PAK 284/7 (50.0ov)
AUS 285/2 (47.5ov)

Australia beat Pakistan by 8 wickets

MOM: Aaron Finch

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  • PAK
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  • 47.5FAshraf to AaronFinch

    Leg Byes! That is it! Two runs taken but it does not matter how they come! On a length, Finch goes for the flick but misses and the ball hits his pads and goes through square leg for the winning runs. AUSTRALIA WIN BY 8 WICKETS!! Once more! And take a 2-0 lead in the series.
  • 47.2FAshraf to AaronFinch

    FOUR! Yes, he can! This is getting over soon! On the hips and Finch turns it away through deep backward square leg for a boundary. Gets to his 150 as well! Stand up and applaud this guy wherever you are. This has been a classic!
  • 47.1FAshraf to AaronFinch

    SIX! That has completely killed any hopes that Pakistan might have had left in the game. A fuller length ball from Faheem on middle and Finch smashes it right back over his head for a maximum. 148 now!
  • 46.3MHasnain to AaronFinch

    SIX! OUT OF THE PARK! Another short ball this time to Finch who gets it off the meat of the bat and sends it sailing over deep mid-wicket for a biggie. That makes the equation a lot easier now.
  • 44.3MHasnain to SMarsh

    LEG BYE! Bowls it on the pads this time, Marsh goes for the flick but misses and the ball rolls fine off his pads. One run taken.
  • 42.1YShah to SMarsh

    BYES! MISSES EVERYONE! Yasir bowls a leg cutter from round the wicket, the ball turns back in sharply and misses Shaun's drive and even misses the keepers' gloves. The fielder at fine leg cuts it off. Brace completed.
  • 41.2FAshraf to GMaxwell

    RUN OUT! Maxwell has to depart from here after some hard hitting. He is unlucky here as he just replied to his skipper's call. Finch nudges this short ball off his back foot to the leg side. Haris Sohail at backward square leg comes running in and gathers the ball quickly and hits the bull's eye. Maxwell was way short there. He knew it and straightaway started walking.
  • 39.7IWasim to GMaxwell

    SIX! HIGH AND INTO THE STANDS! When Maxwell hits them off the middle, there is only one way where the ball goes and it's into the stands. Makes room on this one and lofts it straight with sheer power. The ball goes high and into the top stand at long on. 15 off the over. 50 runs needed off 60 balls.
  • 39.4IWasim to GMaxwell

    SIX! MIGHTY! Maxwell reads the line of this ball early and heaves it high and over the long on fence for a maximum.
  • 39.3IWasim to GMaxwell

    Wide! Strays down the leg and the ball goes down. Wide signaled.

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