IND 240/4 (48.2ov)
AUS 236/7 (50.0ov)

India beat Australia by 6 wickets

MOM: Kedar Jadhav

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  • So that is all from here in Hyderabad! The Indians have started the series on a positive note and what is more important is that their middle order seems to be giving answers to the questions that were being raised. The away side has a lot that they would like to improve on, mainly on the batting front. The Aussies are struggling with their 50-over form and would like to set it straight in the very next game. That one will be played at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur. It will begin at 1330 local (0800 GMT) on 5th March, Tuesday. See you for the coverage of that game. Till then, take care and cheers!
  • Man of the Match, Kedar Jadhav smiles and says that his bowling is all about angles and reading batsmen's mind as he looks to bowl stump-to-stump. Admits that he doesn't feel like a bowler and just enjoys rolling his arm. Reminds that recently in Australia, he was involved in a similar kind of a chase. Thanks MS Dhoni for continuously guiding him and adds that he is learning from Dhoni and Kohli as they are the best finishers. On the question that had Dhoni not been there how he would have batted - Jadhav smiles and answers that he might have tried to play more shots earlier but MSD can read your mind and reminds you about the game situation. Signs off by saying that every time you think about the team, more often than not you will end up on the winning side.
  • Victorious Indian skipper, Virat Kohli says that the game was a difficult one and that they did well with the ball. Praises the partnership between Dhoni and Kedar that took them over the line. Reckons that bowling won them the game and he knew that a partnership or two will be enough. Informs us that he was happy that the middle order was put under pressure and he discussed with the coach about how this will be a shadow practice for the games to come. Reserves special mention for Kuldeep Yadav who he says is always ready to put his hand up and try and do stuff for the team. Does not forget Mohammed Shami who he feels did really well to lose weight and bowls with a lot of heart. Is happy with the way the pacer has come back into the white-ball setup and believes that the bowling unit is shaping up really nicely in the run-up to the World Cup.
  • Australia's skipper, Aaron Finch admits that they were 20-30 runs short on that wicket. Feels that had they batted well towards the end, they would have got that score. Praises his bowlers for putting in a good effort. Adds that everyone is trying and they just need to give attention to details a bit more. On not opting for the sixth bowling option, Finch mentions that the quicks looked more effective and that's why he stuck with them.
  • Mohammed Shami begins by saying that it's been a long journey and everyone has worked hard. Adds that they have been performing superbly in the last 3-4 years and hopes to keep going. States that it's been up and down in his life and thanks God for everything. He always tries his best for the team, adds Shami. Mentions that he has been working on his line and length and it's giving him results. Also talks about his fitness and says that he was 93 kgs when he returned from the injury break and has worked really hard to reduce his weight.
  • As for the Aussie bowling, they cannot be blamed. They gave their all and tried their best. The pick of the bowlers were Coulter-Nile and Zampa who grabbed a couple of wickets each. The rest bowled economically but in the end, the target was just too low to be defended on a surface that was two-paced. Earlier on in the afternoon, the Aussie skipper won the toss and elected to bat but his team could manage just 236 off the back of a fifty from Usman Khawaja and a few small but good knocks from Glenn Maxwell, Alex Carey and Nathan Coulter-Nile. The feeling at the mid-way stage was that the total was about 25-30 short and in the end, that was what it proved to be. A good way for the home team to begin the series and the Kangaroos will have to come back harder in the next game, especially with the bat. The presentation to follow, but first an interview with Mohammed Shami who is down near the ropes with Sanjay Manjrekar.
  • The innings though began poorly for the hosts as they lost Shikhar Dhawan for a first-ball duck. Then came a solid partnership between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli which set the Men in Blue on their way. The skipper looked really good while he was out there while the Indian vice-captain did not look his original self. A 76-run stand was then broken followed by a flurry of wickets. India collapsed to 99/4 from 80/1 and it looked like the middle muddle will be seen all over again but it was not to be.
  • This has been a partnership for the ages! India take an early lead in the ODI series. At 99/4 it did not look like the Indians were going to have it easy. But how wrong have we been proved? The duo of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav built an unbeaten partnership of 141 runs and took their team across the line. The Australians did more than well with the ball but it just was not enough in the end. Both the batsmen got to their fifties with Jadhav playing the aggressor's role. Dhoni took the backseat as he helped his partner motor along on his own route.
  • 48.2MStoinis to MSDhoni

    FOUR! MSD finishes it off in style! Stoinis angles in a length ball on middle, Dhoni heaves it off the inner half of his bat and it goes flying over mid-wicket for the winning runs. INDIA WIN BY 6 WICKETS! Customary handshakes going on at the moment. A satisfying victory for the Men in Blue.
  • 48.1MStoinis to MSDhoni

    FOUR! Not a six but a four nonetheless to level the scores! Short of a length delivery outside off, Dhoni camps back and slaps it past the point fielder for a boundary. Calm and composed.
  • Marcus Stoinis to bowl the 49th. Dhoni on strike, will he finish it with a maximum?
  • 47.6NCoulter-Nile to KJadhav

    47.6: N Coulter-Nile to K Jadhav, SIX! High and handsome! Jadhav, you little gem! It's too full and in the line of the stumps, Kedar clears his front leg and hoists it over wide long on for a biggie. Just 5 more needed.
  • 47.5NCoulter-Nile to KJadhav

    47.5: N Coulter-Nile to K Jadhav, Full toss on middle, it's eased towards wide mid on where Stoinis misfields and allows the second run. Wheels are coming off...
  • 47.4NCoulter-Nile to MSDhoni

    47.4: N Coulter-Nile to MS Dhoni, Short and on off, Dhoni pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a run. 13 needed off 14 balls.
  • 47.3NCoulter-Nile to MSDhoni

    47.3: N Coulter-Nile to MS Dhoni, Too full in length on off, pushed down to mid off.
  • 47.2NCoulter-Nile to KJadhav

    47.2: N Coulter-Nile to K Jadhav, The batsman has played it fine down the leg side. They pick up a single.
  • 47.1NCoulter-Nile to MSDhoni

    47.1: N Coulter-Nile to MS Dhoni, FIFTY FOR DHONI! The crowd erupts! The Indian players in the dressing room are clapping. What a player! What a finisher for India! Full in length outside off, Dhoni drives it down through mid off for a run. This is his 71st ODI fifty. India were in a spot of bother when he came out to bat but held one end and has put the home team in a commanding position along with Kedar Jadhav. Legend.
  • Nathan Coulter-Nile is back. Was good with the new ball, 8-2-35-2 so far...
  • 46.7PatCummins to KJadhav

    A dot ball to end the over and Cummins' spell. Length outside off, patted towards point. Pat ends with decent figures of 10-0-46-0. Identical figures like Behrendorff and just like him, has been a little unlucky today not to pick a wicket. Anyway, the equation is 16 runs off 18 balls.
  • 46.6PatCummins to KJadhav

    Wide! Pat Cummins goes for the bouncer but loses his radar and bowls it down the leg side for which he is penalized.
  • 46.5PatCummins to MSDhoni

    Short of a length delivery, another shuffle from Dhoni as he pulls this away all along the ground towards deep square leg for a single.
  • 46.4PatCummins to KJadhav

    Outside off on a length, Kedar dabs it away towards the leg side. Picks up an easy run.
  • 46.3PatCummins to MSDhoni

    On the pads, Dhoni shuffles and flicks it away to deep backward square leg for a run. Moves onto 48.
  • 46.2PatCummins to KJadhav

    On the middle stump line, worked away to deep mid-wicket for a run and brings the former Indian skipper on strike.
  • 46.1PatCummins to KJadhav

    Length ball on top of off stump, Jadhav defends it calmly onto the pitch. The ball rolls towards the keeper.
  • Pat Cummins is back into the attack.
  • 45.6AZampa to KJadhav

    Knocks a full ball down to long on and ambles across to the other end. Zampa has bowled out, a good effort by him this evening, 10-0-49-2!
  • 45.5AZampa to KJadhav

    Skips down the track to flick but gets an inside edge onto the pads. They appeal but nothing doing.
  • 45.4AZampa to KJadhav

    Tossed up ball on off, defended off the front foot.
  • 45.3AZampa to KJadhav

    Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.
  • 45.2AZampa to KJadhav

    FOUR! Boom! Jadhav is in full throttle now with the winning line in sight. Attacks a full ball outside off and lofts it inside-out with the turn over extra cover for a boundary.
  • 45.1AZampa to KJadhav

    Flatter and a bit shorter around leg, Jadhav moves back and helps it through mid-wicket for a run. Maxwell sends a wayward throw at the bowler's end and Handscomb fails to back it up. Another run taken.
  • Adam Zampa is back on. It is his last over, he has figures of 9-0-42-2 so far.
  • 44.6MStoinis to KJadhav

    Length and patted away to long on for a single. 9-run over and a good one for the Indians. 28 needed off 30 balls now.
  • 44.5MStoinis to KJadhav

    FOUR! This guy is making the game too simple here. Finch is seen scratching his head, looks to be out of ideas. The length ball on middle and Jadhav pulls it away over square leg for an easy boundary.
  • 44.4MStoinis to MSDhoni

    Thick outside edge! A length ball outside off, Dhoni pokes without foot movement and the ball takes the outer edge of the bat. Goes uppishly but no fielder is there. A single down to third man.
  • 44.3MStoinis to KJadhav

    Slower one on the off stump, turned away for yet another single towards deep backward square.
  • 44.2MStoinis to MSDhoni

    MS this times flicks it away for a single to deep square leg. Is seen hobbling as he completes the single.
  • 44.1MStoinis to KJadhav

    A length ball on the pads, worked down on the leg side calmly for a run by Jadhav.
  • 43.6PatCummins to MSDhoni

    On middle and leg, Dhoni gets behind the line and blocks it on the leg side. 6 from the over, 37 needed off 36 balls.
  • 43.5PatCummins to MSDhoni

    A slower delivery outside off, Dhoni picks it late and mistimes his shot towards point.
  • 43.4PatCummins to KJadhav

    Good length delivery outside off, Jadhav pushes it gently through covers for one. 200 up for India!
  • 43.3PatCummins to KJadhav

    FOUR! Cheeky, Jadhav! A short delivery outside off, Kedar waits patiently on the back foot and at the last moment just uses the pace of the bowler to ramp it down towards third man for a boundary. 100-run stand comes up as well with that shot!
  • 43.2PatCummins to KJadhav

    Back of a length delivery outside off, Jadhav stands back and taps it down near the surface.
  • 43.1PatCummins to MSDhoni

    A length ball on off, Dhoni pushes it to the left of mid off and scampers across to the other end.

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