ENG 285 (49.3ov)
AUS 297/9 (50.0ov)

Australia beat England by 12 runs

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  • So that is it from this game! Warm up games don't end here as we have two for you on the 26th of May. Pakistan are taking on Bangladesh in Cardiff. The other game sees West Indies take on South Africa in Bristol. Both the games begin at 1030 local (0930 GMT). Till then take care and goodbye!
  • Australian skipper, Aaron Finch, says their fielding was sloppy but overall, how they batted and bowled really good. Credits the way Steven Smith played. States they had their plans with the ball and it came off. Reckons the wicket got slower and Lyon bowled brilliantly. Further adds overall it was a good day and he is pleased with how they played. Tells Jason Behrendorff was brilliant with the new ball, he can bring it back in to the right-handers and when it does not swing he can challenge the outside edge which is very good. Ends by saying they were losing wickets at regular intervals and that is something they have to work on.
  • England skipper, Jos Buttler, says the bowlers were good, good to see Plunkett taking wickets. Mentions he is disappointed he did not win it but feels despite the injuries they are in good shape. States their waiting for results on Wood's injury. Credits the way Smith played on a tough track.
  • James Vince who is up for an interview says he is disappointed to not get over the line. Reckons the wicket was two paced and it was not coming onto the bat nicely. Credits the way Buttler played and mentions he took all the pressure off. Appreciates the efforts from the bowlers, he feels the total should have been chased but they lacked partnerships. Ends by saying there are a few injury worries but he hopes they are fine.
  • The Australian bowling was really nice! You know you have done a good job if you defend a target below 300 against this England batting line-up. Everybody had a wicket at least to their name but Lyon was the pick as he not only was economical but also took a wicket.
  • After Smith's magnificent ton, Australia put up a competitive total on the board on a tricky wicket and England did not get off to the best possible starts. They lost Bairstow early and Roy too did not make an impact. Vince however, held one end up and stroked a well crafted fifty. However, it was Jos Buttler's innings which put England on top again. Once he fell though, the English batters never got going. Vince too departed and then Australia not only managed to choke the runs but also took wickets regularly due to which the task was too much for England.
  • What an outstanding game! We mentioned, it is a clash between two favourites of the tournament and it lived up to that expectation. Yes, it was only a warm up game but don't think any team played it as such.
  • 49.3MStoinis to JArcher

    RUN OUT! That is the end of the game! AUSTRALIA WIN BY 12 RUNS! A short ball on middle, Archer mistimes his pull towards deep mid-wicket. They take one, go for the second. Maxwell runs in, picks the ball up and fires it to the keeper who whips the bails off. Archer is well short. Customary handshakes taking place.
  • 49.2MStoinis to ARashid

    Direct hit and it would have been all over! Short and on middle, Rashid looks to pull but gets an underedge towards the keeper. He goes for a run. Archer has to go for it. He gives up but luckily for him, Carey misses his shy at this end. 14 needed in 4. Need a biggie now do England.
  • Jofra Archer is the last man in for England.
  • 49.1MStoinis to LPlunkett

    OUT! That has been crunched but straight to Maxwell! Plunkett, probably England's last hope, is walking back. He comes down the track and smashes this short ball but does not get the desired elevation. He holes out to deep mid-wicket where Maxwell takes it. 15 in 5.
  • 48.6KRichardson to ARashid

    They get a couple courtesy a misfield! 15 needed in the last over. Slower one again and it is outside off, Rashid slaps it towards Smith. He lets it through and concedes an extra run.
  • 48.5KRichardson to ARashid

    In the air... but safe and two taken! Full and it is the slower one again. It is lofted towards mid-wicket for a couple. 17 needed from 7. They need to go big on the next ball.
  • 48.4KRichardson to ARashid

    Just the two runs from the four balls! Excellent deceptive bowling from Kane. Slower one and the length is perfect outside off, Rashid swings but misses.
  • 48.3KRichardson to ARashid

    Now a dot! The game seems to be slipping away from England. Rashid looks to paddle but Richardson bowls it outside off, he then looks to guide it down to third man. Misses.
  • 48.2KRichardson to LPlunkett

    Two balls two singles! Perfect start for Richardson. Short and on the body, Plunkett pulls it towards deep square leg for one.
  • 48.1KRichardson to ARashid

    Just a single to begin with! Slower one and outside off, Rashid hits it towards sweeper cover and takes one.
  • 47.6MStoinis to ARashid

    Very full and on middle, Rashid hits it down to long on but only for a run. Singles won't hurt Australia at the moment. What an over from Stoinis. He only concedes 3 runs and also got Woakes run out. 21 needed in the last two overs.
  • 47.5MStoinis to ARashid

    Another dot! This is brilliant from Stoinis, changing his length continuously. He goes short this time. Rashid looks to upper cut but misses. 22 in 13 now.
  • 47.4MStoinis to LPlunkett

    Only a run again! Full and on off, Plunkett hits it hard towards mid off for a single.
  • 47.3MStoinis to LPlunkett

    A yorker on middle, it is jammed out towards the bowler. Top bowling by Stoinis. Just the run from the first three balls.
  • Adil Rashid comes in next.
  • 47.2MStoinis to LPlunkett

    OUT! Woakes is short and Australia can continue celebrating. Big wicket this. Plunkett looks to paddle but misses to get hit near the box. The ball rolls back towards the bowler. Woakes is off for a run but has to turn back. Stoinis picks the ball up and hits bull's eye at the non-striker's end. An appeal and the umpire takes it upstairs. One replay was enough to see Woakes has to take the long walk back. Game once again in the favor of Australia.
  • A direct hit and is Woakes short? Australia do feel so. This is a big moment in the game.
  • 47.1MStoinis to CWoakes

    Just a single! Full and on off, Woakes creams it but straight to sweeper cover.
  • Stoinis comes in to bowl.
  • 46.6KRichardson to LPlunkett

    Slower one and it is outside off, Plunkett looks to drag his pull but misses. A dot to end. 24 needed from 3. 8 is the runs needed per over.
  • 46.5KRichardson to LPlunkett

    Now a couple! This is on the pads, Plunkett works it towards mid-wicket. He mistimes it and that helps them take two. 24 needed in 19.
  • 46.4KRichardson to LPlunkett

    FOUR! Thumped! Takes the pressure off! Slower ball and LP was waiting for it. He smashes it through wide long on and bags a boundary.
  • 46.3KRichardson to LPlunkett

    Three top class slower ones! Again runs his fingers down the ball and bangs it short outside off, Plunkett looks to pull but misses.
  • 46.2KRichardson to CWoakes

    Another brilliant slower one on middle, Woakes is once again early in the shot. This time he gets bat to ball and it rolls through covers for one.
  • 46.1KRichardson to CWoakes

    Completely deceived! Slower one outside off, Woakes looks to go over covers but is way too early in the shot and gets beaten. Dot to begin, gold dust at this stage.
  • 45.6NLyon to CWoakes

    A single to end! Woakes dances down the track and looks to flick but gets a soft leading edge down to long off for a run. 31 needed in 24.
  • 45.5NLyon to CWoakes

    A dot now! Short and outside off, Woakes looks to cut but misses.
  • 45.4NLyon to CWoakes

    A couple now! Short and outside off, Woakes makes room and slaps it past point for a brace.
  • 45.3NLyon to LPlunkett

    Smartly eases it down to long on and gives the strike to Woakes.
  • 45.2NLyon to LPlunkett

    Uses his feet and looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pads.
  • 45.1NLyon to CWoakes

    Worked with the turn down to long on for a single.
  • 44.6KRichardson to LPlunkett

    FOUR! Lovely deft touch! Once again all the pressure is released. Length ball outside off, this is guided down to third man. Plunkett gets it very fine and it races away to the fence. 36 in 30.
  • 44.5KRichardson to LPlunkett

    In the air... but just over! Full and on off, this is lofted over covers for a brace.
  • 44.4KRichardson to LPlunkett

    Another dot! Short and outside off, this is slapped to covers.
  • 44.3KRichardson to CWoakes

    On the shorter side, this is slapped through covers for only a single.
  • 44.2KRichardson to CWoakes

    Slower one and very full on middle, Woakes jams it out back to the bowler.
  • 44.1KRichardson to CWoakes

    Length and it is angled into the batsman. Woakes works it to mid-wicket.
  • 43.6MStoinis to LPlunkett

    Length ball on off, defended off the back foot. England need 43 more to win.

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