AUS 235, 291 (119.5ov)
IND 250, 307 (106.5ov)

India beat Australia by 31 runs

MOM: Cheteshwar Pujara

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  • 119.5RAshwin to JoshHazlewood

    OUT! Caught at second slip! INDIA HAVE WON! Kohli is pumped up. The entire playing XI is pumped up. Or the playing XIII? Because Jadeja and Vihari are in the field as well. Full and outside off, Hazlewood looks to drive but gets a thick outside edge. It flies straight to Lokesh Rahul at second slip who takes it and immediately throws it up in the air in jubilation. Spare a thought for Josh Hazlewood. Spare another thought for Nathan Lyon. Ashwin does spare that thought and goes across to hug Lyon, congratulating him. Great to see such scenes. Ecstasy and disappointment along with sportsmanship. INDIA WIN BY 31 RUNS!
  • 118.5JBumrah to JHazlewood

    FOUR! What a shot! On a length outside off, rising steeply, Hazlewood cheekily ramps it over the slip cordon to the third man fence! Moves to 12 from 37 balls. This stand is now worth 31 after seeing off 62 balls.
  • 116.7ISharma to NLyon

    EDGED, FOUR! Another close shave. Full and outside off, the sucker ball, Lyon looks to drive but gets a thick outside edge which flies wide of second slip to the third man fence!
  • 116.5ISharma to NLyon

    CLOSE CALL FOR LBW BUT ISHANT HAS OVERSTEPPED! So close. So, so close. Full and straight, Lyon misses his flick, getting beaten by pace and is hit on the pads. Ishant and the slip cordon start to appeal but then have a look behind. Umpire Dharmasena has his right hand outstretched. Ishant has his hands over his head. Kohli is not amused.
  • 110.1JBumrah to NLyon

    FOUR! Great shot. Fractionally short outside off, Lyon rocks back and pulls it through mid-wicket for a boundary!
  • 108.4JBumrah to PatCummins

    OUT! Edged and taken! Cummins departs at last. He has hurt India with bat and ball in this Test. What a fight shown. Short and outside off, Pat arches back slightly and looks to cut but the ball is too close to him and he is undone by the extra bounce as well. Gets a thick outside edge and Virat Kohli at first slip makes no mistake. Patrick walks back disappointed but he needn't be. If the first 6 guys at the top had shown even half of this type of a resistance, Australia might have even won this Test. Well played.
  • 106.3JBumrah to NLyon

    FOUR! Up and over! Width on offer outside off, Lyon this time makes connection and lofts it over point for a boundary. 250 comes up for Australia, another 71 needed.
  • 102.5MShami to PatCummins

    FOUR! BEAUTY! Full and outside off, Cummins leans and drives it through the covers for a boundary! 86 more to win now...
  • 100.4MShami to MStarc

    OUT! Caught behind! This was coming. This was always coming. The ploy of dangling the carrot works. Full and wide outside off, Starc gets tired of leaving balls alone and this time has a massive waft. Does not move his feet at all and gets a thick outside edge. He immediately looks up at the heavens in frustration. Yoga. Yoga might help. In developing patience, you see. 2 wickets away now, are India. Good resistance shown by Starc though. Stayed around for 97 balls with his fellow speedster. Thought we would have been home by now...
  • 96.5MShami to MStarc

    FOUR! Bang! Shami offers width outside off, Starc climbs onto it with all his might and spanks it through covers for a cracking boundary. 101 needed more. They are getting close to the target and this partnership is worth 35 now.

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