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AUS 164/6 (20.0ov)
IND 168/4 (19.4ov)

India beat Australia by 6 wickets

MOM: Krunal Pandya

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  • AUS
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  • 19.4ATye to VKohli

    FOUR! INDIA WIN BY 6 WICKETS! Kohli finishes it off in style! He has his arms aloft in celebration. Skipper leading from the front. Andrew Tye dishes out a length delivery outside off, Kohli attacks it with all his might and muscles it over mid-wicket for a boundary. All over, India have levelled the series.
  • 19.3ATye to VKohli

    FOUR! Scores are leveled! Tye serves it on a length and around middle and off, Kohli gives it the full whack of his bat and spanks it over the bowler's head. No chance for the long on fielder.
  • 18.3MStarc to DKarthik

    FOUR! Shot, DK! Starc overpitches outside off, Karthik brings down an angled bat and drives it square of the wicket on the off side. It speeds all along the turf, no chance for sweeper cover.
  • 18.2MStarc to VKohli

    Sharp delivery, at 143 kph, angling in on a good length, Kohli is early into the shot and fails to connect. It hits his pads and rolls near the surface as they steal a leg bye.
  • 17.5ATye to DKarthik

    SIX! Off the top edge! My word, bats these days... A short ball, outside off, Karthik looks to pull but is done in by the bounce. Gets a thick top edge which sails over mid-wicket! 16 more needed from 13 balls now!
  • 16.3GMaxwell to VKohli

    SIX! A risk-free shot by Kohli. He uses his feet to get down the track, reaches the pitch of the ball and then nonchalantly flicks it with the spin over mid-wicket. Effortless.
  • 15.4ATye to VKohli

    SIX! The Indian skipper has decided to take Tye on. He reads the slower one early, it's on the fuller side at 118.6 kph and Kohli jumps out of the crease. Doesn't try to hit it too hard, just times his shot all the way over long off for a maximum. All timing, no power.
  • 15.3ATye to VKohli

    FOUR! Quality shot from a quality batsman! Back of a length delivery around off, Virat gets into a perfect position and carves it over point for a boundary.
  • 15.1ATye to VKohli

    Wide! Tye slips a length delivery down the leg side, Kohli fails to flick it off his pads and is very disappointed with himself.
  • 13.1ATye to RPant

    OUT! Two in two for Australia and they are roaring. Tye was held back by Finch but as soon as he is introduced, he delivers. Pant bags a golden duck. A clever slower bouncer around leg, at 113 kph, Pant attempts to wheel a pull shot but is early into the swing of his bat. It arrives late, kisses the gloves and loops behind. Carey moves across to his right and grabs the catch easily. This is turning out to be a fun contest.

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