AFG 216/6 (50.0ov)
IRE 219/5 (47.2ov)

Ireland beat Afghanistan by 5 wickets

MOM: Asghar Afghan

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  • AFG
  • IRE
  • 47.2MNabi to SPoynter

    FOUR! Just one ball needed for Poynter. A full toss, on middle, Stuart gets down and laps it past short fine leg! IRELAND WIN BY 5 WICKETS AND LEVEL THE SERIES 2-2!
  • 47.1MNabi to GDockrell

    OUT! BOWLED! Nabi gets a wicket too. Full and outside off, Dockrell initially looks to sweep but then decides to change his shot on seeing the length. Attempts the late guide through third man but misses it totally. The ball spins in and hits the stumps.
  • 46.4RKhan to KO'Brien

    46.4: R Khan to K O'Brien, EDGED, FOUR. Just a hit away from the win now. Full and outside off, O'Brien reaches out to push but gets a thick outside edge past first slip to the third man fence.
  • 45.6UrRahman to ABalbirnie

    OUT! BOWLED! Right through the gap. Landed outside off, Balbirnie stays back to defend but the ball lands on that rough patch outside off, spins back in, goes right through the gap between bat and pad and hits the timber! Andy is disappointed with himself that he could not finish it off. But just 10 more needed now. Mujeeb finishes with figures of 10-2-26-1, a decent effort again.
  • 43.5SZadran to KO'Brien

    43.5: S Zadran to K O'Brien, FOUR! TAKE THAT! That is just a hit-me ball. A long hop, around off, happy days for O'Brien as he swivels and pulls it all along the ground behind square leg. The ball races to the fence while Shapoor scratches his head. 19 more needed from 37 balls now. KOB moves to 21 from 31, with his third boundary. The writing is now on the wall.
  • 42.5ZKhan to KO'Brien

    42.3: Z Khan to K O'Brien, FOUR! SPANKED! Full and outside off, O'Brien smashes it straight back at Balbirnie who ducks in time. There is a long off in place but he comes only second in the race as the ball whizzes past.
  • 42.4ZKhan to KO'Brien

    42.3: Z Khan to K O'Brien, ANOTHER WIDE. Second in this over. Fourth from Zahir overall. This is pitched outside leg and spinning a long way down the leg side. Left alone.
  • 42.2ZKhan to KO'Brien

    42.2: Z Khan to K O'Brien, WIDE. Down the leg side, flick shot missed.
  • 42.1ZKhan to KO'Brien

    42.1: Z Khan to K O'Brien, FOUR! Lucky escape for O'Brien. A short ball, around leg stump, KOB rocks back to pull but the ball stays extremely low and his bottom hand comes off the bat. He is not in control of his swipe and miscues it aerially towards deep mid-wicket but it is wide of the man running to his left from deep square leg. 36 more needed from 47 balls.
  • 40.6ZKhan to KO'Brien

    40.6: Z Khan to K O'Brien, Full and down the leg side, O'Brien misses his flick and the ball goes off his pads towards short fine leg. A leg bye taken.

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