ENG 301, 197 (91.3ov)
AUS 497/8, 186/6 (42.5ov)

Australia beat England by 185 runs

MOM: Steven Smith

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  • 91.3JHazlewood to COverton

    OUT! LBW! Three reds and Overton is a goner! Marvelous scenes out there as AUSTRALIA HAVE RETAINED THE ASHES! Overton's fighting innings comes to an end. It is Josh Hazlewood who gets the last wicket. A good nut. It lands on off and jags back in. Overton looks to defend but misses to get hit on the front pad. A huge appeal. It looked a touch high but up goes the finger. Overton has no choice but to review. He signals the 'T'. Time for the replays. Ultra Edge shows no bat. Time for the Ball Tracker and it shows the ball to be hitting the leg pole. Australia continue to celebrate. THEY WIN BY 185 RUNS AND LEAD THE SERIES 2-1!
  • 91.2JHazlewood to COverton

    A short one and on the body, Overton looks to duck again but the ball hits him on the body. That must have hurt but you need to brush it off and continue.
  • 91.1JHazlewood to COverton

    Good length and on middle, this is defended.
  • 90.6NLyon to SBroad

    Loopy ball on off, this one is pushed to covers. Both the balls are played out.
  • 90.5NLyon to SBroad

    Negotiates one! This is just outside off, it is left alone.
  • 90.4NLyon to COverton

    Very short! Overton works it down to fine leg. It is going towards the fence. The fielder from square leg jogs after it. The ball though stops near the fence. The batters take only one. Just the two balls to face for Broad.
  • 90.3NLyon to COverton

    Shorter and outside off, the batter goes back and works it to short leg.
  • 90.2NLyon to COverton

    On middle again, it is kept out.
  • 90.1NLyon to COverton

    On middle, this is worked to mid-wicket.
  • 89.6MLabuschagne to SBroad

    A full toss, may have caught Broad by surprise. He pushes it back to the bowler.
  • 89.5MLabuschagne to JLeach

    OUT! Catch it... gone! No. 9 is down. This should settle some nerves that was building in the Australian side. Leach's resistance comes to an end. Excellent bowling change by Paine. I had written it is a surprise to many but he has delivered by ending this frustrating stand. A masterstroke by the skipper. Once again, Labuschagne lands it in the rough outside off. It pitches and turns back in sharply. Leach looks to work it on the leg side but due to the extra bounce, it hits the handle and lobs towards Wade who takes it nicely at short leg. Australians are elated. One wicket away now and 91 balls to go.
  • 89.4MLabuschagne to JLeach

    Another tossed up ball outside off, Leach keeps it out.
  • 89.3MLabuschagne to JLeach

    Shorter and quicker and on the pads. JL looks to flick but misses to get hit on the pads.
  • 89.2MLabuschagne to JLeach

    Lands it in the rough outside off, this one turns back in sharply. Leach looks to defend but gets an inside edge onto the pads.
  • 89.1MLabuschagne to JLeach

    A leg spinner on middle, Leach looks to flick but it goes off the pads towards short leg. A muted appeal but nothing from the umpire.
  • 88.6MStarc to COverton

    A shorter one on middle, Overton keeps it out nicely.
  • 88.5MStarc to COverton

    Nicely played! This is shorter and around off, it angles away. Overton initially looks to defend but then bails out.
  • 88.4MStarc to COverton

    Slightly fuller and outside off, the batter lets it be.
  • 88.3MStarc to COverton

    Another solid defense! Less than 100 balls left now. Shorter and on off, Overton keeps it out.
  • 88.2MStarc to COverton

    Attacks the stumps this time, Overton defends it onto the ground.
  • 88.1MStarc to COverton

    A short one on middle, Overton ducks under it.
  • 87.6NLyon to JLeach

    Slashes and misses! Not sure that shot is needed at the moment. This is shorter and outside off, it skids through. The batter looks to cut but is beaten.
  • 87.5NLyon to JLeach

    The batsman defends it from within the crease.
  • 87.4NLyon to JLeach

    Slower through the air this time on middle, Leach prods forward and keeps it out.
  • 87.3NLyon to JLeach

    A little fuller and on middle, Leach blocks it easily.
  • 87.2NLyon to JLeach

    Beauty! This is slightly shorter by Lyon and it is quicker. On middle, it pitches and turns away. Goes past the outside edge of Leach's bat.
  • 87.1NLyon to JLeach

    Loopy ball on off, the batter prods forward and keeps it out.
  • 86.7PatCummins to COverton

    Good length and on off, Overton manages to defend it nicely again.
  • 86.6PatCummins to COverton

    Back of a length and on middle, Craig defends it nicely onto the ground.
  • 86.5PatCummins to COverton

    One more bumper, Overton sits under it with ease.
  • 86.4PatCummins to COverton

    NO BALL! Goes fuller but he has overstepped! Maybe he is pushing too hard, for that extra mile. This is on a length and outside off, Overton looks to defend but is beaten.
  • 86.3PatCummins to COverton

    Third short ball in a row! Overton ducks under it for the second time in a row.
  • 86.2PatCummins to COverton

    One more short one, this time, Overton is ready as he ducks under it.
  • 86.1PatCummins to COverton

    That must have hurt! Overton needs to rub it off! Short and on the body, Craig looks to duck but is late in doing so. Overton gets hit on the arm. He takes his glove off.
  • 85.6NLyon to JLeach

    And Leach plays out the over! This is on the pads, Leach tries to defend but misses to get hit on the pads.
  • 85.5NLyon to JLeach

    5 balls done in this over too! On the stumps. Blocked.
  • 85.4NLyon to JLeach

    One more loud cheer as Leach blocks another delivery which is bowled on middle.
  • 85.3NLyon to JLeach

    Another tossed up delivery, Leach is solid in defense once again. A huge cheer as he does so.
  • 85.2NLyon to JLeach

    Slower through the air on off, it is kept out.
  • 85.1NLyon to JLeach

    A muted appeal but nothing from the umpire! This lands around leg, Leach looks to flick but misses to get on the pads.
  • 84.6PatCummins to COverton

    This is angled into the batter, Overton pushes it to mid on. Another over played out. 20 more left.
  • 84.5PatCummins to JLeach

    No! Goes short again and on the body, Leach pushes it towards mid on and takes one.
  • 84.4PatCummins to JLeach

    One more short one and it is ducked under again. Time for a yorker now?
  • 84.3PatCummins to JLeach

    One more short one, Leach ducks under it nicely. Cummins gives the batter the stare. That is probably a sign of the Australians getting a little frustrated.
  • 84.2PatCummins to JLeach

    Nasty ball but Leach fends it nicely! A sharp short one on the body, Leach looks to fend it away but takes his eyes off the ball. It hits the glove and then lobs onto the helmet. Falls safely on the off side. Leach takes a breather as he removes his helmet and then his glasses.

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