AFG 172 (41.1ov)
NZ 173/3 (32.1ov)

New Zealand beat Afghanistan by 7 wickets

MOM: Jimmy Neesham

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  • AFG
  • NZ
  • 31.2HHassan to KaneWilliamson

    Doing it in singles! On the pads, Williamson tucks it around the corner and gets to the other end. Leg bye signalled.
  • 29.3HHassan to TomLatham

    Drifts on the pads again, Latham looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pads. The ball rolls on the leg side. The batters take a leg bye.
  • 29.1HHassan to KWilliamson

    FOUR! Raining boundaries now! Full and on the pads, easy pickings for Kane. He flicks it through mid-wicket and the ball races away to the fence.
  • 28.5GNaib to KWilliamson

    FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! Through covers once again, this time off the front foot. Full and outside off, Williamson caresses it through the off side and bags a boundary.
  • 28.4GNaib to KWilliamson

    FOUR! Slapped! Short and wide outside off, Williamson goes back and hits it hard through covers for a boundary. 150 up.
  • 25.6AAlam to TomLatham

    FOUR! A freebie to get off the mark! A full toss, Latham shows the full face of the bat and strokes it down the ground. Kane Williamson ducks out of harm's way. So 10 runs and a wicket from the over, an action-packed one. 39 more needed.
  • 25.4AAlam to RTaylor

    OUT! TIMBER! Alam has his revenge! Not the best of balls to get a batsman though. Taylor has been cleaned up off a full toss. It is on off, Taylor plays outside the line, the ball sneaks between the gap of bat and pad and hits the off pole. So just as Taylor looked to break free, he has been dismissed. A good partnership though for New Zealand, it has more-or-less sealed the deal for them.
  • 25.3AAlam to RTaylor

    FOUR! Another misfield! Just sums up their performance in the field today. Short and on the body, Taylor pulls it towards fine leg. The fielder there moves to his right and then lets it through his legs.
  • 24.1MNabi to RTaylor

    SIX! That has gone all the way! First biggie of the innings! Taylor may have decided to attack the offie. He shuffles across and goes with the turn. Connects well and it goes over the mid-wicket fence. NEW BALLS PLEASE! That has gone out of the stadium.
  • 23.6RShah to KWilliamson

    FOUR! A drag down and Williamson puts it away. A rare bad delivery from Shah. Kane goes back and pulls it behind square, away from the fielder in the deep and a boundary. 60 more needed now.

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