AFG 223 (49.1ov)
IRE 114 (35.3ov)

Afghanistan beat Ireland by 109 runs

MOM: Rashid Khan

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  • AFG
  • IRE
  • 35.3MNabi to BRankin

    OUT! LBW! That is the end of the game. Afghanistan have won by 109 runs. Tossed up on off, Rankin looks to defend but misses the line completely and gets hit on the pads. Nabi appeals and the umpire raises his finger. That was as plumb as it got. Afghanistan take a 2-1 series lead!
  • 34.7RKhan to CameronDow

    FOUR! A rare bad ball, short and around off, the googly, Dow picks the length, goes back and pulls it past short mid-wicket for a boundary!
  • 34.1RKhan to BRankin

    Leg spinner going down the leg side for a wide.
  • 32.5RKhan to CameronDow

    WIDE. Down the leg side, flick shot missed.
  • 31.3AAlam to TimMurtagh

    OUT! Another one loses his stumps! Fifth bowled dismissal of this innings. On a length, around off, coming in, Murtagh looks to defend but the ball stays low, breaches his defense and hits the timber! 9 down, Aftab has four, what is more, he is on a hat-trick!
  • 31.2AAlam to KO'Brien

    31.2: A Alam to K O'Brien, OUT! BOWLED! The last recognized batsman goes for Ireland. On a good length on off, O'Brien looks to pull but he misses the line and gets bowled. Fourth bowled dismissal of the innings. Sadly, the only part left in the run chase was O'Brien's half century, which goes too...
  • 30.7RKhan to AMcBrine

    OUT! Bad ball, but a stunning return catch! Afghanistan are all over Ireland here. Absolute ripper this one from Rashid Khan. Full toss outside off, McBrine drives it straight back, where Rashid sticks out his right hand and takes a single-handed beauty. 7th wicket down for Ireland.
  • 30.6RKhan to AMcBrine

    Big leg spinner this one, but going down the leg side for a wide.
  • 29.1AAlam to SPoynter

    OUT! BOWLED! The bowling change immediately does the trick. Poynter has dragged it back onto the stumps. On a good length and outside off, Poynter looks to cut but gets an inside edge onto the stumps. Ireland lose their sixth wicket and are in serious trouble now. Kevin O'Brien is running out of partners. The visitors still need 134 runs in 125 balls.
  • 25.6GNaib to GDockrell

    OUT! TIMBER! No heroics from Dockrell today. Ireland have half their side back in the hut. On a good length on off, Dockrell looks to play a wild pull shot but it stays low and he gets bowled. Naib shows off his biceps with a big smile on his face. Ireland are losing the plot. Frustration got the better of Dockrell. He could have taken his time.

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