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Pakistan beat Afghanistan by 3 wickets
Imad Wasim

49.4Naib to Wasim

FOUR! PAKISTAN WIN BY 3 WICKETS! Naib hurls in a low full toss outside off, Wasim drills his drive through extra cover and it speeds away to the fence in a flash. The crowd erupts in joy. Great scenes out there!

49.3Naib to Wasim

Run out chance missed! Extra run taken. Poor from Naib again. Fullish and outside off, Imad drives it straight to extra cover and crosses for a risky run. The fielder picks up the ball and throws it to the bowler who fails to catch it. It goes behind and the batsmen run an overthrow.

49.2Naib to Riaz

Slower one, full and angling down the leg side, Wahab swings his bat early and misses. It goes off his pads to the leg side and they cross. Given as a run. Maybe, some inside edge then.

49.1Naib to Wasim

Full toss outside off, Wasim smashes it to sweeper cover for a single. 5 needed off 5 balls.

48.6Khan to Wasim

Shortish and on leg, Wasim tries to flick but misses. It takes his pads and rolls to short fine leg for a leg bye. 10 from the over!

48.5Khan to Riaz

Flatter and fuller around middle, Wahab reverse sweeps it through covers for a single. 7 needed off 7 balls.

48.4Khan to Riaz

Googly around off, some extra bounce, Wahab swings and misses.

48.3Khan to Riaz

Excellent running between the wickets. A googly around off, turning in, Wahab doesn't pick it but does well to force it down towards long off for a couple.

48.2Khan to Riaz

SIX! This one has disappeared into the crowd. 10 needed off 10 balls. Floated delivery, full and on middle, Wahab kneels and smokes it deep into the stands at mid-wicket. This is a clean hit by Riaz. Look at the crowd. They are loving every bit of the action here.

48.1Khan to Riaz

Swing and a miss! Flighted and outside off, Wahab tries to slog sweep but it turns away to beat his bat.

47.6Rahman to Wasim

Very full and outside off, Wasim squeezes it out to covers. Dot ball to end an excellent spell by Mujeeb, 10-1-34-2! Outstanding job done by the offie. 16 needed more off 12 balls.

47.5Rahman to Riaz

Flatter and quicker on off, Riaz gets back deep inside the crease and pushes it out with gentle hands to covers. A single taken.

47.4Rahman to Wasim

Too full in length on off, driven back firmly and it took Mujeeb's leg before deflecting towards deep mid-wicket. A single taken. Mujeeb is down on the ground in some pain.

47.3Rahman to Wasim

Three dots. Pressure. Short and wide outside off, Imad tries to cut but misses as it bounces over his bat.

47.2Rahman to Wasim

Full and on off, driven back to the bowler.

47.1Rahman to Wasim

Tossed up ball outside off, tapped down from the crease to point.

46.6Khan to Riaz

FOUR! Wow, Wahab has drilled his shot! Full and flighted outside off, Riaz watches width there and muscles it through covers. 10 runs and a wicket from the over, 18 needed off 18 balls.

46.5Khan to Riaz

Stifled appeal for an lbw! A googly on off, some extra bounce as it spins back in and hits Wahab high on his front leg.

46.4Khan to Khan

OUT! Shadab is short! A flatter delivery on middle, Khan whips it to deep mid-wicket and attempts for the second run. Naib in the deep runs forward and sends in a bullet throw to the keeper who breaks the stumps as Shadab dives in. They appeal, it's referred upstairs and the replay find Khan short. 50-run stand is broken immediately. 22 needed off 20 balls.

46.3Khan to Khan

FOUR! Streaky! Pakistan will take it. A full delivery landing on off and spinning away, Shadab presses forward to push it through but it takes the outside edge and runs wide of short third man for a boundary.

46.2Khan to Wasim

Spinning away from the batsman, it's on the shorter side, Wasim stays back and steers it through point for a run.

46.1Khan to Wasim

Quicker and fuller on off, Imad defends it to the off side.

45.7Naib to Wasim

Smart batting. Fuller and on off, Imad tries to drive but it takes the inside edge and hits him on the pads. It deflects towards extra cover and they cross. 28 needed off 24 balls and this over has made Pakistan the favourites again.

45.6Naib to Wasim

Wide! 29 needed off 25 balls. The crowd is going mad. Fullish and angling down the leg side, Imad tries to flick but misses.

45.5Naib to Wasim

FOUR! Another boundary, make it 16 from the over. Imad has unleashed here. Poor bowling by the skipper. Keeps bowling short and wide outside off and Wasim whacks it through point.

45.4Naib to Wasim

FOUR! Edgy! Luck is going Pakistan's way. Width on offer outside off, Wasim throws his bat at it and edges it wide of short third man for a boundary. 12 from the over, so far.

45.3Naib to Wasim

Whips this delivery through wide mid on for a couple of runs.

45.2Naib to Wasim

In the air... Afghan misjudges it! A length delivery outside off, Imad miscues his shot in the air at extra cover. Afghan runs back from the circle but misjudges it as the ball drops wide of him. A couple taken.

45.1Naib to Wasim

FOUR! Thumped! Full toss outside off, Wasim shuffles across the stumps, fetches it from there and swings it across the line. It hurries in front of square leg and finds the fence after beating the dive from the deep fielder.

44.6Shinwari to Wasim

Yes he ends it well. Floated on off, Imad comes down the track and milks it to long off and keeps the strike. 46 needed off the last 5 overs now.

44.5Shinwari to Khan

On the pads, Shadab flicks it to the on side and gets a single. Just a run off the 5 balls so far. Can he end it well?

44.4Shinwari to Khan

Floated on off, Shadab drives it but finds mid off.

44.3Shinwari to Khan

Tossed up around off, Shadab strokes it to the man at point.

44.2Shinwari to Khan

Floated on off, Shadab blocks it off the front foot.

44.1Shinwari to Khan

IN THE AIR...JUST SHORT. Leg spinner on middle, Shadab looks to flick but gets a leading edge. Shinwari dives in front but the ball falls agonizingly short of him. Shinwari was inches away from getting a wicket there.

43.6Khan to Wasim

Floated on off, Imad strokes it wide of long on and gets a couple.

43.5Khan to Khan

On the pads, Shadab looks to flick but the ball goes off his thigh pad towards short fine leg and they take a leg bye.

43.4Khan to Wasim

On the pads, Imad glances it to mid-wicket for a single.

43.3Khan to Khan

Tossed up on middle, Shadab strokes it to long on for a single.

43.2Khan to Khan

Flighted outside off, Khan looks to drive but misses.

43.1Khan to Wasim

Shorter on off, Imad guides it down to third man and gets a single.

42.6Rahman to Wasim

On the pads, Imad flicks it to square leg for a single.

42.5Rahman to Wasim

Short around off, Imad late cuts it. Afghan runs after it from short third man and pulls it back before the ropes. He saves two for his side.

42.4Rahman to Khan

On the pads, Shadab flicks it to square leg and gets a couple.

42.3Rahman to Khan

Straighter one on middle and leg, Shadab defends it back to the bowler.