ENG 374, 146 (52.3ov)
AUS 284, 487/7 (112.0ov)

Australia beat England by 251 runs

MOM: Steve Smith

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  • 52.3PatCummins to CWoakes

    OUT! Caught! That is it! Woakes' lone battle comes to an end! Cummins bangs one short, Woakes looks to leave but the ball is close to the body and he ends up playing it late. The ball lobs off the upper half of his bat towards second slip. Fittingly, the last catch is taken by Steve Smith! Australia win the first Ashes Test by 251 runs.
  • 51.6NLyon to JAnderson

    EDGED AND FOUR! Flighted on off, James looks to defend but the ball takes the fat outside edge of the bat and runs wide of first slip and to the third man fence for a boundary.
  • 50.5PSiddle to CWoakes

    DROPPED AND FOUR! Good length ball outside off, Woakes goes chasing after it. It takes the outside edge and goes to second slip. Smith, who has not put a foot wrong in this game, manages to make one error and drops the catch. The ball goes through him for a boundary.
  • 47.4NLyon to SBroad

    OUT! Caught at slip! A golden duck for Broad. Two wickets in two balls for Lyon. He has 6 now. Another left-hander falls prey to him. He floats it on off and gets this one to turn away too. Broad plays the original trajectory. The ball kisses the outside edge and this time Smith at first slip takes it. Australia a wicket away now and Lyon is on a hat-trick.
  • 47.3NLyon to MAli

    OUT! TAKEN! Any guesses who gets Moeen Ali? It can't be that difficult for you to guess. I'll give you an hint, he has dismissed Moeen Ali 8 times in Tests before this one. Nathan Lyon it is. His fifth wicket. His 15th in Tests. It was him who Australia were going to rely on today and he delivers. Lyon tosses it up on middle, it pitches and turns away. Moeen Ali does not account for the turn. An outside edge which goes straight to Warner at second slip.
  • 42.6JPattinson to CWoakes

    FOUR! Poor delivery from James Pattinson. Bowls short and wide outside off, Woakes cuts it hard through point for a boundary. 12 runs have come from the over.
  • 42.4JPattinson to CWoakes

    FOUR! Consecutive boundaries for Chris Woakes. This is Chris Woakes' fifth boundary. Full on middle, Woakes flicks it through mid-wicket for a boundary. This is excellent batting from him.
  • 42.3JPattinson to CWoakes

    FOUR! Cracking shot! Short of a length delivery, Woakes pulls it hard through mid-wicket for a boundary. The timing was so good on that.
  • 40.2JPattinson to CWoakes

    FOUR! On the fourth stump line, Woakes leans forward and drives it past the gully and the ball races to fence.
  • 38.2PatCummins to CWoakes

    FOUR LEG BYES! Cummins bowls this fast but on the pads, Woakes looks to flick but the ball clips his thigh pad and goes fine down the leg side to the fence.

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