IRE 179 (41.2ov)
AFG 305/7 (50.0ov)

Afghanistan beat Ireland by 126 runs

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  • AFG
  • IRE
  • 41.2GNaib to GWilson

    OUT! That is it. Wilson refused to take the single off the previous ball but that does not matter much as he departs the very next ball. Naib gets his 6th of the game. Fuller ball on off, Wilson hits it uppishly to short mid-wicket. Rashid Khan makes no mistake and takes an easy catch. Afghanistan win the game comprehensively by 126 runs.
  • 40.1RKhan to GWilson

    FOUR! Streaky runs but Ireland do not care. A flatter one on middle, Wilson comes inside the line and looks to paddle the ball down to the fine leg fence but it goes very close to the keeper off the side of the blade. Luckily for Wilson though, the ball finds its way to the fence.
  • 39.4GNaib to GWilson

    FOUR! Shot! A half-volley outside off, Wilson times this beautifully over mid off. He clears the fielder in the circle with ease and hence picks up a boundary.
  • 38.5DZadran to GWilson

    Ouch! That must have hurt. Short on the body, Wilson looks to pull but misses. The ball hits him on the helmet and they take a leg bye.
  • 38.3DZadran to GWilson

    WIDE! Bouncer goes over the batsman's head. It is outside off, Wilson lets it go. Wide signalled.
  • 37.6GNaib to TimMurtagh

    OUT! Five for Naib! Stand up and applaud this performance from the Afghan skipper! A length ball outside off, Murtagh looks to hit it over mid off but as he plays the shot, one hand comes off the handle and the ball flies meekly towards mid off where Afghan moves slightly to his right and takes the simplest of catches. This game is finishing quickly...
  • 37.3GNaib to BMcCarthy

    OUT! Big appeal from the bowler and the keeper, the LBW has been given. A length ball on middle and cutting in to the batsman, McCarthy misses the ball and gets hit on the pads in front of leg stump. The finger goes up and that is the end of this partnership worth 25 runs. Afghanistan 2 away now and 200 looks really out of reach now for the hosts. Naib meanwhile picks up his fourth wicket! What a bowling spell this has been from the skipper.
  • 36.5DZadran to BMcCarthy

    FOUR! Once again the batsman rides his luck. Nothing wrong in the delivery. He bowls a good length ball outside off, McCarthy looks to drive but gets a thick outside edge through the third man region for a boundary.
  • 36.3DZadran to BMcCarthy

    FOUR! Not fair on the bowler. He bowls a very good bouncer on off, Barry looks to pull but gets a thick outside edge. It goes over the keeper's head.
  • 36.1DZadran to BMcCarthy

    FOUR! The pacer is welcomed back with a boundary. Short of a length on middle, McCarthy pulls this wide of deep fine leg for a boundary. Good shot. The 150 is brought up with that shot.

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