AUS 235, 291 (119.5ov)
IND 250, 307 (106.5ov)

India beat Australia by 31 runs

MOM: Cheteshwar Pujara

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  • Right then. What a heart-throbbing or a heartbreaking end to this Test match - depending on which side you are on. Sets up the rest of the series nicely. This is the first time that India have won the first Test of a series in Australia. The visitors are still favourites to win the series but the Aussies' second innings effort showed that they might just stretch the tourists a bit. How much will this drain both sides? The second Test is not far away, scheduled to start on Friday, December 14, 2018 in Perth at 10.20 am local (0220 GMT). Will be interesting to watch, especially the beginning. Do join us for that. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!
  • Man of the Match, Cheteshwar Pujara, says that he has played here before and that helped. Preparation is the most important thing, adds Pujara. Says that the way they came back in the game was the most important thing. Credits the bowlers for gaining the psychological lead and also lauds the partnerships in the second innings. Talks about the self-belief in the team which helps a lot. Tells that he always backs his ability. On batting overseas, Pujara replies that there is always pressure to perform and they already showed improvement in the second innings. On his father's role in shaping his career, Che smiles and says that he means a lot and he's the one who coached him initially and always believed in him.
  • Victorious Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, is smiling and says that these things happen in Test cricket (talking about the close finish), ups and downs and you need to just keep calm. Adds that the odds were stacked against Australia and they were under pressure. Says that he told his bowlers to stay calm as they needed just one mistake to win the match. He is super proud of his four bowlers for taking 20 wickets and feels that it's their batting which needs to step up in this series. Calls the knock of Pujara priceless as that brought them back in the game. States that any lead was crucial and they built on it. Praises Pujara and Rahane's stand in the second innings, adding that it took a lot of grit and determination from them. Adds that their lower and lower middle order can put up a better show and these are the things they want to keep in mind going forward. He is looking forward to the Perth Test and considers the momentum to be on their side.
  • Australian skipper, Tim Paine, says that the loss is shattering but he is proud of the fight. Admits that they had a number of opportunities but failed to capitalize. Mentions that they believed they can win this but their batsmen didn't score big. He's sad that he, Head and Marsh didn't bat long. Praises Pujara for his batting and calls his knocks the difference as they took a lot out of his bowling group. Feels that they can still win this Test series and is taking a lot of confidence from today. Signs off by hoping that the top order will take a leaf out of Pujara's book and fire in Perth. Informs that his finger is fine (took a blow while batting).
  • Rishabh Pant gives a quick interview near the boundary line. He admits that they were nervous as Australia were coming close. Adds that he is very happy to contribute to the win (took 11 catches in the match). Smiles and says that this is his sixth Test match and coincidentally also India's sixth Test win in Australia. States that he enjoys chirping behind the wickets and disturb the batsmen's concentration. Stay around for the presentation.
  • One criticism from India's point of view was that the field was way too defensive in spite of the Aussies not playing their strokes. Even the lengths were more on the shorter side, which could have seen more of a mixture. However, in the end, Bumrah, Ashwin and Shami took 3 wickets each, which was too much to handle for the home side. Do not forget Ishant Sharma, who, in spite of picking just a solitary wicket, was hostile. He was the one who dismissed Travis Head this morning - had that not happened - who knows who would have been 1-0 up.
  • They say that when Australia and New Zealand play cricket, it is never over till it is actually over. The Aussies made India toil so much that they struggled to dismiss even the last pair cheaply. 41, 31, 41, 31 and 32 - the last 5 wickets added 176 runs. Consumed 379 balls. The first 5 played out 340 deliveries. Great grit and determination shown but eventually, India were collectively better as a unit.
  • That late collapse from India in the second innings meant that Australia got an outside chance chasing 323. At one stage, they might have been expecting 400-450. They came out grittily, trying to see off the good balls but slowly but surely, the clock kept ticking. At the end of Day 4, India needed 6 wickets, while Australia needed 219 runs. Game over? Naah...
  • Australia came in with the thought of making 400. On a flat Adelaide track. They scraped to 235, that too, because of their lower order. Building on the 15-run lead, the Indians then batted better in their second dig but threw it away as well, as they folded from 303/6 to 307 all out. Nathan Lyon did take a 6-fer but most of those were gifted wickets.
  • Adelaide Oval is kind to India more often than not and it has not disappointed the visitors. They did not start in a great fashion though, being reduced to 41/4 and then 127/6. But Cheteshwar Pujara hung around to take the tourists to 250. Boy, didn't that turn out to be enough!
  • Phew! What a Test match. What a day. Started with the prospect of welcoming my milkman after the fall of the final wicket. That was at 6 am. Then, we thought we shall never have a second session. Eventually, we were just a ball away from having a third session on Day 5. Fantastic Test.
  • 119.5RAshwin to JoshHazlewood

    OUT! Caught at second slip! INDIA HAVE WON! Kohli is pumped up. The entire playing XI is pumped up. Or the playing XIII? Because Jadeja and Vihari are in the field as well. Full and outside off, Hazlewood looks to drive but gets a thick outside edge. It flies straight to Lokesh Rahul at second slip who takes it and immediately throws it up in the air in jubilation. Spare a thought for Josh Hazlewood. Spare another thought for Nathan Lyon. Ashwin does spare that thought and goes across to hug Lyon, congratulating him. Great to see such scenes. Ecstasy and disappointment along with sportsmanship. INDIA WIN BY 31 RUNS!
  • 119.4RAshwin to JHazlewood

    Full and around off, pushed back to the bowler.
  • 119.3RAshwin to JHazlewood

    The batsman has played that off the front foot and into the ground.
  • 119.2RAshwin to JHazlewood

    Outside off, watchfully defended.
  • 119.1RAshwin to JHazlewood

    Full and around middle, Hazlewood looks to defend but gets a thick inside edge onto his pads.
  • Hazlewood and Lyon have a chat. Trying to ensure that this is the last over before Tea. Umpire Nigel Llong smiles...
  • 118.6JBumrah to JHazlewood

    Full and outside off, squeezed behind point for a run.
  • 118.5JBumrah to JHazlewood

    FOUR! What a shot! On a length outside off, rising steeply, Hazlewood cheekily ramps it over the slip cordon to the third man fence! Moves to 12 from 37 balls. This stand is now worth 31 after seeing off 62 balls.
  • 118.4JBumrah to NLyon

    ANOTHER EDGE! Safe again! Full and wide outside off, Lyon slashes hard but gets a thick outside edge wide of second slip towards third man. A single taken.
  • 118.3JBumrah to JHazlewood

    Backs away to the leg side and then runs it behind point for a run.
  • 118.2JBumrah to NLyon

    Outside off, played through point for a single. 39 more to win.
  • 118.1JBumrah to NLyon

    Outside off, played straight to point.
  • Jasprit Bumrah is back on. 23-8-60-3 so far.
  • 117.6RAshwin to JHazlewood

    Outside off, played towards point.
  • 117.5RAshwin to JHazlewood

    Full again, outside off, blocked back to Ashwin again.
  • 117.4RAshwin to JHazlewood

    Comes forward and pushes it back to the bowler.
  • 117.3RAshwin to JHazlewood

    Full and outside off, Hazlewood lunges and defends towards silly point.
  • 117.2RAshwin to JHazlewood

    Around off, turned to the leg side.
  • 117.1RAshwin to JHazlewood

    Full and around middle, played towards short mid-wicket.
  • 116.7ISharma to NLyon

    EDGED, FOUR! Another close shave. Full and outside off, the sucker ball, Lyon looks to drive but gets a thick outside edge which flies wide of second slip to the third man fence!
  • 116.6ISharma to NLyon

    Full and outside off, pushed straight to cover.
  • 116.5ISharma to NLyon

    CLOSE CALL FOR LBW BUT ISHANT HAS OVERSTEPPED! So close. So, so close. Full and straight, Lyon misses his flick, getting beaten by pace and is hit on the pads. Ishant and the slip cordon start to appeal but then have a look behind. Umpire Dharmasena has his right hand outstretched. Ishant has his hands over his head. Kohli is not amused.
  • 116.4ISharma to NLyon

    Around off, pushed towards the bowler.
  • 116.3ISharma to NLyon

    On middle and leg, flicked through square leg for a couple.
  • 116.2ISharma to JHazlewood

    There comes the yorker, pinpoint straight, Hazlewood flicks it through mid-wicket for a run.
  • 116.1ISharma to NLyon

    Full on middle and off, flicked through mid-wicket for a single. Lyon has moved to 30 from 39 balls.
  • 115.6RAshwin to JHazlewood

    Full and outside off, watchfully defended.
  • 115.5RAshwin to JHazlewood

    What was that? The carrom ball or the leg spinner? Ashwin tosses this outside off, on the rough and Josh leaves it alone. It spins in a mile and just misses the pad and the off stump!
  • 115.4RAshwin to JHazlewood

    Full and outside off, driven towards mid off.
  • 115.3RAshwin to JHazlewood

    Full and around off, solidly defended.
  • 115.2RAshwin to JHazlewood

    Flighted outside off, Hazlewood looks to drive but the ball turns a mile.
  • 115.1RAshwin to JHazlewood

    A short ball around off, worked through mid-wicket for a couple. 49 more needed now.
  • 114.6ISharma to JHazlewood

    Outside off, played behind point for a run.
  • 114.5ISharma to JHazlewood

    Fuller in length, just around off, Hazlewood stays behind the line and defends.

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