NZ 157 (43.4ov)
AUS 243/9 (50.0ov)

Australia beat New Zealand by 86 runs

MOM: Alex Carey

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  • AUS
  • NZ
  • 43.4MStarc to MSantner

    OUT! CAUGHT! A huge smile on Starc's face and why not? He has picked a fifer. Second in this World Cup and his 7th in ODIs. He bangs it short and down the leg side. Santner helps it on its way but does not keep it down and the ball ends up landing into the hands of Behrendorff at fine leg. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 86 RUNS!
  • 42.3NLyon to MSantner

    FOUR BYES! Flatter and down the leg side, Santner looks to pull but misses it goes past the keeper and into the fine leg fence.
  • 42.2NLyon to MSantner

    SIX! Santner will probably look to have some fun now! He shuffles in and brings in the slog sweep, hits it right off the middle and it goes into the stands at the mid-wicket region.
  • 41.1MStarc to LFerguson

    OUT! TIMBER! Starc gets his fourth! This is trademark Mitchell Starc. He comes running in from around the wicket, bowls it slightly fuller on middle and off. It pitches and straightens. Also skids through. Ferguson is not only late in bringing his bat down but also plays down the wrong line. The furniture behind is disturbed. Can he take a fifer in this over? Also, he is on a hat-trick. We have already seen one today, will we see another?
  • 40.6NLyon to LFerguson

    WIDE! Down the leg side, Ferguson lets it be. The keeper fails to collect it cleanly and a run is taken.
  • 39.8MStarc to IshSodhi

    OUT! Ball Tracker shows it to be clipping the top middle which means it is umpire's call and Sodhi has to continue walking. He does not take the review with him though. This is slightly fuller and it is fast, angling into middle from around the wicket. Sodhi looks to defend but misses to get hit on the front pad. An appeal follows and the umpire raises the finger. Sodhi walks upto his partner and reviews just in the nick of time. Replays roll in and they show the on-field call is the right one. The extra ball works for Australia. Starc gets his third. The defending champions two wickets away now.
  • 39.7MStarc to IshSodhi

    An appeal but the umpire turns it down! He signals is as a wide in the end. This is down the leg side, Sodhi looks to flick but it goes off something to the keeper. Carey takes it and appeals but the umpire signals it as a wide. Replays show it was an harsh call as it had kissed the thigh pad.
  • 39.6MStarc to MSantner

    Short but down the leg side, Santner misses the pull shot. Carey dives to his right and gets a hand to it. He saves three runs as he deflects it towards fine leg. A single taken. Wided.
  • 38.6NLyon to IshSodhi

    FOUR! Nice way to get off the mark! A half-tracker and it is down the leg side. Sodhi pulls it over short fine leg and bags a boundary.
  • 38.1NLyon to JNeesham

    OUT! Caught and bowled! Another one bites the dust! Australia are into the bowling all-rounders now. This was always going to be a risky shot. Lyon tosses it up outside off, it is turning away. Neesham looks to hit it against the turn as he tries to slog sweep. The ball takes the top edge and goes up in the air towards the bowler. Lyon calls for it and takes it.

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