IND 126/7 (20.0ov)
AUS 127/7 (20.0ov)

Australia beat India by 3 wickets

MOM: Nathan Coulter-Nile

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  • IND
  • AUS
  • 19.5UYadav to PatCummins

    FOUR! And Cummins hits it! 2 needed in one now! Another low full toss but this time there is width on offer and Cummins cashes in on it. He strokes it through covers. It is away from the fielder in the deep and a boundary results.
  • 19.2UYadav to JRichardson

    FOUR! What a shot! Looks like someone has turned off the volume at the stadium. A short of a length ball on top of middle and Richardson holds his position and pulls this through deep square leg for a boundary. 9 off 4 balls.
  • 18.6JBumrah to NCoulter-Nile

    18.6: J Bumrah to N Coulter-Nile, OUT! TIMBER! The crowd here is going bonkers! A corker of a yorker this one! Too good for Nathan Coulter-Nile! Two wickets in two balls for Bumrah. Comes steaming in and bowls it right in the blockhole. Nathan Coulter-Nile fails to bring his bat down in time and the ball sends the leg stump for a walk. What a penultimate over this has been from Bumrah, 2 runs and 2 wickets from it. This guy just never fails to deliver.
  • 18.5JBumrah to PHandscomb

    OUT! The last recognized batsman is out of here. And now, one can say, the Indians are favourites to win this game. Bumrah's over keeps getting better. Sees Handscomb come down the track and outsmarts him. He bangs it short. PH is in no position to play the pull but still goes for it. The ball takes the top edge and lobs to the left of Dhoni. He calls for it and the man who has nerves of steel takes a high-pressure catch. This is also Bumrah's 50th wicket in T20Is, it could probably be the one which wins India the game.
  • 16.2KPandya to ATurner

    OUT! Bowled 'em! Are the Aussies pulling the trigger on themselves here? Unnecessary shot and the stumps are disturbed. Krunal bowls this one flatter and straight on middle. Turner comes inside the line and looks to paddle sweep the ball into the vacant fine leg region. He misses and the bowler hits. Just singles are needed and such shots are not needed. The game is surely on here! Pressure of the twelfth man also weighs in as the crowd has come alive here.
  • 15.3UYadav to PHandscomb

    OUT! Another run out and it is Short, the well-set batsmen who is taking the long walk back. Umesh bowls a full ball on the pads, Peter Handscomb flicks it through backward square leg. Pandya from fine leg moves to his left and stops it. The batsmen till then, complete one. Peter is off for the second. Short is a little hesitant and hence, Peter stops. Short also then stops and looks to turn back and get in. However, the throw till then gets to Dhoni and he underarms it onto the stumps. He then throws it to the bowler at the other end but Short is already given out at his end. Bonus wicket for India, is this the sniff they wanted?
  • 15.1UYadav to DShort

    Wide! The ball is sprayed down the leg side by Yadav and is penalized by the umpire.
  • 14.3MMarkande to DShort

    FOUR! That should release all the pressure India were looking to build. Another flatter ball and outside off, D'Arcy transfers his weight onto the front foot and strokes it through covers. Beats the man in the ring and then it is a boundary.
  • 13.3YChahal to GMaxwell

    OUT! Maxwell holes out! He departs after an amazing fifty. Chahal has flighted this one outside off, Maxwell reaches out for the ball and looks to deposit it over long off but the bat turns in his hand as he completed the shot. Rahul at long off settles under the ball and takes a comfortable catch. The target is not a big one but this wicket can still set the cat among the pigeons if a few more follow. The equation is just 38 runs in 39 balls though.
  • 13.1YChahal to GMaxwell

    FOUR! Poor ball! Down the leg side, Maxwell does really well to sweep it fine on the leg side. No chance for the fielder at fine leg. Pin-drop silence here. 40 more needed in 41 balls.

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