ENG 67, 362/9 (125.4ov)
AUS 179, 246 (75.2ov)

England beat Australia by 1 wicket

MOM: Ben Stokes

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  • 125.4PatCummins to BenStokes

    FOUR! ENGLAND WIN BY 1 WICKET! The series is alive. 1-1 and kicking. Stokes roars. And then sinks to his knees. Emotions ebbing and flowing. Short and wide outside off, Stokes crunches the cut past short cover and the ball goes through! History is made - This is the first time in 130 years that a team has won a Test match after getting shot out for less than 70 in the first innings.
  • 125.3PatCummins to JLeach

    SCORES LEVEL! England cannot lose now! Jack Leach gets off the mark with 2 needed. Calmly tucks a length ball behind short leg and scampers through!
  • 125.2PatCummins to JLeach

    A length ball, around middle and leg, nudged past leg gully, but there is short fine leg in place as well.
  • 125.1PatCummins to JLeach

    A bouncer, outside leg, Leach ducks.
  • 124.6NLyon to BenStokes

    SHOUT FOR AN LBW! Not given. It looks very close to the naked eye but Australia don't have any DRS left. Tossed up ball landing around leg, Stokes tries to sweep but misses and is pinged on the front pad. They put in an unsuccessful appeal. The replays later on show that the ball straightened after pitching and was going to hit the leg stump. Another controversial decision. 2 needed more for England to level things up in the series!
  • 124.5NLyon to BenStokes

    RUN OUT CHANCE MISSED! What have you done Lyon??? It was an easy opportunity but he has made a complete mess. A flatter full ball outside off, Stokes nails his reverse sweep but it goes straight to short third man. Stokes steps down the track looking for a run initially but then sends Leach back. The throw comes to the bowler but Lyon fails to collect it cleanly and Leach makes it safely. He would have been a goner had Nathan collected it. Pressure! It gets to everyone, doesn't matter how experienced you are!
  • 124.4NLyon to BenStokes

    Shorter and on off, Stokes cuts it from the back foot but finds the point fielder.
  • 124.3NLyon to BenStokes

    SIX! Just over long off! Did he get his hands on it? Phew, that was really close. Loopy delivery, full and outside off, Stokes decides to go big downtown and towers it over the bowler's head. Labuschagne moves across to his left from long off, attempts to catch it with a jump but it goes over him. 2 needed more!
  • 124.2NLyon to BenStokes

    Short again, outside off, Stokes moves back and cuts it through point. Another run declined.
  • 124.1NLyon to BenStokes

    Short in length and outside off, Stokes goes back and punches it to deep cover. Denies the single as has been the case early in the over.
  • 123.6PatCummins to JLeach

    PITCHING OUTSIDE LEG! Cummins hurls in a very full ball as the follow-up delivery to the bouncer. Leach is beaten for pace and it goes off his pads to leg gully. They put in an appeal and then take the DRS after the umpire turns it down. The replays roll in and the first frame itself confirms everything. 8 needed more.
  • 123.5PatCummins to JLeach

    A bouncer around leg, Leach ducks at the last moment.
  • 123.4PatCummins to BenStokes

    Length ball outside off, Stokes taps it down to mid off and decides to take a run. Two balls this time to negotiate for Leach. Has Stokes miscalculated?
  • 123.3PatCummins to BenStokes

    FOUR! Smashed off the back foot! Runs needed now in single digits. Back of a length ball on middle, Stokes hangs on the back foot and packs a punch past the bowler. The long on fielder comes around and tries to cut it off with a dive but fails.
  • 123.2PatCummins to BenStokes

    FOUR! Cummins gets full and Stokes decides to slog it across the line. Middles it nicely and it beats the desperate dive near the mid-wicket fence from Warner. The crowd cheers!
  • 123.1PatCummins to BenStokes

    DROPPED BY HARRIS! Massive moment in this Test match! Width on offer outside off, Stokes goes hard at it and throws his bat. It flies off the top edge and Harris moves forward and across from third man. He then goes down low to collect the catch but it spills out of his hands. Heart in mouth stuff!
  • 122.6NLyon to JLeach

    Fires it in on middle and off at 56.9 mph, Leach draws forward and blocks it solidly back to the bowler. Jack must be praised for hanging in there!
  • 122.5NLyon to BenStokes

    Short in length and outside off, Stokes goes on the back foot and cuts it through cover-point for one.
  • 122.4NLyon to BenStokes

    Hangs on the back foot and punches it to covers.
  • 122.3NLyon to BenStokes

    Misses again! Tossed up ball around off, Stokes initially looks for the paddle sweep but then tries to spoon it over first slip. Manages neither and gets beaten.
  • 122.2NLyon to BenStokes

    Whoa! Some extra spin and bounce. This one lands on the footmarks outside off and spins away. Stokes tries to drive but misses. Warner collects it at first slip.
  • 122.1NLyon to BenStokes

    Appeal for a caught behind! Flighted and full outside off, Stokes tries to play the reverse sweep but fails to connect. Paine collects the ball, appeals but nothing from the umpire. No DRS taken after Paine consulted with Lyon.
  • 121.6JHazlewood to JLeach

    Fullish delivery and it's down the leg side, Leach tries flicking but misses. 19 from the over and England can smell victory here.
  • 121.5JHazlewood to BenStokes

    18 needed more! Width on offer outside off, Stokes plays it with soft hands again, it's towards point and Stokes collects a run. Once again Leach has one ball to see off.
  • 121.4JHazlewood to BenStokes

    Soft hands this time. Gently steers it through point and scampers back for the second run. Ben has planned this chase amazingly well. Taking calculative risks and then smartly rotating the strike.
  • 121.3JHazlewood to BenStokes

    SIX! Ben Stokes has turned it on! Yet another biggie and this one brings up the 50-run stand! Josh has served it short and close to off, Stokes is into top gear, just swivels and powers it over mid-wicket. Two fielders converge but it sails over them.
  • 121.2JHazlewood to BenStokes

    SIX! Into the crowd! A low full toss around leg, Stokes goes down on one knee and slogs it across the line. It flies in the air and goes all the way over square leg. Seemed like a mishit but it has still travelled the distance.
  • 121.1JHazlewood to BenStokes

    FOUR! 8TH TEST HUNDRED FOR BEN STOKES! Outstanding effort from the Big Ben. He has single-handedly kept the Ashes hopes alive for England. Headingley is on its feet. Ben ain't celebration, he knows that there is still some job left to do. A shortish ball on middle, angling in, Stokes hangs back and muscles his pull to the deep mid-wicket fence.
  • 120.6PatCummins to JLeach

    Shortish and on off, angling in, Leach gets across and taps it down towards mid on. Once again Leach has seen off the final ball safely!
  • 120.5PatCummins to BenStokes

    Played to the point region by the batsman. They pick up a single. One ball to survive for Jack Leach.
  • 120.4PatCummins to BenStokes

    TWO RUNS AGAIN! Back of a length ball around middle and leg, Stokes nudges it behind square leg and attempts for the second run. He slips while turning for the second run and then nearly runs into his partner while going at the striker's end. Luckily for England, the throw is at the wrong end, i.e. the bowler's end and there is no harm done.
  • 120.3PatCummins to BenStokes

    SIX! A batsman of this calibre won't miss every time. Cummins sticks to angling a length ball into the batsman and Stokes moves across his stumps to once again attempt for the paddle scoop. This time it finds the sweet spot of his willow and flies all the way over fine leg. 40 needed more.
  • 120.2PatCummins to BenStokes

    Play and a miss this time! Back of a length ball angling into the batsman from around middle, Stokes shuffles across the stumps to execute the paddle scoop but misses.
  • 120.1PatCummins to BenStokes

    Cummins begins his new spell by angling in a full ball on off, Stokes closes the face of his bat gently and eases it in front of square leg. Excellent running between the wicket to take two runs.
  • 119.6JPattinson to JLeach

    More cheers from the crowd! Leach has played out 4 balls in this over. Not that he is a mug with the bat anyways. A length ball outside off, Jack steers this watchfully towards point, with absolute composure!
  • 119.5JPattinson to JLeach

    Full and around off, solidly defended. The crowd cheers.
  • 119.4JPattinson to JLeach

    Outside off, on a length, guided straight to backward point.
  • 119.3JPattinson to JLeach

    A length ball outside off, Leach looks to fend but gets hit on the glove. The ball dies in front of the slip cordon.
  • 119.2JPattinson to BenStokes

    A low full toss outside off, Ben reaches out and drives it wide of long off. Stokes wants the second but it is not there. Is sent back.
  • 119.1JPattinson to BenStokes

    On the knee. A length ball outside off, Stokes swings hard but gets a thick inside edge onto his right knee. Ben just clasps his knee a touch. But he is smiling.
  • 118.6NLyon to BenStokes

    Risky run! Floated and outside off, Stokes walks forward and pushes it off the leading half of his bat to mid off. The fielder misses his shy at the bowler's end and they complete the single safely. 13 from the over and under 50 needed now by England. This is going right down to the wire.
  • 118.5NLyon to BenStokes

    SIX! Innovation at its best! Stokes must be credited for pulling off such a stroke at this stage. A tossed up ball landing full around off, Stokes gets into the position early for the reverse slog and nails it over cover-point for a biggie. The crowd goes wild!
  • 118.4NLyon to BenStokes

    Spinning away from around off, Stokes pushes inside the line and misses.
  • 118.3NLyon to BenStokes

    Floated and outside off, left alone by Ben.
  • 118.2NLyon to BenStokes

    Quicker and on middle, Stokes clobbers it across the line and it goes straight to wide long on.

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