IND 250 (48.2ov)
AUS 242 (49.3ov)

India beat Australia by 8 runs

MOM: Virat Kohli

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  • IND
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  • 49.3VShankar to AZampa

    OUT! BOWLED! Perfect yorker and the stumps are rattled! India go 2-0 up with an 8-run win. A perfect delivery, right at the base of the stumps, Zampa backs away and attempts to hit it through the off side but misses. The ball goes beneath the bat and hits the timber!
  • 49.1VShankar to MStoinis

    OUT! Umpire's call it is! Vijay has struck gold. That is probably the final nail in the coffin. Stoinis is given his marching orders and he takes Australia's hopes of chasing this down along with him. He bowls it on a length and it skids through. Stoinis looks to heave it on the leg side but misses. It hits him on the thigh pad. An appeal follows and the umpire raises his finger.
  • 48.6MShami to NLyon

    FOUR! Lyon hits the boundary Australia needed! A poor delivery this from Shami. A full toss on the pads. NL looks to flick but it goes off the inner half, fine down the leg side and into the fence. Ideal end to what was a good over till then. 9 from it and 11 more needed in the last over.
  • 46.4MShami to MStoinis

    FOUR! Vital boundary! Shami offers just a little width outside off, Stoinis waits for it and cuts it late. It is past the fielder at point and into the fence. 22 needed in 20.
  • 45.4JBumrah to PatCummins

    OUT! Caught behind! The ball has carried and Cummins is on his bike! This should be the end of the game. Perfect gamble from Kohli or perhaps he knew his cards well upfront. This Bumrah over has more or less sealed the deal for India. A lovely ball, on a length outside off, Cummins looks to defend but then the ball shapes away, taking the thinnest of outside edges. Dhoni takes it well above the ground and appeals but the umpire for some reason, is not sure whether it has carried. He has a chat with his partner and refers it upstairs with the soft signal as OUT. Just one look is enough in the replays.
  • 45.2JBumrah to NCoulter-Nile

    45.2: J Bumrah to N Coulter-Nile, OUT! BOWLED! Indecision costs Coulter-Nile his wicket. He is probably expecting the yorker, hence is not sure whether to come forward or stay back. The ball is bowled on a length and NCN now looks to steer it to third man. But is late. It is a 142.6 kph ball and it skids off the deck. Double trouble. Kaboom! The LED bails illuminate.
  • 44.3KYadav to ACarey

    OUT! Bowled 'em!! India are still in this! But this partnership has probably taken Australia to the brink of victory. India though still won't let it loose as they are in the bowlers. Carey is done in, in flight here. It is given more air. Carey goes for the sweep but the ball goes under the bat and then hits the off pole behind.
  • 44.1KYadav to MStoinis

    FOUR! 15 from the last over and boundary to begin this one. The quicker one, maybe he was expecting the batsman to step out. Stoinis does not and he easily cuts it through point. Uppishly but in the gap for a boundary. The run rate required is now below six.
  • 42.5KYadav to MStoinis

    SIX! Not the momentum shifting over but this over has probably turned the tide in the favor of the Aussies. Stoinis uses his feet, gets to the pitch of it and lofts it over the long on stands. 15 from the over so far with a ball to go.
  • 42.3KYadav to ACarey

    FOUR! Second boundary of the over! Is this the momentum shifting over? 8 from the first three. The slog sweep is out and he has nailed it. In the gap in the mid-wicket region and another boundary.

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