IRE 210 (48.5ov)
AFG 138 (35.4ov)

Ireland beat Afghanistan by 72 runs

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  • IRE
  • AFG
  • 35.4MAdair to UrRahman

    OUT! Caught and bowled! It is all over here! IRELAND WIN BY 72 RUNS!!! A remarkable catch to bring the game to an end. A fuller ball on middle, Mujeeb hits the ball back to the bowler who gets his arm up in front of his face and holds onto the sharp return catch. Mujeeb cannot believe this. Meanwhile, Adair picks up his 4th wicket! We cannot believe this, Afghanistan have blown up a chase of 210 and fallen to a demoralizing loss.
  • 35.2MAdair to GNaib

    OUT! That could be the final nail in the Afghanistan coffin. Naib holes out at long on trying to smash his way to a win. A length ball on off, Gulbadin wants to hit a maximum over the bowler's head but fails to get enough power on that ball as it goes off the inside. It goes high and the substitute fielder, Kane there settles under the ball and takes a very good, calm catch! Just one away now from the win are Ireland!
  • 34.6BRankin to AAlam

    FOUR! Shot! Aftab Alam had no half-measures there. A short of a length ball on middle, Alam pulls this through mid-wicket. The ball raced away to the fence. Brilliant shot, just swung through the line.
  • 34.2BRankin to GNaib

    Poor ball! On the pads, Naib has nudged the ball fine down the leg side. The ball races to the boundary. Four runs have been signalled by The Umpire.
  • 33.1MAdair to GNaib

    FOUR! Good effort but in vain! A short length ball on middle, Naib pulls this away through mid-wicket. The fielder chases it, dives to keep it in but the effort goes in vain as the body was in contact with the rope at the same time as the ball.
  • 32.4BRankin to DZadran

    OUT! Third wicket for Rankin! The wheels are coming off really hard here for the visitors. A short length ball on middle, Zadran looks to pull this but gets a top edge. The ball lobs towards the keeper, Gary Wilson who takes the simplest of catches. This has been one big turnaround from the hosts!
  • 32.1BRankin to RKhan

    OUT! The seventh one goes down! Afghanistan are now in a huge spot of bother. Rashid Khan departs now. A short ball outside off, Rashid looks to hit it over mid off but fails to time it. It goes straight to William Porterfield at mid off who makes no mistake. Ireland will now feel really in the driver's seat! Gulbadin Naib would be the only one who can really take the game away from them now onward.
  • 31.5KO'Brien to RashidKhan

    31.5: K O'Brien to R Khan, SIX! Second six in the over and Rashid is playing the way he knows to play. As they say attack is the best form of defence. Rashid gets another full ball on off, this time he smashes it over the long off fence for a six.
  • 31.1KO'Brien to RashidKhan

    31.1: K O'Brien to G Naib, SIX! That's out of here! Full length ball on off, it is in Rashid's zone. He whacks it over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie.
  • 30.2BRankin to AAfghan

    OUT! Boyd Rankin strikes. Ireland have got the wicket they were looking for. Good length ball pitching on off. It comes in after hitting the deck. Afghan looks to defend but gets beaten by the inward movement. The ball hits him on his knee roll. The Irish players all go up in appeal and the umpire slowly raises his finger.

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