  • Rashid Khan is the new batsman in.
  • 44.3BRankin to HShahidi

    OUT! Three short balls in a row. He had the man at the boundary for it, forced Shahidi into it and gets the prize. Bangs it in short over the stumps, Shahidi pulls but finds Simi Singh at the ropes. Shahidi departs after a well made fifty.
  • 44.2BRankin to GNaib

    Another short ball pulled through mid-wicket to rotate strike.
  • 44.1BRankin to HShahidi

    On middle, Shahidi pulls but it goes off the inner half through mid-wicket for a run.
  • Boyd Rankin is back to bowl at the death.
  • 43.6GDockrell to HShahidi

    Shahidi hits this away from the mid on fielder to retain strike.
  • 43.5GDockrell to GNaib

    Full on off, Naib has driven it through mid off. They pick up a single.
  • 43.4GDockrell to HShahidi

    6th fifty for Shahidi. Been patient and has got his reward. Nudges this down fine leg to get to the other end.
  • 43.3GDockrell to GNaib

    Gets off the mark by punching this ball to the off side.

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