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Australia beat Pakistan by 8 wickets
Aaron Finch

48.6Amir to Marsh

AUSTRALIA WIN BY 8 WICKETS! Amir delivers it full, on middle and leg, Marsh flicks it through mid-wicket and rushes back for the second run. The throw from the deep comes to the bowler's end but misses the stumps by a fair margin. That will be it, a very convincing win for Australia to take a series lead.

48.5Amir to Marsh

EDGY FOUR! Slower bouncer from Amir, around middle, Marsh opens up in his stance to pull it over the leg side but it takes the top edge and flies over the keeper for a boundary. Two more needed.

48.4Amir to Handscomb

Shortish in length outside off, slower in pace, Handscomb smashes it towards extra cover and scampers across to the other end. The fielder has a shy at the bowler's end but misses.

48.3Amir to Marsh

A dipping full toss around leg, Marsh clips it through mid-wicket and runs the first run hard. Wants the second run as well but Malik is quickly to the ball in the deep.

48.2Amir to Handscomb

Too full in length just outside off, Handscomb moves across the stumps and eases it behind square leg for a run.

48.1Amir to Marsh

Short in length and outside off, Marsh is early into his shot and hence mistimes it in the air over mid off. It falls safely in the deep and a single results.

47.7Ashraf to Marsh

Full toss on leg, Shaun fails to put it away. He swings his bat across the line but hits it as far as the mid-wicket fielder in the deep. A single taken. 10 more needed.

47.6Ashraf to Handscomb

Ashraf keeps it straight, Peter punches it to extra cover for one.

47.5Ashraf to Marsh

Makes space to a full ball on off and drills it down to long off for a run. 12 off 14 needed.

47.4Ashraf to Marsh

Wide! Slips a full ball down the leg side, Shaun tries flicking but misses. The keeper collects the ball and is shocked that it has been called a wide. Was there some noise of the ball clipping Marsh's pads? Well, the replays find nothing.

47.3Ashraf to Handscomb

Once again follows the batsman and serves a full toss this time, Peter drives it through covers and picks up a single.

47.2Ashraf to Handscomb

Follows the batsman down the leg side with a shortish length ball, Handscomb still manages to work it through mid-wicket. Has played it with soft hands and hence gets a couple.

47.1Ashraf to Marsh

Too full in length on leg, Marsh whips it to deep mid-wicket for a single.

46.6Abbas to Handscomb

A slower one, short and on off, Peter cuts it pretty well but finds the point fielder. 18 off 18!

46.5Abbas to Handscomb

Fuller in length and outside off, Handscomb heaves it over mid-wicket and collects another couple of runs.

46.4Abbas to Handscomb

Serves it on a length around off, Handscomb shuffles across the stumps and turns it in front of square leg for a couple of runs.

46.3Abbas to Handscomb

Advances down the track to a length ball and drives it through the line. Finds the cover fielder this time.

46.2Abbas to Handscomb

Good length ball on off, Peter pushes it softly to point and looks for a run. Sent back as it has gone straight to the fielder.

46.1Abbas to Handscomb

Fullish and angling in on middle, it's eased straight down the ground and by the time Yasir Shah gets to the ball from long on, the batsmen complete a couple.

45.6Ashraf to Handscomb

Once again a good length ball on middle. Handscomb looks to play it straight but it goes to third man off the inner half of his bat for a single. 24 required off 24 now.

45.5Ashraf to Marsh

Full length ball on off, Marsh plays it towards long on and gets to the other end.

45.4Ashraf to Handscomb

Slower delivery. It is a bit short in length. Handscomb looks to pull it but misses. He steals a leg bye as the ball goes towards the backward point region after hitting him on his body.

45.3Ashraf to Handscomb

FOUR! A very well timed shot from Handscomb. Good length delivery outside off. Peter hits it over cover with a flat bat for a boundary.

45.2Ashraf to Marsh

Back of a length delivery on off, Marsh pulls it to deep square leg and gets a single. 250 comes up for Australia with that run.

45.1Ashraf to Handscomb

Full length ball on middle, Handscomb milks it to long on and rotates the strike.

44.6Abbas to Handscomb

Full on middle, Peter nudges it to long on and keeps the strike. 33 required off the last 5.

44.5Abbas to Handscomb

Good length delivery outside off, Handscomb hits it wide of deep cover and gets a brace.

44.4Abbas to Marsh

Length ball outside off, Shaun punches it to deep cover for a single.

44.3Abbas to Marsh

On middle and leg, Marsh flicks it to mid-wicket.

44.2Abbas to Handscomb

Length ball outside off, Peter slaps it on the off side for a single.

44.1Abbas to Handscomb

Dropped! That would have been a great caught and bowled had it got stuck. Good length delivery on middle, Handscomb drives it straight. It is uppish. Abbas in his followthrough gets his left hand to it but the ball does not stick in and pops out. Difficult chance but still a chance.

43.6Ashraf to Handscomb

Short of length again by Ashraf and Peter pulls it to mid-wicket for a single.

43.5Ashraf to Handscomb

Full on off, defended watchfully.

43.4Ashraf to Handscomb

A length ball on off, Handscomb keeps it away.

43.3Ashraf to Handscomb

A back of length delivery on off, Peter picks a double by striking the ball towards the sweeper cover region.

43.2Ashraf to Handscomb

FOUR! A short delivery on off, Handscomb pulls it from his front foot towards the mid-wicket region. The ball touches the boundary ropes. One shouldn't be bowling short on this wicket, as it is giving ample time to the batsman to gather himself and play safe.

43.1Ashraf to Handscomb

A length delivery on off, Handscomb just keeps it away.

42.6Abbas to Marsh

Full on off, Marsh plays it straight to the fielder at point. End of a very good over from Abbas. Just two runs and a wicket.

42.5Abbas to Handscomb

In the air..but safe. Not the best way to get off the mark, this. Length delivery around off. Handscomb looks to play it across the line. He plays a very awkward looking shot and gets a leading edge which goes uppishly towards cover. It falls short of the cover fielder and they take a single.

42.4Abbas to Handscomb

Good length delivery on off, Handscomb pushes it to the fielder at cover.

42.3Abbas to Finch

OUT! Finally, Pakistan break this partnership and the debutant gets his first wicket in ODI. An excellent knock from the Australian skipper comes to an end. Good length delivery on middle, Finch makes room by clearing his front leg. He tries to go over covers but gets a thick edge onto it. The ball goes straight to Mohammad Rizwan who makes no mistake and takes a regulation catch. Can this be the turning point in this game?

42.2Abbas to Marsh

On middle and leg, Marsh flicks it to the leg side for a single.

42.1Abbas to Marsh

Good length delivery outside off, Marsh looks to flat bat it to the off side but gets a bottom edge. It goes to the keeper on a bounce.

41.6Shah to Marsh

Marsh nudges this to the mid-wicket region. One run added to the total.

41.5Shah to Finch

A fuller delivery, Finch drives it to mid on for a single.