IND 281 (48.2ov)
AUS 313/5 (50.0ov)

Australia beat India by 32 runs

MOM: Usman Khawaja

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  • 48.2PatCummins to KYadav

    OUT! In the air... taken! There goes the last man. Cummins takes it. It is his 3rd wicket of the game. Length ball on off, Kuldeep swings but only manages a top edge. It balloons towards Finch at mid off and he makes no mistake. All smiles in the Australian camp as they have WON BY 32 RUNS!
  • 47.5JRichardson to MShami

    OUT! The fun is over! Shami departs and Richardson gets his second. Short and outside off. Shami looks to slap it but it goes off the toe end towards Cummins who takes it. Australia a wicket away now from winning their first game of the ODI series.
  • 47.4JRichardson to MShami

    FOUR! That has been dragged into the gap! Slower ball, Shami was a little too early into the stroke, he still manages to drag it through the mid-wicket region for a boundary. Two boundaries now in this over, 2 balls to go.
  • 47.2JRichardson to MShami

    FOUR! Shami is not going to go down without a fight here. He is off the mark in style. Short and on the body, Shami goes for the pull, he gets a top edge over the keeper and into the fence.
  • 47.1JRichardson to RJadeja

    OUT! Surely the game is now done, right? The last recognized batsman walks back. It is the off cutter. There is no pace at all on that delivery. Jadeja looks to go over mid on but holes out to the fielder there. Maxwell takes it easily.
  • 46.3GMaxwell to RJadeja

    SIX! India need a few more of these! Jadeja goes down on one knee and tonks it over the mid-wicket fence for a biggie.
  • 44.1NLyon to KYadav

    FOUR! Good shot from Kuldeep. Full on middle and leg, Yadav just nudges it towards the backward point region. The ball is timed perfectly and the ball races away to the fence.
  • 42.7NLyon to VShankar

    OUT! Shankar holes out! India's possible last hope is walking back. He was well-set, striking the ball nicely but falls at the wrong time. Australia into the bowlers now. This is tossed up, around middle, Shankar goes for the slog sweep again. Hits it nicely but does not get the desired elevation. It goes towards the man at deep mid-wicket. Jhye Richardson there takes a good low catch. One though can question the shot as the runs needed per over was already hit in this one. However, Shankar must have thought another hit and the pressure would have eased big time. Had it come off, it would have been praised, it now has not and it is Australia's game to lose.
  • 42.5NLyon to VShankar

    FOUR! In the gap! They need a boundary every over and Shankar has hit one in the last over and hits one in this. Brings out the slog sweep. It is not off the middle but hit well enough to clear the fielder at mid-wicket and away from the fielder in the deep.
  • 42.1NLyon to VShankar

    A false start there! Down the leg side and it has been wided.

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