AFG 256/8 (50.0ov)
IRE 260/6 (49.0ov)

Ireland beat Afghanistan by 4 wickets

MOM: Andy Balbirnie

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  • AFG
  • IRE
  • 48.6DZadran to ABalbirnie

    FOUR! IRELAND WIN BY 4 WICKETS! Zadran dishes out a full length ball outside off, Balbirnie throws his bat at it and slices it over backward point for a boundary. He roars in delight, what a win for the Irish team!
  • 48.4DZadran to ABalbirnie

    FOUR! A low full toss on middle, Balbirnie moves back to make some room and drills his drive through covers for a boundary. Scores are levelled.
  • 47.3RKhan to ABalbirnie

    SIX! Slog sweeps have been a special feature of this Balbirnie knock. Tossed up ball around middle, Andy is down on one knee in a flash and spanks it over mid-wicket.
  • 46.3DZadran to ABalbirnie

    SIX! Six the moment it left the bat. Shorter in length, Balbirnie picks it early and whacks it over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum.
  • 44.3UrRahman to ABalbirnie

    FOUR! Poor delivery and punished! Short and wide outside off, Balbirnie camps back and crunches his square cut to the deep point fence.
  • 43.4RKhan to SPoynter

    OUT! Caught. Poynter holes out. Tossed up delivery on middle and off, Stuart goes for the slog sweep. It looked like it would clear the fielder for a moment but Hazratullah Zazai jumps and takes a good catch at deep mid-wicket. A very unnecessary shot from Poynter, he should have rotated the strike rather than going after Rashid. Balbirnie needs someone to stay there and support him now.
  • 42.6MNabi to GDockrell

    OUT! Yes, Dockrell is inches short! The 143-run stand has been broken and this game is nicely set up at the moment. 41 needed off 42 balls with the lower half batsmen left. Andy Balbirnie holds the key from hereon. Coming to the delivery, Nabi delivers a full ball outside off and Dockrell comes dancing down the track looking for a big shot. He misses the ball completely and it deflects behind off his pads. Shahzad does well to collect the ball with his right glove, in fact it got stuck in the webbing, as he takes the bails off. He appeals and the square leg umpire goes upstairs. The replays find George short and Afghanistan finally have a breakthrough.
  • 42.4MNabi to GDockrell

    SIX! Tossed up delivery on off and middle, Dockrell walks forward and flicks it nonchalantly over wide long on for a biggie.
  • 41.2DZadran to ABalbirnie

    FOUR! What a shot! Balbirnie is now seeing the ball like a football. A touch short and on off, Andy is quickly on the back foot as he steers it through point for a cracking boundary.
  • 39.1UrRahman to ABalbirnie

    SIX! High and handsome! Balbirnie loves slogging. Gets a full ball in his half and smokes it over mid-wicket for a biggie.

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