IND 358/9 (50.0ov)
AUS 359/6 (47.5ov)

Australia beat India by 4 wickets

MOM: Ashton Turner

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  • That is it from this nail-biter of a contest. We now move to Delhi for the fifth and final ODI of this 5-match series with both teams level. The decider will be played on Wednesday, 13th March. That game will begin at 1330 local (0800 GMT). Join us for that one. Till then, cheers!
  • Man of the Match, Ashton Turner, says he is lost for words. Admits he was not expecting to play till the time he came to the ground but Stoinis' injury provided him with the opportunity. Further adds he was mentally ready to play whenever he had a chance to and wanted to make most of it. On the life he got, he said he was lucky enough and he wanted to make most of it. Praises Hayden for the advice he gave him which helped him play spin better. Giggles and says he tries to watch the ball till the end when playing spin.
  • Australian skipper, Aaron Finch, says that the partnership between Usman Khawaja and Peter Handscomb was important as they took it deep. On the run chase, he opines that he wanted the players to hang in there. On the World Cup, he says that it is all about the boys making the most of it and taking their chances. Credits Turner as it was just his second game. Adds saying he took on the two best bowlers and him them clean.
  • Indian skipper, Virat Kohli, says the wicket remained good and feels that the dew made it even difficult. States that bowling in the end was not easy. Credits, Turner, Khawaja and Handscomb for their innings. On why he opted to bat first, Kohli says that the wicket was good to bat on and the dew was expected in the last game also but didn't come and hence, he thought, it would not play a part in this game as well. On why he introduced Chahal so late in the game. Virat explains they had to bowl the 5th bowler out and he backed Chahal to bowl with the dew. Admits that they were sloppy in the field and they should have taken their opportunities. Reckons they let the opportunity and the game slip away from them. Feels that the last game would be a cracker and says they will need to be at their best if they want to win the series.
  • Murali Kartik is down with centurion, Peter Handscomb. On his maiden ODI century, Handscomb says that it is a lovely feeling. Admits they (him and Khawaja) did not talk much out in the middle and just played their own game. Explains that once the dew came on, he felt like there was no spin and they just played their natural game. Credits Maxwell for his innings. Praises Turner and says he is an amazing player and the innings he played here in just his second ODI was completely special.
  • Earlier in the day, the Indians elected to bat after winning the toss and posted a massive score courtesy Dhawan's ton and Rohit's 95. However, a ton from Handscomb, a 91 from Khawaja and an 84 from Turner turned the game on its head and they ensured the series is leveled.
  • The Indians started off in the best possible manner with the ball. Kumar and Bumrah got a couple of early wickets and also kept it nice and tight. However, once the dew set in, it kept getting tough for them. The spinners struggled to grip the ball and there were too many poor balls bowled. As the game progressed the pressure started showing on the Indian fielders too. Especially Pant, as he missed a stumping chance before Turner passed his half ton. Also, a couple of dropped catches, one by Jadhav and the other by Dhawan did not help their cause. Towards the end, the pacers also struggled to hit the right lines and lengths with the wet ball and hence, the hosts ended up on the losing side.
  • All the credit has to be given to the newbies! Usman Khawaja, who is only 25 ODIs old. Peter Handscomb, who has only 15 ODIs under his belt and Turner, probably Australia's new finisher has played a gem of a knock in his second one-day international game. It was Khawaja and Handscomb to start with. The two played themselves in, steadied the ship but always moved along at a good rate. The two added a massive 192-run stand with the former missing out on a ton and the latter scoring one. The two brought the Aussies back into the game and set the platform for the big hitters like Maxwell and Turner to do their bit. The Big Show failed but Ashton proved his mettle. A 43-ball 84 by him. He ensured he stayed there till the end and was well-supported by Carey as the two blasted an 86-run stand. The wicket-keeper got dismissed but Turner ensured he took them over the finishing line.
  • WE HAVE A DECIDER! What a game and what a chase this is! Who would have thought at 12 for 2 with the Aussie skipper, Finch and Australia's best batsman in ODIs in the last year or so, Marsh, back in the hut, the Aussies, let alone win it but would even come close. If you did so, you should buy yourself a lottery ticket.
  • 47.5JBumrah to ATurner

    That is the victory. What a great win for the Aussies! Turner hits this towards mid on and comes back for the second. The throw was at the striker's end but Ashton made it in time. They celebrate and so does the Aussie camp. They get in a group huddle and sink in the victory. AUSTRALIA BEAT INDIA BY 4 WICKETS.
  • Jhye Richardson is the new batsman. He might not even face a ball though
  • 47.4JBumrah to ACarey

    OUT! Carey falls! Won't make a difference though. Length ball on the leg side. Carey checks his shot and the ball lobs up towards Dhawan at mid-wicket who takes a dolly. A match-winning partnership comes to an end.
  • 47.3JBumrah to ATurner

    Back of a length over the stumps, Turner gets bat to ball guides it to third man for one. Just 2 required.
  • 47.2JBumrah to ACarey

    In total control now. Taps this to the off side and jogs to the other end.
  • 47.1JBumrah to ACarey

    FOUR LEG BYES! Everything going the yellow way. Full and on the leg side, Carey looks to work it away but the ball hits his pads and goes past Pant on the leg side to the fine leg boundary.
  • 46.7BKumar to ACarey

    He keeps strike now as Carey works it around the corner and gets to the other end.
  • 46.6BKumar to ACarey

    FOUR! Runs needed into single digits now! Down the leg side, Carey flicks it past square leg inside the ring and a boundary results.
  • 46.5BKumar to ATurner

    1 run.
  • 46.4BKumar to ATurner

    In the air... and dropped again! One has to believe, it is Turner's night today. A low full toss outside off, Turner looks to go over mid off but does not get the desired timing. It goes straight to Dhawan there who spills it. After the last boundary though, I do not think, this catch would have made a difference had it been taken.
  • 46.3BKumar to ATurner

    FOUR! Adding salt to the wound here. Dropped on the last ball and a boundary on this one. Short and this time Turner gets his pull squarer. No one in the deep and a boundary.
  • 46.2BKumar to ATurner

    DROPPED! Kedar Jadhav has probably dropped the match! It is the slower short ball on middle, Turner goes back and looks to pull. It goes off the toe-end towards deep mid-wicket. Jadhav there may have misjudged it as he looks to take it with a dive forward in the end. He though spills it. Two taken. Had that catch been taken, India would have been into the bowlers.
  • 46.1BKumar to ATurner

    SIX! Power, all power there. Full and on middle, Turner shuffles across and then lifts it over the long on fence.
  • 45.6JBumrah to ATurner

    A single to end! 16 from it and now Australia are firm favorites to win this game. They need 26 from 24 as Turner guides it down to third man for a run.
  • 45.5JBumrah to ATurner

    SIX! What a shot this is! This lad has played an innings of a lifetime. At the very end, he just shuffles across and then paddles it over short fine leg. The contact is such that the ball carries all the way for a biggie.
  • 45.4JBumrah to ACarey

    Lovely delivery! A yorker right on the pads. Carey fails to jam it out. It hits his pads and rolls towards point. The batsmen take a leg bye.
  • 45.3JBumrah to ACarey

    FOUR! 8 from the 3 balls! Even the ever reliable Bumrah is going for runs here. Carey once again makes room and hits it through point. It races away to the fence.
  • 45.2JBumrah to ACarey

    Another couple! This is brilliant batting! Also that is the 50-run stand and it has come up only in 28 balls. It has turned the game into Australia's favour but they need to continue as there is not a lot of batting left after this. Once again this is clever batting. Carey makes room and then pushes it through covers. The weight on the shot is perfect and the batsmen pick up two.
  • 45.1JBumrah to ACarey

    Outstanding running this! Carey makes room and then pushes it through covers. They take one and then seeing the fielder get to the ball slowly go for the second and complete it.
  • Change of ends for Jasprit Bumrah.
  • 44.6BKumar to ATurner

    SIX! Oh boy! Turner is in the mood. Fuller ball on middle and leg, Turner flicks it high and handsome over square leg for a maximum. 20 runs from the over and looks like the Aussies have the upper hand.
  • 44.5BKumar to ATurner

    Lovely running. Could be trouble for India. Outside off, Turner drives it past point and comes back for a second run.
  • 44.4BKumar to ATurner

    FOUR! Maiden fifty for Turner. He is turning the game by himself. Short ball on the off side, Turner pulls it through square leg and gets another boundary.
  • 44.3BKumar to ATurner

    SIX! Full toss on off, Turner lofts it over the mid-wicket region and deposits it into the stands.
  • 44.2BKumar to ACarey

    Good ball on the pads, Carey misses his flick. The ball hits his pads and goes to the on side. They cross. Leg bye given.
  • 44.1BKumar to ATurner

    Fuller ball on the stumps, driven to covers and gets to the other end. They have to run for everything.
  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back into the attack.
  • 43.9YChahal to ACarey

    A dot to end but another expensive over as 10 comes from it. Carey goes for the sweep but misses to get hit on the body. Chahal is done for the night, not a spell worth remembering as he goes for 80 in his 10 and only has one scalp to his name. 62 in the last 6.
  • 43.8YChahal to ACarey

    Nice drive through the cover region for a couple.
  • 43.7YChahal to ATurner

    Makes room again and looks to hit it through the off side but gets it off the inner half towards mid-wicket for a run.
  • 43.6YChahal to ATurner

    NOT OUT! The batsman has his feet grounded and there is no edge too. Both the teams have now do have a review left. Turner moves away and Chahal fires it outside off. Turner swings but seems to have missed it. Pant collects it and whips the bails off. He is also appealing for the catch. First the square leg umpire takes it upstairs but then Pant wants it to be reviewed for a caught behind. Kohli does so. Replays roll in and they first show that Turner's back foot is in. Ultra Edge later on does show some spike but that is even before the ball passes the bat. Also, there is day light between bat and ball and hence, it is ruled in the favor of the batsman. It is also a wide.
  • Rishabh Pant has taken the bails off. The umpire takes it up to the TV umpire. Also, Pant suggests the umpire that Turner might have got a nick to this. The umpires will check the stumping first and then the outside edge.
  • 43.5YChahal to ACarey

    Now Pant concedes an extra run here! A yorker on middle, Carey jams it out beside the pitch. Pant gets to the ball and backhands a needless shy at the striker's end but misses. The batsmen run an overthrow. Every run here can prove costly and India can't give away such easy runs.
  • 43.4YChahal to ATurner

    Makes room and looks to hit it down the ground. It goes off the inner half towards mid-wicket for a single.
  • 43.3YChahal to ATurner

    Smart batting! With soft hands works it towards mid-wicket. By the time the fielder comes in, the batsmen run two. 4 from one ball in this over.
  • 43.2YChahal to ATurner

    WIDE! Tries another one. This time Turner keeps his foot grounded. Two extras to begin with.

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