AFG 288 (50.0ov)
WI 311/6 (50.0ov)

West Indies beat Afghanistan by 23 runs

MOM: Shai Hope

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  • WI
  • AFG
  • 49.6OThomas to SShirzad

    OUT! What a catch to end the game! That is a screamer! Fabien Allen, he is a good fielder but this is something extraordinary. It is outside off, Shirzad looks to hit it over the off side but it goes off the toe-end. Loops towards Allen at cover-point, who runs back, dives by stretching his left hand out and takes a one-handed stunner. He is elated and so are the West Indian players. They end the World Cup with a win by beating AFGHANISTAN BY 23 RUNS!
  • 49.5OThomas to SShirzad

    SIX! This guy can hit the ball really well! Oshane goes full and on off, Shirzad smashes it over the long off fence for a biggie.
  • 49.3OThomas to SShirzad

    FOUR! Another boundary for Shirzad! A full toss outside off, he gets bat on ball, clears the in-field and it races away to the fence.
  • 47.4OThomas to UrRahman

    FOUR! Beats the fielder inside the circle and bags a boundary! Mujeeb joins the action. Fuller and on middle, Mujeeb hits it past the diving mid on fielder and a boundary results.
  • 46.5CBrathwaite to SShirzad

    SIX! In the air... but over this time! Good shot, this! A low full toss on middle, Shirzad gets low and lofts it over the long on fence for a biggie. He also wants to present a fight.
  • 46.3CBrathwaite to RKhan

    OUT! Once again the Brathwaite-Holder partnership combines to hunt down a wicket. West Indies are a wicket away now. CB goes fuller and around off, Rashid hits it flat towards long off. It is hit well but does not get the distance as Holder takes another good catch near the fence. Fourth wicket for CB!
  • 45.6OThomas to SShirzad

    FOUR! Wow, Shirzad opens his account with a delightful boundary. Very full in length around leg, Shirzad gets behind it and bludgeons it down to long on for a boundary.
  • 44.9CBrathwaite to DZadran

    OUT! Sheldon redeems himself this time! This is a very good catch by him. Not sure why Zadran went for that shot though! He needed to hang out there with Rashid but fails to do so. Brathwaite bowls this fuller and on middle, Zadran looks to go big. He does not get the desired elevation and hits it flat towards wide long on. Cottrell runs to his right and takes a tumbling catch. So 11 runs did come off the over but two wickets from it. 57 in 30 needed with only two wickets in hand.
  • 44.7CBrathwaite to RKhan

    SIX! Bowls one inside the tramline and Rashid tonks it over the fence. Khan ain't going down without a fight. Slower one and it is fuller in length. Rashid waits for it and lofts it over the long off fence.
  • 44.6CBrathwaite to RKhan

    Three wides in a row! Brathwaite is looking to stay away from Rashid's hitting zone but is bowling it too wide outside off.

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