AFG 152 (32.4ov)
SL 201 (36.5ov)

Sri Lanka beat Afghanistan by 34 runs (D/L method)

MOM: Nuwan Pradeep

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  • SL
  • AFG
  • 32.4LMalinga to HHassan

    OUT! TIMBER! Perfect yorker and SRI LANKA WIN BY 34 RUNS (DLS METHOD)! Toe-crusher from Lasith Malinga. Bowls a yorker on middle, Hassan looks to dig it out but misses it and gets bowled. You can hear the sound of the death rattle.
  • 32.3LMalinga to HHassan

    SIX! Powerful shot. Full on leg, Hassan lofts it cleanly over long on for a biggie.
  • 31.7IUdana to NZadran

    OUT! A run out ends Najibullah's fighting innings. A bit unfortunate for him too. Full and outside off, Zadran drives it towards mid off and sets off for a single. Dimuth Karunaratne fields it at that position and has a shy at the bowler's end. Najibullah has to run around the bowler and hence loses a big chunk of time. It is a direct hit and Zadran is well short!
  • 31.2IUdana to NZadran

    FOUR! Up and over! Short and outside off, Najibullah backs away and slaps it over cover. Nearly goes all the way!
  • 30.5LMalinga to DZadran

    OUT! BOWLED! A Malinga special. Yorker, you miss, he hits. Dawlat makes room and looks to dig it out but misses it and gets bowled. Beautiful bowling from Malinga. Sri Lanka are two wickets away from winning the match.
  • 30.1LMalinga to DZadran

    WIDE! Bowls a slower ball down the leg side, Dawlat looks to flick but misses it.
  • 26.4NPradeep to DZadran

    MISFIELD, FOUR! Fielding in shambles. You stop, I stop, ahhh... the ball goes through. Full and around off, Dawlat drives this down the ground. First, Pradeep tries to stop it by getting down to his right. Misses. Second, Lasith Malinga gets across from mid on and slides but misses. Angelo Mathews then gets across from mid off and cannot stop it either! He gets up, runs after the ball, gets to it but takes it along with him into the ropes!
  • 26.1NPradeep to RKhan

    OUT! BOWLED! Is that the second-last nail in the coffin? Pradeep has turned it around for the Lankans. This is pure fast bowling. On a length, around off, Rashid looks to defend but the ball jags back in, takes the front pad and then hits the stumps! 64 more needed from 89 balls.
  • 24.6NPradeep to GNaib

    OUT! LBW! Massive moment in the game and the well-strung partnership has been cut short. On a length outside off, Naib stays back to defend but the ball pitches and then shoots through. The skipper is hit on the pads and up goes Pradeep in an appeal. Umpire Wilson thinks for a while and then raises his finger! Naib almost immediately takes it upstairs but Hawk Eye shows the ball to be clipping the outer half of leg stump, which means, the umpire's call will stay! Naib has to walk off. Afghanistan do not lose a review but they are back in a spot of bother. 66 more needed from 97 balls.
  • 24.4NPradeep to GNaib

    FIVE WIDES! Oh dear... that is a monster. Banged in the middle of the deck, shoots upward and goes well above everyone. Poor Kusal Perera has no chance even with a leap.

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