PAK 280/5 (50.0ov)
AUS 281/2 (49.0ov)

Australia beat Pakistan by 8 wickets

MOM: Aaron Finch

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  • PAK
  • AUS
  • 48.5MAmir to SMarsh

    EDGY FOUR! Slower bouncer from Amir, around middle, Marsh opens up in his stance to pull it over the leg side but it takes the top edge and flies over the keeper for a boundary. Two more needed.
  • 47.4FAshraf to SMarsh

    Wide! Slips a full ball down the leg side, Shaun tries flicking but misses. The keeper collects the ball and is shocked that it has been called a wide. Was there some noise of the ball clipping Marsh's pads? Well, the replays find nothing.
  • 45.4FAshraf to PHandscomb

    Slower delivery. It is a bit short in length. Handscomb looks to pull it but misses. He steals a leg bye as the ball goes towards the backward point region after hitting him on his body.
  • 45.3FAshraf to PHandscomb

    FOUR! A very well timed shot from Handscomb. Good length delivery outside off. Peter hits it over cover with a flat bat for a boundary.
  • 43.2FAshraf to PHandscomb

    FOUR! A short delivery on off, Handscomb pulls it from his front foot towards the mid-wicket region. The ball touches the boundary ropes. One shouldn't be bowling short on this wicket, as it is giving ample time to the batsman to gather himself and play safe.
  • 42.3MAbbas to AFinch

    OUT! Finally, Pakistan break this partnership and the debutant gets his first wicket in ODI. An excellent knock from the Australian skipper comes to an end. Good length delivery on middle, Finch makes room by clearing his front leg. He tries to go over covers but gets a thick edge onto it. The ball goes straight to Mohammad Rizwan who makes no mistake and takes a regulation catch. Can this be the turning point in this game?
  • 40.1MAmir to AFinch

    SIX! Welcome back into the attack, Amir. Full length delivery on middle. Finch uses his power and sends it over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum.
  • 38.3SMalik to AFinch

    SIX! 12th ODI hundred for Aaron Finch and what a way to get to the landmark. He has looked mightily impressive and has looked like a man on a mission right from the start of the innings. He gets to his century by depositing this flighted delivery onto the stands behind cow corner for a biggie.
  • 37.4YShah to SMarsh

    SIX! Marsh is playing intelligent cricket. A nice tossed up delivery on middle and leg by Shah, Shaun dances down the track and gives a good swing and lofts it above the long on region. The ball settles itself on the roof.
  • 36.6IWasim to AFinch

    WIDE! Wasim misses his line and sprays this down the leg side. Aaron offers no shot and it has been signalled as a wide.

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