IND 358/9 (50.0ov)
AUS 359/6 (47.5ov)

Australia beat India by 4 wickets

MOM: Ashton Turner

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  • IND
  • AUS
  • 47.4JBumrah to ACarey

    OUT! Carey falls! Won't make a difference though. Length ball on the leg side. Carey checks his shot and the ball lobs up towards Dhawan at mid-wicket who takes a dolly. A match-winning partnership comes to an end.
  • 47.1JBumrah to ACarey

    FOUR LEG BYES! Everything going the yellow way. Full and on the leg side, Carey looks to work it away but the ball hits his pads and goes past Pant on the leg side to the fine leg boundary.
  • 46.6BKumar to ACarey

    FOUR! Runs needed into single digits now! Down the leg side, Carey flicks it past square leg inside the ring and a boundary results.
  • 46.3BKumar to ATurner

    FOUR! Adding salt to the wound here. Dropped on the last ball and a boundary on this one. Short and this time Turner gets his pull squarer. No one in the deep and a boundary.
  • 46.1BKumar to ATurner

    SIX! Power, all power there. Full and on middle, Turner shuffles across and then lifts it over the long on fence.
  • 45.5JBumrah to ATurner

    SIX! What a shot this is! This lad has played an innings of a lifetime. At the very end, he just shuffles across and then paddles it over short fine leg. The contact is such that the ball carries all the way for a biggie.
  • 45.4JBumrah to ACarey

    Lovely delivery! A yorker right on the pads. Carey fails to jam it out. It hits his pads and rolls towards point. The batsmen take a leg bye.
  • 45.3JBumrah to ACarey

    FOUR! 8 from the 3 balls! Even the ever reliable Bumrah is going for runs here. Carey once again makes room and hits it through point. It races away to the fence.
  • 44.6BKumar to ATurner

    SIX! Oh boy! Turner is in the mood. Fuller ball on middle and leg, Turner flicks it high and handsome over square leg for a maximum. 20 runs from the over and looks like the Aussies have the upper hand.
  • 44.4BKumar to ATurner

    FOUR! Maiden fifty for Turner. He is turning the game by himself. Short ball on the off side, Turner pulls it through square leg and gets another boundary.

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