AUS 223 (49.0ov)
ENG 226/2 (32.1ov)

England beat Australia by 8 wickets

MOM: Chris Woakes

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  • AUS
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  • 32.1JBehrendorff to EMorgan

    FOUR! That's it! England go to the finals for the first time since 1992. Good length ball on off, Morgan flat-bats it over mid on for a boundary. The crowd erupt in joy. The ODI skipper and Test skipper have a hug and smile in the middle. The English fans are delighted. The defending champions are out and we will have a new champion. ENGLAND WIN BY 8 WICKETS.
  • 31.2MStarc to JoeRoot

    FOUR! Just used the pace of the ball. Good length ball on off, Root drives it through covers and gets a boundary. Moves to 48 and now England just a boundary away from sealing their place in the Final.
  • 30.5JBehrendorff to JoeRoot

    FOUR! Too good! Bouncer on middle, Root pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary. Just 9 needed now. The 1992 inspired kit is taking this England team to the finals for the first time since 1992.
  • 30.2JBehrendorff to JoeRoot

    WIDE! Behrendorff misses his line with the slower one. It is down the leg side. Wide signalled.
  • 29.5NLyon to JoeRoot

    FOUR! Tossed up on middle, Root reverse sweeps it through point for a boundary.
  • 29.2NLyon to EMorgan

    FOUR! Short and wide outside off, Morgan lofts his punch over extra cover for a boundary. There was a shout for catch it but don't know for whom.
  • 27.4NLyon to EMorgan

    FOUR! Cut and cut hard this time. Short around off, Morgan gets on his back foot and cuts it through cover-point for a boundary.
  • 27.3NLyon to EMorgan

    FOUR! Darted on the pads, Morgan premeditates his sweep and hits it fine down the leg side. The fielder is up inside the circle there. He gives it a chase but cannot stop it.
  • 26.5JBehrendorff to EMorgan

    FOUR! Morgan standing tall and facing the short balls with authority now. Short ball on off, Morgan pulls it with control through square leg for a boundary.
  • 25.5NLyon to EMorgan

    FOUR! Up and over with sheer control. Floated on off, Morgan connects his reverse sweep over point for a boundary.

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