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AUS 132/7 (19.0ov)

Match Abandoned

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  • AUS
  • 18.7JBumrah to BenMcDermott

    EDGED, FOUR! Useful runs for Australia. Full and outside off, McDermott looks to back away and drive but the ball takes the outside edge and flies past the diving keeper to the third man fence! Bumrah finishes with excellent figures of 4-0-20-1!
  • 18.1JBumrah to ATye

    FIVE WIDES! A wild bouncer, Tye misses his pull and the ball flies over Pant to the fence behind.
  • 17.7KAhmed to BenMcDermott

    SIX! CLOBBERED! A short ball outside off, McDermott pulls this high into the evening sky, over mid-wicket! 19 from the over!
  • 17.6KAhmed to AndrewTye

    Another swing, this time, a miss. Pant fumbles and the batsmen take a bye.
  • 17.4KAhmed to ATye

    FOUR! EDGED AWAY THIS TIME! Little bit of luck for Australia. Full and outside off, Tye swings hard but gets an outside edge which goes past short third man!
  • 17.3KAhmed to ATye

    FOUR! Fine shot. On a length outside off, Tye backs away and punches it through mid off for a boundary!
  • 17.2KAhmed to ATye

    WIDE. A bouncer on middle, Tye looks to hook but misses. Pant leaps to collect.
  • 15.6BKumar to NCoulter-Nile

    15.6: B Kumar to N Coulter-Nile, OUT! Big wicket for India. NCN could have hurt them. No, this is not a joke. He has looked the most confident of ALL the batters so far. He came, he saw, he entertained but could not stay long. Short and outside off, a touch wide as well, Nathan smashes it well but again, the length of the ground consumes him. Straight to the substitute Manish Pandey at deep point.
  • 15.5BKumar to NCoulter-Nile

    15.5: B Kumar to N Coulter-Nile, SIX! BRUTAL! NCN is making a statement to his top order batters here. A short ball outside off, Coulter-Nile pulls it over mid-wicket for a biggie!
  • 14.4KPandya to NCoulter-Nile

    14.4: K Pandya to N Coulter-Nile, FOUR! In a trice, NCN has become the third highest run scorer of the innings. A short ball, Coulter-Nile punches it through mid-wicket for a boundary!

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