PAK 230/7 (49.4ov)
AFG 227/9 (50.0ov)

Pakistan beat Afghanistan by 3 wickets

MOM: Imad Wasim

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  • AFG
  • PAK
  • 49.4GNaib to IWasim

    FOUR! PAKISTAN WIN BY 3 WICKETS! Naib hurls in a low full toss outside off, Wasim drills his drive through extra cover and it speeds away to the fence in a flash. The crowd erupts in joy. Great scenes out there!
  • 48.6RKhan to IWasim

    Shortish and on leg, Wasim tries to flick but misses. It takes his pads and rolls to short fine leg for a leg bye. 10 from the over!
  • 48.2RKhan to WRiaz

    SIX! This one has disappeared into the crowd. 10 needed off 10 balls. Floated delivery, full and on middle, Wahab kneels and smokes it deep into the stands at mid-wicket. This is a clean hit by Riaz. Look at the crowd. They are loving every bit of the action here.
  • 46.6RKhan to WRiaz

    FOUR! Wow, Wahab has drilled his shot! Full and flighted outside off, Riaz watches width there and muscles it through covers. 10 runs and a wicket from the over, 18 needed off 18 balls.
  • 46.4RKhan to SKhan

    OUT! Shadab is short! A flatter delivery on middle, Khan whips it to deep mid-wicket and attempts for the second run. Naib in the deep runs forward and sends in a bullet throw to the keeper who breaks the stumps as Shadab dives in. They appeal, it's referred upstairs and the replay find Khan short. 50-run stand is broken immediately. 22 needed off 20 balls.
  • 46.3RKhan to SKhan

    FOUR! Streaky! Pakistan will take it. A full delivery landing on off and spinning away, Shadab presses forward to push it through but it takes the outside edge and runs wide of short third man for a boundary.
  • 45.6GNaib to IWasim

    Wide! 29 needed off 25 balls. The crowd is going mad. Fullish and angling down the leg side, Imad tries to flick but misses.
  • 45.5GNaib to IWasim

    FOUR! Another boundary, make it 16 from the over. Imad has unleashed here. Poor bowling by the skipper. Keeps bowling short and wide outside off and Wasim whacks it through point.
  • 45.4GNaib to IWasim

    FOUR! Edgy! Luck is going Pakistan's way. Width on offer outside off, Wasim throws his bat at it and edges it wide of short third man for a boundary. 12 from the over, so far.
  • 45.1GNaib to IWasim

    FOUR! Thumped! Full toss outside off, Wasim shuffles across the stumps, fetches it from there and swings it across the line. It hurries in front of square leg and finds the fence after beating the dive from the deep fielder.

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