AFG 314, 149/3 (47.5ov)
IRE 172, 288 (93.0ov)

Afghanistan beat Ireland by 7 wickets

MOM: Rahmat Shah

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  • 47.5CameronDow to HShahidi

    FOUR! There comes the winning shot. Afghanistan win by 7 wickets. Short on middle, Shahidi pulls it over square leg for a boundary.
  • 47.4CameronDow to MNabi

    OUT! Run out! Afghanistan are committing foolish mistakes here. A fuller one on middle, Nabi paddles it fine on the leg side and the ball runs towards fine leg. The fielder reaches it quickly and throws it at the keeper's end. The keeper removes the stump and Nabi who was coming for the second run seems to be struggling. The leg umpire takes it upstairs and the replays show Nabi is short. Maybe the excitement of the victory is causing all this.
  • 47.3CameronDow to RShah

    OUT! Stumped! What an anti-climax! Rahmat missed out on a century in the first innings and now he has missed out on scoring the winning runs. Cameron Dow sees the batsman charging down the wicket to smash this ball and bowls it short. Rahmat is foxed by the turn and the lack of flight. Shah is stranded in the middle of nowhere and gets stumped by the keeper who makes no mistake.
  • 47.1CameronDow to RShah

    FOUR! A short pitch delivery on off, Shah punches it from back foot towards the covers region. Another boundary picked. Just 3 required now.
  • 46.4ABalbirnie to IhsanullahIhsanullah

    FOUR! Nice shot. Short and outside off, Ihsanullah makes room and cuts it through point for a boundary. Just 7 needed for Afghanistan to win the match.
  • 46.2ABalbirnie to IhsanullahIhsanullah

    FOUR! Back of a length delivery around off, Ihsan gets on the back foot and slaps it towards the point region. The ball touches ropes. Just 11 runs needed by Afghans.
  • 40.5GDockrell to RShah

    WIDE! Tossed up outside leg, Rahmat lets it go.
  • 38.3GDockrell to RShah

    FOUR! Afghans are looking to end this quick. A short of a length delivery on leg, Shah gets back to his back foot and pulls it towards the mid-wicket region. The ball touches the ropes. Just 37 runs more needed for the win.
  • 37.6AMcBrine to IhsanullahIhsanullah

    FOUR! A boundary to end this huge over for Afghanistan. 14 off it in the end. Coming to the ball, it is short and outside off. Ihsanullah makes room and cuts it hard past cover to his left for a boundary. Also brings up the 100-run stand between these two. They have battered any hopes that Ireland had.
  • 37.4AMcBrine to IhsanullahIhsanullah

    SIX! Yes indeed, Ihsanullah wants an extended Lunch. A flighted ball outside off, the batsman was out of his crease real early. Comes down the track and picks the bones out of this one. Goes over long on and takes maximum toll. The team 100 comes up with this huge one as well. Just 45 required now!

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