IND 190/4 (20.0ov)
AUS 194/3 (19.4ov)

Australia beat India by 7 wickets

MOM: Glenn Maxwell

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  • IND
  • AUS
  • 19.4SKaul to GMaxwell

    FOUR! MAXWELL NOW FINISHES IT OFF IN STYLE! He lets out a huge roar as Australia have won the T20I series and that too for the first time in India. A length ball by Kaul, Maxwell clears his front leg and slaps it through covers. The field was up so he only needed to beat the fielders in the ring and he does so. It races to the fence and GIVES AUSTRALIA THE VICTORY BY 7 WICKETS!
  • 19.3SKaul to GMaxwell

    SIX! All the way! Maxwell has LEVELED THE SCORES IN STYLE! Takes a few steps ahead and converts it into a full toss and hits it over the long on fence for a biggie!
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