ENG 258, 258/5 (71.0ov)
AUS 250, 154/6 (47.3ov)

England drew with Australia

MOM: Ben Stokes

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  • 47.3JLeach to PatCummins

    Full and around off, Cummins lunges to smother the spin.
  • 47.2JLeach to PatCummins

    Around off, watchfully blocked out.
  • 47.1JLeach to PatCummins

    Full and around off, watchfully defended past short leg.
  • 46.6JoeDenly to THead

    Fullish ball on off, Head drives it firmly through covers. The ball was going towards the fence but no one runs. Why would Head not take a single? As fate would have it, the ball stops near the ropes as Broad hares after it. That means Cummins would face the next over. Poor thinking from Head.
  • 46.5JoeDenly to THead

    Another fullish ball from Leach which doesn't land on the rough. Head blunts it nicely.
  • 46.4JoeDenly to THead

    Another fullish ball outside off, Head punches it towards mid off to get a couple.
  • 46.3JoeDenly to THead

    Blocks it from the crease to this fullish ball.
  • 46.2JoeDenly to THead

    Beaten this time! Fullish ball on fourth stump line. Head has a poke at it but is beaten.
  • 46.1JoeDenly to THead

    Fullish ball on off, Head drives it straight to cover.
  • 45.6JLeach to PatCummins

    Full and around off, watchfully defended.
  • 45.5JoeDenly to PatCummins

    The batsman has offered no stroke to an incoming delivery.
  • 45.4JoeDenly to PatCummins

    NOT OUT. Missing off. Review in excitement and desperation. Pitched around leg, from over the wicket, Cummins pads it away. He is hit on the pads and Root appeals, then going for the review. Ball Tracker confirms that it was spinning away.
  • 45.3JoeDenly to PatCummins

    Outside off, left alone.
  • 45.2JoeDenly to PatCummins

    Full and around off, watchfully defended.
  • 45.1JoeDenly to PatCummins

    WAS THAT A CATCH? Probably. Full and outside off, Cummins comes forward to drive and almost spoons a catch to Rory Burns at silly point. Burns dives but cannot hang on!
  • 44.6JoeDenly to THead

    Head blocks this well again to see off the over off.
  • 44.5JoeDenly to THead

    Fuller one on off again, Head pushes this to the cover fielder again.
  • 44.4JoeDenly to THead

    Good shot but straight to the fielder. Fullish on off, timed it straight to the cover fielder.
  • 44.3JoeDenly to THead

    Fullish one this time, taps it to the slip fielder.
  • 44.2JoeDenly to THead

    Blocks this fullish ball from the crease.
  • 44.1JoeDenly to THead

    Starts with one outside off on a fullish length which lands on the rough, Head looks play at it but is hit on the pads.
  • 43.6JLeach to PatCummins

    Fuller this time, Cummins blocks it well to see off the over. 4 more overs to go.
  • 43.5JLeach to PatCummins

    Another good length ball to which Cummins blocks off his front foot.
  • 43.4JLeach to PatCummins

    Left that ball outside off.
  • 43.3JLeach to PatCummins

    Lunges and blocks this by coming forward.
  • 43.2JLeach to PatCummins

    Good length ball outside off, Cummins pushes this one towards gully.
  • 43.1JLeach to PatCummins

    Fullish one on the middle from Leach, Cummins blocks it well.
  • 42.6JArcher to THead

    Another bumper on the hips from Archer. Head looks to work it down the leg side but is hit on the hands.
  • 42.5JArcher to THead

    Another back of length ball on middle and leg, Head pushed towards the fine leg fielder.
  • 42.4JArcher to THead

    What was that. Shortish one outside off, Head looked to sway away at first but eventually played at it to get beaten.
  • 42.3JArcher to THead

    Another bouncer! What a spell this is from Archer. This is on middle and off, Head leaps in the air to block this one to the point fielder.
  • 42.2JArcher to PatCummins

    In the air... just short! A length ball down the leg side, Cummins nudges it towards leg gully. Ben Stokes comes charging in but the ball lands in front of him. He is unable to stop it but has the presence of mind to duck as he understands that the batsmen are going for the single. Bairstow quickly gets across and has a shy at the striker's end but misses. Head was well in.
  • 42.1JArcher to PatCummins

    A short ball, outside off, Cummins sways away.
  • 41.6JLeach to THead

    Beaten! Gets this one to land on rough and beat the outside edge of the left-hander. Kept slightly low as well. Buttler removed the bails but Head never went out.
  • 41.5JLeach to THead

    Good length on middle and kept slightly low. Head did well to block.
  • 41.4JLeach to THead

    Fuller on off again as Head lunges to block.
  • 41.3JLeach to THead

    The batsman has defended it by getting right behind the line of the delivery.
  • 41.2JLeach to THead

    FOUR! Another fullish ball on off, Head leans into the shot and drives this beautifully. The ball races through the mid off for a boundary.
  • 41.1JLeach to THead

    Fuller ball on off, Head blocks it off his front foot.
  • 40.6JArcher to TimPaine

    OUT! Caught! Is that a bird? Is that a plane? Is that Superman? No! It is Joe Denly. Take a bow. Plenty of drama left in this game. England 4 wickets away from levelling the series now. A short ball, outside off, Paine looks to pull but Joe Denly throws himself to his left, sticks out his hand and voila! It sticks! The entire English team is mobbing Denly who has probably made one of the biggest contributions of the match. That is a tough catch at this time of the night. Or evening, shall we say. Paine walks back shaking his head. 42 balls left. 4 wickets needed for England. 1-1 is coming...
  • 40.5JArcher to TimPaine

    Outside off, very full, good thinking from Jofra, Tim drives it towards cover.
  • 40.4JArcher to TimPaine

    Another short ball, this is around his nose, the skipper rises and fends it down in front of short leg.
  • 40.3JArcher to TimPaine

    FOUR BYES! Too high for everyone. A short ball, around off, Paine leaps with the bounce and the ball goes well over him and his counterpart behind. Bairstow leaps but to no avail. The ball races to the fine leg fence.
  • 40.2JArcher to THead

    Down the leg side, tickled towards fine leg for a single.
  • 40.1JArcher to THead

    Full and around middle, flicked straight to short mid-wicket.

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